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[ something in the air ]

“Okay,’ John said, dropping his bag on the floor and taking a deep breath. “Okay, okay, this isn´t just me right? There´s something seriously… odd about this place.’

“Yes, Colonel, there is something definitely very odd,’ Teyla said, leaning against the wall of the cave and breathing deeply. “It is very… unsettling.’

Rodney dropped his bag as well and leaned against the opposite wall. “Okay, that makes me feel much better because I thought it was just me. And I couldn´t figure out what it was, because it´s not like caves actually do anything for me.’

Ronon frowned at them all. “Weird how?’

John´s hand motioned, his face screwed up in confusion. “Weird like… something in the air. Something… oh, you know. Something.’

Rodney nodded. “Something in the air, yes, I smelled something at the entrance,’ he said, bringing the sensor up so he could study it, reaching down to readjust his pants. The material brushing against his skin felt so good he almost dropped the thing. “Okay. Yeah, um. What? Oh yeah, the thing… the… something…’

“The only thing I´ve noticed is that I would like to have sex now,’ Ronon said, leaning against the wall next to Rodney, voice nonchalant and unperturbed . Rodney stiffened and his eyes swung up to meet John´s. “Is that the something weird?’

“Uh.’ John swallowed, very carefully looking down and away. “Um, yes. Yes, that would be it.’

“It is very strong,’ Teyla said, and she looked calm for the most part but her fingers were tightly clenched on her P-90. “This scent, Rodney, that you smelled. Is it possible for--’

“Yes, yes,’ Rodney said, clearing his throat and inching slowly away from Ronon, who was big and towering over him and way very much too good looking to be standing that close at this particular moment. “Yes, there are certain scents that have aphrodisiac qualities which could yeild… this… um. Reaction.’

“Aphrodisiac,’ Ronon asked, his voice rumbling in Rodney´s ear. It almost felt like a physical presence, worming it way into Rodney´s in a way that made him either want to get closer or bat it away.

“Yes, aphrodisiac. It means um… something that--’

“Makes you want to have sex,’ Ronon asked, arching an eyebrow at Rodney.

“Yes,’ Rodney said, nodding his head perhaps a little too fervently. “Like a stimulant for… arousal.’

“It´s hot in here,’ John said, reaching up and grasping at the top of his shirt, making a tent of it and flapping it. “Is it hot in here? I mean, is it really, or is that just… my mind? Because. It´s hot in here.’

“It is rather warm, Colonel, yes,’ Teyla said, her eyes closed and head resting against the stone behind her.

“The temperature is the same as it was outside,’ Rodney said, looking very purposefully at the readings and not at the way Teyla´s breasts glistened in the light of the flashlights with every breath she took. “It must be psychosomatic. But yes, I´m hot too.’

Ronon slouched against the wall and his arm brushed against Rodney´s. Rodney closed his eyes and counted to five before gently pulling his arm away, because the last thing he wanted to do was be obvious about the fact that Ronon´s mere presence was driving him a little nuts. When Ronon´s arm brushed his again though he jerked his arm back and hit the wall, something splintering in his finger and making him yelp and jump forward.

“Ow,’ Rodney said, frowning down at his finger as John came forward to look at it. “Damnit, that hurt.’

“It´s just a splinter, Rodney,’ John said, his fingers ghosting over Rodney´s hand. They both jerked back and met eyes. “Um. I mean. You can handle that, right,’ John said, flapping his hand and walking quickly backwards.

Rodney blinked, falling back a little into the wall behind him. “Yeah,’ he said, feeling dazed, his whole hand tingling. “It´s just… splinter, yeah.’ Then he stuck his finger in his mouth and waved his other hand. “All taken care of,’ he mumbled.

John´s mouth worked open a few times, his eyes intent on Rodney. “We. Okay.’ He jerked his head to the side and looked at Teyla. “Okay, so obviously we should leave. Right? We should really, really, just, get the hell out of here.’

