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by kHo

Jack frowned at the sound of feet clamoring down the stairs. “Ah,’ he said, smiling as the owner of said feet appeared before him. “If it isn´t the man who´ll see me off to death.’

The Commodore frowned at him, his hands clasped behind his back. “Tell me one good reason why I shouldn´t, Sparrow.’

Jack laughed, lounging back in the hay and the muck of his cell. “Oh, now, Jamie. What good would that do?’

James looked at him and fixed him with those bewitching green eyes. “One reason, Sparrow.’

Jack sat up, his lips frozen in a half smile. “Why, Commodore,’ he said, drawing his legs up to his chest. “I think you might actually be wanting an answer to that.’

James frowned, looking around him. He took a few steps back and peered up the stairs before turning to look at Jack again. “I do,’ he said, stepping up to the bars surrounding the captured pirate. “And please, be honest.’

“It´s the honest ones you´ve got to watch out for, Commo--’

James´ fists clenched around the bars and he glared at Jack. “God damnit, Jack, answer me!’

Jack reared his head back at the outburst, standing slowly. “What´s this about?’

“You´ve escaped before,’ James said quietly. “And it wouldn´t be entirely unbelievable that you could escape again.’

Jack stepped forward, reaching out to grip the bars, his fingers splaying over James´ paler ones. “If I didn´t know better, Jamie, I´d say you were offering to set me free.’

James yanked his hands back and began to pace. “It´s my job as Commodore to protect these waters,’ he said, his jaw clenched. “And that includes apprehending and disposing of pirates.’

Jack nodded. “I´m well aware.’

“Pirates are notoriously bad men, Jack,’ James said, casting him a glance and immediately ripping his eyes away. “Bad men, thieves. Rapists.’

“I´ve never raped anyone who didn´t want it, Commodore,’ Jack said, his voice bordering on dangerous. ’I can assure you of that.’

James looked at him, frowning. “Raped anyone who didn´t want it?’

Jack´s smile spread slowly. “There have been a fair number of women who´ve come to like it--’ He paused, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “Rough, shall we say?’

James grimaced and stepped forward to face him again. “One good reason, Sparrow, and I´ll make sure the guard stays on his break.’

Jack´s smile faded, his eyes slowly changing from amused to guarded. “Only one, aye?’

James nodded, swallowing. “One.’

“So I´ve got one chance to save my pretty little neck,’ Jack said, his voice low and calculating. “And I´m to come up with that reason in your presence, with no forewarning?’

James´ jaw tightened. “Well I apologize if my temporary bout of lunacy hasn´t come at a suitable time for you, Sparrow. I could retract the offer as it stands now if you prefer.’

Jack´s fingers tightened on the bars of his cage, his adam´s apple bobbing as he swallowed heavily. “Y´see, Commodore, it´s not that I don´t appreciate the offer, however late in the day it may come. It´s rather that, without preparation, I fear whatever I may come up with will be insufficient.’

James faced him and met his eyes. Slowly he stepped forward and covered Jack´s hands with his. “I assure you. It won´t.’

Jack´s eyes widened as he saw the uncertainty in the Commodore´s eyes. “Why are you doing this,’ he asked softly, his index finger flexing to stroke the Commodore´s hand lightly. “You´ve finally caught me, after all these months of chasing-- Why are you letting me go?’

“I don´t know,’ James said softly, unable to rip his gaze from Jack´s eyes.

“And how am I to trust you, Jamie,’ Jack said, his voice just as soft. “How am I to know this isn´t some sort of trap. Wherein I escape, and am shot dead on the way out.’

James´ eyes flashed indignantly. “I am a man of my word, Sparrow.’

Jack nodded. “And your word to the people of Port Royal? Did those words include letting your captives run off into the night?’

