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Battlestar Galactica Meets Atlantis, John Comes in His Pants

The instant he saw it, saw what it could do, he got hard. Sure, it was embarrassing, sitting there in the puddle jumper with a hard on, Rodney´s eyes widening at him, but all he could do was shrug and stare at it. At that… jesus.

“Uh,’ Rodney said, swallowing and leaning forward to speak into the mic. “Uh, this is… How are you able to speak to us?’

“I don´t know, I just… pressed a thing and said hey… can you hear me?’

“Right,’ Rodney said, looking over at John, who still wasn´t able to breathe quite correctly. “Well this is…’

“This is Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard,’ John said finally, clearing his throat and closing his eyes. “And what the hell is that?’

“This is Captain Lee Adama. And what the hell is what?’

John gestured helplessly outside of the window of the puddlejumper at the beautiful piece of machinery he´d seen, only moments ago, flip completely in a 180 degree flip-twist-turn to come about face right in their flight path. “That!’

“Oh, the viper? It´s a… viper.’

“You´ll have to excuse the Colonel, Captain, he´s busy having a spontaneous orgasm over your--’

“Rodney,’ John hissed, glaring at him, trying not to laugh because Jesus, Rodney´s never been more right in his life. He didn´t need the whole world to know it though. “Viper, huh? And are my eyes deceiving me or did you just completely defy everything I´ve come to know about the way planes fly?’

“Well… I don´t know everything you know, so… I´m not sure if I just completely defied it.’

“Yes, yes, niceties aside,’ Rodney said, shooting John a glare. “Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing here? As far as we know no one else in the Pegasus Galaxy that´s not an Ancient or a Wraith even has flying capabilities… much less ones that exceed even our own.’

“Apollo, this is Starbuck. What the frak is going on?’

John´s eyes widened as suddenly another ship was hovering beside the original, just as gloriously perfect and God, if John didn´t wake up soon he was going to be coming in his pants like a teenager.

“Starbuck, say hello to Lt. Col. John Sheppard and… I´m sorry, I didn´t catch your name?’

They were close enough that they could actually see him pointing at Rodney, but Rodney didn´t respond until John kicked him in the shin. “McKay. Dr. Rodney McKay.’

“Yeah,’ Starbuck said, her frown obvious beneath the helmet. “Whatever. Apollo?’

“Are you part of our fleet,’ Lee asked, shaking his head. “Because… I really don´t think you are. And if you are, what are you doing all the way out here so far from the rest of us?’

Rodney stared at John, who was practically drooling at this point. He blinked. “Did she say frak? What the hell does frak mean?’

“I don´t recognize this ship,’ Lee said slowly.

“And we don´t recognize you either, Captain, so now that we´ve established that neither of us know each other…’

“Why don´t we get to know each other,’ John said, pulling up the HUD and looking for the nearest planet. “There´s a planet right down there, why don´t we land and talk face to face.’

“How do we know it´s not occupied territory,’ Starbuck said, the distrust obvious in her voice. “They could be Cylons, Lee.’

John looked at Rodney. “Cylons?’

“Actually she´s got a point, Colonel,’ Rodney whispered, covering his mic. “What if they´re Wraith worshippers?’

“Oh, come on, Kara. We would have detected a Cylon camp when we did a sweep.’


“Kara, look at their ship! They´re not part of our fleet, something´s going on here and I intend to find out what!’

John pointed and looked at Rodney. “What he said!’


John stared down at the controls in front of him, his thumb running up the side of the shifter. "So you... push forward on this one, and pull back on this one, and it'll just..."

"Don't be nervous, Colonel," came Lee's voice over the comms, "it's really relatively simple, and if you screw up the most you'll do is do a few circles."

John smiled. "John, call me John, Lee. And it's not nerves you're hearing."

There was a pause and John grimaced a bit, wishing he were just a little bit more in control of himself right now. "... Oh. Well. Yeah. Um."


"No, no. I had the uh... a similar reaction."

John's fingers ran over the smooth lines of the cab, his hard on pulsing rythmically in the flight suit. "It's just... God, the power in this thing."

Lee cleared his throat. "Yeah."

"Hey, Lee. Galactica and Atlantis... they can't hear this can they," John asked, raising his eyebrows as he looked across the short distance to where Lee sat in his own Viper.

Lee wasn't even looking at him, but his back was a rigid line and it made John bite back a smirk. "Nope. Not unless we want them to. Do we?"

"Nope," John said, taking a deep breath, fingers closing and opening over the shifters. "Well. Here goes nothing."

He took off, fast, so fast, and it was like nothing he'd ever felt in space. The jumpers, the 302's from the Daedelus, they were nothing like this. Nothing like this complete and utter weightlessness, this complete and utter raw animalistic power thrumming under his ass and in his hands. Faster than the speed of anything he's ever been in and God, it was like coke and speed and sex all rolled up into one amazing fucking ride.

When he did the flip he did it perfectly, like the ship could feel him, could read his mind, and for a second he thought maybe it was Ancient, maybe it was his gene, but that second didn't last long because he was facing wehre he just came from and it only took .37 seconds to do it, and then he was coming, hips jerking and hands falling from the controls, the Viper jerking with him like she got it too, she felt it too, and it was the best, the most intense orgasm he'd maybe ever had in his whole entire life.

"Gods frakking damnit, Sheppard, grab hold of your controls, you're spiralling out," came Lee's panicked voice, but there was something else in it, something trembling beneath the surface and John latched onto it.

"God," he breathed, fisting his hands arond the controls and just barely managing to pull the Viper back into something manageable. "God, that was... oh my god."

"Yeah," Lee breathed back, in through the nose, and back out, in and out, and John knew. He knew.

He wasn't the only one that came.