Rodney was about to agree but found himself rendered speechless when Ronon grabbed his arm, jerked his finger out of his mouth, and stuck it in his own. Rodney stared at him wide-eyed as he sucked at his finger, tongue brushing against the tip and fingers tightly wrapped around his wrist. “Ronon! What… what are you…’

“What,’ Ronon asked, and when Rodney´s finger slipped out of his mouth it made a popping sound that had Rodney´s dick jumping in his pants. “I wanted to.’

“You can´t just…’ Rodney´s hand flailed and so did his mind. “You can´t just go around sucking other people´s fingers!’ A glance over Ronon´s shoulder showed John watching them with his mouth hanging open.

“Why not,’ Ronon asked, and then Rodney´s finger was back in his mouth and his eyes were glued on Rodney´s and Rodney couldn´t look away from the mixture of amusement and arousal in them. “You taste good.’

“Going,’ John said, perhaps a little too loudly, his voice trembling just a little. “We´re going now. Going away. Out. Bye. Leaving!’

Teyla nodded, Rodney could see her out of the corner of his eye even if he couldn´t turn his head. “Yes, I believe that would be a good idea--’

Later Rodney would wonder how it happened, but while it was happening it was like one second Ronon was sucking on Rodney´s finger in a way that was more arousing than about sixty percent of the blow jobs that Rodney had ever gotten, and the next Rodney was slammed up against the cave wall with Ronon´s tongue down his throat.

Ronon´s leg was between his rubbing against him, his hand reaching down to grab his ass and pull him up tight against him before Rodney even registered it. When he did he ripped his mouth away from Ronon´s and batted at his chest. “Hey, hey, hey, again, with the lips and tongue doing things you didn´t ask permission for!’

“Want me to stop,’ Ronon asked with a smirk that said he already knew the answer, and hell, with Rodney hard against his hip he´d have to be pretty stupid to not know the answer. “Just ask.’

“I just did!’

“We should really not be here,’ came John´s weak, so very very weak protest, being that it was nearly whispered. “This is. So bad.’

“You want out, just move McKay,’ Ronon said, hands moving out to the side. “Go stand over there, and I won´t touch you again.’

Rodney´s mouth opened for a sarcastic remark or a scathing insult, or maybe just for a fine I will, but nothing came out. Ronon´s leg shifted against him again and his eyes shut no matter how loudly his mind screamed at him that this was a very, very bad idea, and also, they were being watched.

Which just seemed to make him harder, so that didn´t really help.

Then Ronon´s mouth was on his neck and Rodney´s head was slamming back against the wall as his teeth scraped over the tendon, tongue following quickly behind. Ronon´s fingers were back on his hips, digging in hard enough to hurt. Rodney let out a groan that was supposed to be another half-hearted protest when Ronon´s leg pressed into him even harder and then he just gave up, his hands coming up to latch onto Ronon´s arms and pull him closer.

Rodney´s eyes flew open when Ronon´s hand delved inside his pants, fingers wrapping around his dick without any hesitation whatsoever, and that´s when he saw John. John, staring straight at him, mouth hanging open, eyes dazed, and when he let his eyes wander down he saw John´s hand cupping himself and he almost came right then.

“Touch me,’ Ronon growled against his neck, nipping a particularly sharp bite on his collarbone that had Rodney make a keening noise in the back of his throat.

Seemingly on its own his hand let go of Ronon´s arm and gravitated to his dick, over his pants, rubbing at it, because apparently his mind went offline a while back there and now he was just blindly following the orders of the big son of a bitch nuzzling his neck.

“Yeah, harder,’ Ronon breathed out and then he was kissing Rodney again, ripping the air out of his lungs and waging a war with Rodney´s tongue, hips moving against him, rubbing against Rodney´s hand as he increased the tempo and moved it in circles.

Somewhere in the distance he could hear John breathing raggedly, low curses of oh fuck and Jesus making shivers go down Rodney´s spine.

Ronon growled and ripped his mouth off of Rodney´s, head pitching forward to bury into Rodney´s shoulder as he pumped faster, hips jerking and pressing into Rodney´s hand, little panting whimpers coming out of him, but all Rodney could hear was John.