“Why are you making this difficult,’ James shouted at him, stepping back from the door and reaching into his pocket to retrieve a ring of keys. “I am giving you an opportunity for freedom, Captain Sparrow,’ he said, shoving a key into the lock of the jail cell and quickly twisting the lock open. “Do not tempt me to reconsider my offer.’

Jack gently tested the door to his cell, frowning as it swung slowly open. Instead of darting out he turned to face James, frowning. “Why, Commodore?’

James´ shoulders slumped. “Because,’ he said, shaking his head. “Because Mr. Turner is a rash fool but a good man and he risked his life to save yours a year ago. Because you saved Elizabeth when you knew you´d most likely be hanged in the morning. Because the Governor will forever be silently grateful to you.’

“And you,’ Jack asked, his eyebrows rising. “How do you feel?’

James sighed, tossing his keys to the floor as he threw up his hands. “Because I am a rash fool as well.’

Jack stepped through the gate of his cell and slowly stepped towards James. “You´re not though, Commodore,’ he said softly. “Rash is the last thing you are.’

James resisted the urge to backpedal as Jack stepped into his personal space. He took a deep breath and met his eyes, knowing beforehand that meeting them was a grave mistake. “Because perhaps I´m wrong, and not all pirates are bad men. Because I´ve known bad men, and I don´t think you are one.’

Jack shook his head. “I´m a pirate, Commodore. Through and through. I´m a liar, and a cheat, but I´m no Barbossa.’

James nodded slowly, nerves of uncertainty and Jack´s proximity nearly making him dizzy. “And you´ll stay out of my waters?’

Jack frowned. “Define ‘your waters´ mate.’

James suppressed a laugh. “Stay out of Port Royal, Jack.’

Jack flashed a quick grin full of golden-capped teeth. “Agreed, Commodore,’ he said, sticking out a hand.

James shook his hand and felt a bolt of electricity nearly knock him off of his feet. Jack held steadfastly to his hand, pulling him closer to him. “Where´d you say the guards were, Jamie?’ he whispered.

“On break,’ James whispered back, his hand landing on Jack´s chest, feeling the thump-thump beating beneath it. “He´ll be back within the hour.’

Jack nodded, a slow smile spreading across his face as he planted his hands on James´ chest and began to propel him backwards. “Good then.’

James started to protest when his back hit the wall but Jack´s mouth was covering his by that point. He tried to pull away but found it impossible as Jack´s tongue delved between his lips. He almost said ‘stop´ but what came out instead was a moan of need and want. He found himself responding to Jack in ways that he´d been trained to not feel while in uniform. When Jack began to slowly undress him he found himself smiling at the thought that perhaps among Jack´s many trades the ability to read minds might be found.

His head hit the wall with a sick thud as Jack´s tongue began to explore his chest and he hissed in pleasure as his teeth grazed over his nipples. His hand wrapped in Jack´s dreads and he pulled him closer, squeezing his eyes shut as Jack muffled out a laugh that turned into an animalistic growl. He felt Jack´s hands begin to paw at his breeches and realized then that he was already stiffened before Jack´s fingers laid their first touch.

Then Jack´s lips were no longer on his nipple but on his cock, sucking it into his mouth clean and quick. He bucked in surprise and lust and felt a tremor shake his whole body. “Jack,’ he grunted out, and he wasn´t sure if it was the protest he´d meant it to be or the pleased moan it had come out as. He felt Jack hum as he continued his ministrations. James heard a continuous litany of words he couldn´t decipher and it took a few minutes for him to realize that it was actually him that was muttering incoherently.

It built up suddenly and swiftly and suddenly he was plunging over the ledge, pleas and hisses passing over his lips as his hips bucked and his insides churned. He felt Jack´s tongue lapping it up until he was fully sated and before he could open his eyes he felt Jack´s mouth back on his. He moaned into the kiss and returned it with an abandon he hadn´t felt in a long time. Jack pulled back and whispered a thank you before kissing him again.

When James opened his eyes only moments later, Jack was gone, the cell completely empty.

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