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[ shades wide open ]
by kHo

House shut the door behind the last straggling celebrator and turned to face him. “You lost your job for me.’

Wilson smirked and raised his glass up. “And got it back.’

House smiled and walked over to him, taking his glass from him. “I just want you to know, if the tables were turned--’

Wilson grinned. “You wouldn't have done the same for me.’

House shook his head, leaning on his cane and looking down. “No.’

Wilson's smile faded. “I was joking.’

House looked up at him. “I wasn't.’

Wilson's smile faded even more. “Even in a hypothetic role reversal, you won't lose your job for me?’

“It's so unfair, isn't it,’ House said, grinning as he stepped even closer to Wilson.

Wilson's eyebrows pushed together. “Not really, no.’

“I'd make it up to you, though,’ House said, putting out his hand and splaying it over Wilson's chest, pushing him steadily back with each step forward. “Not sure if we'd be even-steven, but you'd enjoy yourself.’

Wilson's grin had begun to reappear. “Yeah,’ he asked, breaking out into a full grin as his back hit the wall. “How's that?’

House propped his cane against the wall, leaning into Wilson, his nose barely brushing against his. “I think you know.’

Wilson took a breath, unable to rip his eyes off of House's baby blues. “You're drunk.’

“So are you,’ House said, his eyes traveling down Wilson's face to rest on his lips. “And don't worry. It doesn't affect my performance.’

Wilson's protest turned into an accepting moan as House's lips brushed his lightly. “This isn't such a good idea,’ he whispered as House pulled away.

“Why,’ House said, his hand drifting down the length of Wilson's tie, tugging it gently. “Cause we haven't done this since you got married?’

Wilson looked up into his eyes and shook his head. “I'd leave her in a heartbeat.’

House smiled and shook his head. “You'd regret it.’

Wilson's mouth tightened as he tried to suppress the urge to lean into House's touch. “Only because it would hurt her.’

“Then why is this,’ House said, his hand slowly traveling down Wilson's torso, just barely skating over the shirt. “A bad idea.’

“Because these windows are kind of big, and the shades aren't drawn,’ Wilson said, his mouth quirking up in a small smile again.

“Ah,’ House said, leaning forward again, stopping just short of kissing him again. “That's the interesting part. The rebellious teenagers that still live inside of us love that part.’

Wilson laughs and turns his face away, House's mouth descending on his neck when presented with the absence of his lips. “But the responsible, job having, adults in us very much don't like it.’

House looked up and straight into Wilson's eyes, his lighthearted tone gone when he speaks again. “What you did for me today--’

“Don't,’ Wilson said, his hands rising to grasp House's arms, holding him in place. “And stop feeling guilty because you think you wouldn't do the same for me, Greg. I don't care. Because I know you would.’

House looks away, his fingers hooking into Wilson's belt loops. “You have too much faith in me.’

“Oh, shut up and kiss me already,’ Wilson said, laughing and sliding his arms around House's frame. “The teenage boy in me is starting to take over.’

House looks at him and cocks his head. “Somehow now I feel as if I'm robbing the cradle.’

Wilson's laugh was cut off by House's lips as they covered his.

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