He opened his eyes to the sight of John´s hand going down his pants, his eyes so heavily lidded he couldn´t even see the iris anymore, could just see John licking his lips and leaning back against the wall as he started jerking himself off, air pushing out of his lungs with low groans.

Rodney felt his orgasm building and his fingers clutched into Ronon´s arm, his breath coming in pants, and he couldn´t rip his eyes off of John, the way his head was tilted back, the way his chest heaved, the way his hand moved inside his pants and free hand scrabbled at the rock behind him for some kind of purchase.

When he looked back at his face their eyes met and John froze, just for a second, and then he was moving again, eyes rolling back in his head, biting his lips and jerking against the wall, and Rodney realized he was coming.

All he could hear was the way John moaned and gasped and panted and then he was coming too, jerking under Ronon´s hands and squeezing his eyes shut and letting out a curse because it was just that powerful, like a sharp shooting pain that felt so good he never wanted to feel anything else.

When Ronon came he growled so deep that Rodney felt it in his bones.

When he opened his eyes again Ronon was two feet away from him and reaching back to tie his hair back, smiling a soft little smile that Rodney had never seen on his face before. He turned to look at Rodney and nodded. “Thanks.’

Rodney´s mouth dropped open. “Thanks,’ he spat out, still trying to catch his breath. “Thanks?!’

Ronon´s smile twisted into a frown. “Are you going to complain now?’

“I.’ Rodney´s mouth shut and his eyes darted over to look at John, who was slumped against the wall and still breathing heavily. “No.’

Ronon nodded again and then turned to face John. “Did you say something about leaving?’

John closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Huh?’

“I believe yes, he said that we should leave,’ Teyla said, pushing off of the wall and turning to face Rodney. “I think it would be best if we did so.’

John´s brow furrowed. “Leave?’

Ronon nodded. “Yes.’

John huffed out a laugh. “Oh. Right.’ He cleared his throat and pushed off of the wall. When he pants started to slip he yelped, reaching down quickly and zipping himself back up. “Yes. Leave.’

Ronon turned and started back for the entrance of the cave, Teyla following. Rodney turned to look at John, who was looking at him like a deer caught in the headlights. “That so wasn´t my fault.’

John blinked. “What?’

“It wasn´t my fault. I didn´t have any choice.’

John frowned. “What wasn´t… what?’

Rodney rolled his eyes. “I´m saying if I had had a choice, I wouldn´t have chosen Ronon.’

John blinked at him again and then nodded, swallowing. “Right.’

Rodney took a step towards him. “John.’

“Stop,’ John said, holding up a hand and looking at him. “Just. Stop.’

Rodney frowned. “You were watching.’

John´s eyes bugged out a little. “Of course I was watching, Rodney, I was right there!’

“Oh,’ Rodney said, gathering up his pack and mentally berating himself. “I thought. I thought you were watching me.’

“We have to go, Rodney,’ John said, kicking at Rodney´s feet. “Come on.’

“I just.’ Rodney swallowed, avoiding looking at John´s face. “I thought you were…’

“I was,’ John said, gritting his teeth. “Obviously.’

Rodney swung his head to look at him. “You were?’

John glared at him. “Rodney, it wasn´t coincidence that I came right when you looked at me. Obviously I was watching you.’

A smile started at the corner of Rodney´s face. “Oh,’ he said, stepping closer to John. “Well, in that case--’

“Stop,’ John said, holding up a hand to Rodney´s chest, pushing him back. “No.’

Rodney frowned. “But.’

“Rodney, if this is gonna happen,’ John said, sounding strained and annoyed and amused all at once, frowning at him, “it´s not gonna be because there´s some goddamned kind of horny whammo perfume in the air, okay?’

“Oh,’ Rodney said, his eyebrows raising. “Oh!’

“Yes,’ John said slowly, reaching out and grabbing Rodney´s shoulder, shoving him towards the cave entrance. “Oh. Now… go!’


“Go, Rodney!’

Needless to say, there was a lot left out of the briefing that afternoon.

All feedback much appreciated!
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