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Things Said About John Sheppard

Things said by commanding officers:

-  Shows promise, but lacks discipline.

-  Hardheaded and stubborn.

-  Hell of a pilot, but a malcontent as a soldier.

-  Sheppard´s one of those kids you just want to smack upside the head because you know if he ever got it in his head to be what he could be, he´d be the best damn commander anyone ever had.  His problem is that he´s not there yet, and if he keeps going in the direction he´s going, he won´t ever be.  

-  He´s definitely not his father´s son.

-  Who?  Oh, the kid with the hair.  Yeah.  Never impressed me very much.

-  Sheppard is the perfect representation of everything wrong with his generation.  He´s got everything he needs, and he won´t do anything with it.  They call them slackers for a reason.

-  If he knew how to follow orders and respect his superiors, he´d be a hell of a soldier

-  I don´t know why the hell he´s in the Air Force.  He´s too smart to be wasting his time doing something that makes him this miserable.

-  This is off the record right?  Best pilot I´ve ever seen.  One of the best shots I´ve ever seen.  And he wonders why I ride him so hard.  If he´d get his head out of his ass, he´d be *my* boss one day.

-  Slacker.

-  A disgrace to his father´s legacy.

-  Lazy little shit that´s got no business being in the armed forces or holding a gun.

-  If you ask me that black mark ought to be a gold medal.  But hell, what do I know?  I´ve just served in three wars.

-  How he ever made it out of basic I´ll never know.  And Major?  That´s what I like to call good ole American nepotism.

-  The thing about Sheppard is that he´s everything you want in a son, in a friend, but not in a soldier.  A soldier´s gotta put all that personal shit behind, the emotional baggage has got to fall behind everything else.  One day he´ll learn that sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the many, and it´s a shitty lesson to learn, but the sooner he learns that the farther he´ll go.  I have no doubt he´ll get there eventually, but I actually kind of want to be wrong on that.

-  Sheppard´ll never go anywhere.  Too big a chip on his shoulder for authorities.  I´m surprised he´s made it this far.

Things said by his men:

-  Exactly who you want by your side when the shit hits.

-  I didn´t know him that well, but Mitch used to say that if ever there was anything you needed to talk to somebody about, he was your guy.  Not because he gave great advice or anything, but he´d always get you shitfaced drunk and he wouldn´t say anything if you cried.  Not that I ever did, that´s what Mitch said.

-  Say what you want about him, but he´s always right there when you need him.

-  He´s one of us, which is really rare in a Major.  He actually doesn´t have a stick up his ass.

-  He actually listens when you talk.  I didn´t think anyone in the officer´s camp did that.

-  He´s really killer good at poker.  You never know what that guy´s thinking.  It´s actually kind of scary.

-  He´s the best officer I´ve ever had, and I´m not just saying that ‘cause he was totally cool about that strip poker thing me and Jones had going with the women in bunk 6.  

-  I thought he was a jackass until I started flying with him.  He flew into enemy territory, against orders, to save three men that were probably already dead.  And the thing is, I always heard he was crazy, but you know what?  It´s the good kind of crazy.

-  He takes chopper flying to an artform, and I didn´t even know that was possible.

-  Swear to god, man, he had that thing *perpendicular* to the ground, and he so didn´t even care.  Cool as a cucumber, my man Sheppard.  Got us out of there though.  

-  He´s completely unflappable.  Me and the guys used to make bets on who could get him to crack.  I only saw him crack once and man, it was so worth it.  Hiro got a picture of him, all red faced and flabbergasted.  That goat was so worth it.  I think I´ve got that picture somewhere around here, you wanna see it?

-  I saw him snap once, yeah.  Jonsey got lost in the dunes and when the other three showed up without him Sheppard was up in their faces yelling so loud I think he popped something.  I mean, Jonesy was fine, he was just taking a piss, but yeah.  Shep was pissed about that.  Dude takes that whole ‘leave no man behind thing´ like, really seriously.

-  Gayest hair ever.

-  It´s too bad Mitch and Dex are dead.  I mean, obviously, but… if anyone knew anything about Shep, it was them.  They were like the Three Stooges.  I guess Shep was Larry, I don´t know.  Maybe not the Three Stooges.  The Three Muskateers.  Always together.  You shoulda seen his eyes when he came back without them.  I think part of him died that day.  

-  Leaders are supposed to lead, but he never did.  I mean, all the guys like him, but… he´s just not what I expected.  It was much more likely you´d catch him playing poker with Mitch and Dex than see him actually *leading*.

-  He never talks down to you.  Always made you feel like you were his equal.  

-  I get why the Colonel thinks he´s a slacker, but man.  I always thought it was better to earn respect than to demand it.  Means more that way.  And we all love Shep.  We´d do anything for him.

-  Best wingman I ever had.  And I´m not talking about the choppers, you know what I´m saying?  Shep´d get you laid faster than anything.  Tag him along and it´s like… they´re all over you.  Sure, mostly because he begged out and they turned to you but hey.   Pussy´s pussy, ya know?

-  I always kind of thought maybe he was gay.   No, not because of the hair, but yeah, that´s the biggest joke about Shep there is.  But yeah, I always thought maybe.  I mean he just… he never talked about a girl back home, and I never saw him hook up here.  Then again, he really never talks about much of anything back home, so.  I don´t know.  I´ll just say it wouldn´t be a shock.

-  Knows more about football than my Dad, and dude.  My Dad played for the Chargers, so that´s really saying something.

-  You want something personal?  Uh.  Well.  He liked ferris wheels?

-  Shep, man.  Shep was the best.  I love the guy.  I think it´s horrible what they did to him after Mitch and Dex went down.  I hear he likes the snow though.  It´s therapeutic I guess.  I don´t know.  We miss him though.

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