When he got back to Galactica the first person he was talking to was Starbuck, because he's never been much of a cigar smoker but this called for one.

The second would be Lee, and it wouldn't be so much talking as well... flying.

Yeah. Flying. That's it.

[ two-part ending ]

Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea. It kept repeating in Lee´s head even as he continued to follow John through the corridors of the Galactica. His eyes kept drifting towards John´s ass, and Gods, this was bad. This was a bad idea, bad idea, bad frakking gods damned idea.

The sounds. The sounds he´d made. He hadn´t even bothered to hold them back, he´d just pushed the Viper forward and purred with it, and then. Then. Gods.

Bad idea, Lee, bad frakking idea.

“We should talk,’ John had said, stepping down off the platform, wild look in his eyes, shoving the helmet off of his head to reveal hair that was even more tousled and yet somehow still perfect. “Now.’

Kara had stood there, smirking that smirk at him like she knew, and she probably did. She knew him, didn´t she? “What happened out there, Sheppard? Loose a little control there at the end? A little bit of premature--’

“Kara,’ Lee had barked, glaring at her, but she´d just cuffed him on the shoulder and walked over to John and propped an elbow on his shoulder.

“She´s an orgasm waiting to happen, isn´t she,’ she´d asked, smirking up at him.

John had looked straight at Lee and just barely nodded, his eyes sparkling and mouth turning up into an impish grin that was gonna kill Lee if he didn´t watch out. “Yeah,’ he´d said, blinking and finally turning to look at her. “I´m thinking I could use one of your cigars.’

Kara had looked over at Lee and yeah. Yeah. She´d known. “Ya know, I think Lee has some in his quarters. You should get one from him, he´s easier than me.’ She´d blinked up at John like she didn´t mean anything by it. “With sharing, I mean.’

And now here they were, three doors down from his quarters, his cock already twitching back to life (because like hell had John been the only one getting off out there) and his eyes gravitating to John´s hips and ass, the most perfect combination he´d seen maybe ever, and this was a bad idea, but by Gods was that not gonna stop him.

John stops and Lee isn´t paying attention, so of course he runs smack dab into him, his hands lifting and gripping at John´s hips, the heat flushing him from head to toe. “Uh,’ he says, backing up but unable to quite get his hands to come down off John´s hips. “Sorry.’

John turns his head to look at him, mischievous smile on his face letting Lee know that John knows exactly what´s going through his mind. “You do know that I have no clue where I´m going right?’

Lee blinks, stepping back. “Oh. Well. You have good instincts, because my door is that one,’ he said, pointing vaguely and looking up into his eyes.

Dangerous. This was dangerous, because he´d just met John, and already he could feel himself falling. Kara had always said he´d gotten her share of estrogen, and sometimes, in moments like these, he really, really kind of believes her.

They enter his quarters and he doesn´t even hesitate before closing the door. Sometimes it was a shock, when these things happened to him, he hardly ever saw them coming, but this time-- this time there´s no doubt in his mind.

“Ya know, I really like this place,’ John says, craning his neck to look at every square inch of Lee´s quarters, and Lee wants to step up behind him and wrap his arms around him. Lick that long neck and taste the sweat. Instead he leans against the door and watches John make a slow circle. “It´s not as cramped as some of my barracks have been.’

“Yeah, well… CAG,’ Lee says, shrugging. He´s feeling impatient, restless. Wants to just get this show on the road, because Lords was John under his skin already.

“CAG,’ John says, turning to face him. “Yeah. I guess I´m the Atlantian version of that.’ He smiles then, looking at the floor.

Lee thinks there´s something to that, and if he weren´t two seconds from taking the two steps it would take to get to John and shoving him down on the bed he might pursue it. There´s a vulnerability to John that has Lee in pieces, but maybe he´ll explore that later.

“Guess so,’ he says instead, reaching up and pushing the hair off of his forehead. Sweaty and sticky from inside the cockpit of the Viper and he knows he doesn´t look his best, but this isn´t exactly the kind of situation where you excuse yourself for a quick shower. “So.’

“So the thing is,’ John says, tilting his head up just enough to look at Lee from under his eyelashes, and Lee really hadn´t thought John could get more appealing, but he´d been wrong. “The thing about the kind of thing that happened out there is that it leaves you feeling… somewhat unsatisfied.’

Lee finds himself smirking and it´s kind of astonishing to him because normally he thinks he´d be blushing. “Hm. And what thing happened out there?’

John just looks at him and doesn´t acknowledge what is obviously a rhetorical question. He steps forward and now he and Lee are only one step from each other and Lee´s hands are literally twitching to reach out and run the length of John´s torso.

“It´s kind of like… a two part ending. There´s a build up and there´s a crescendo, but you know somewhere after that there´s still a grand finale,’ John says, leaning into Lee´s space, staring into his eyes. The look in his eyes is as clear as day: Don´t make me spell it out for you, flyboy.

Lee takes that final step between them but keeps his hands to himself. “Yeah. After intermission is when the real show begins.’

John nods and licks his lips, and Lee´s just gone. He´s not even standing there anymore, not even attached to his body anymore. He´s dimly aware that his hands are fisting in John´s shirt, tugging him closer, but all he can see is the pink of John´s tongue and the wetness of his lips, and then nothing because his eyes are closed and he´s inhaling John´s breath right out of his mouth.

“Yeah,’ John moans and then he´s tugging on Lee, jerking him around and crushing him into the wall, leaning into him and his leg fitting between Lee´s, thigh brushing his cock through his flight suit. It´s not enough.

He thinks he´s known all along this is what would happen. He´d seen the way John´s eyes had lit up at the sight of the Viper. He´d watched John caress it with his hands when he´d finally seen it up close. Seen him lick his lips and grown hard under his BDU´s. He´d known exactly what John was feeling because it was the same thing he´d felt the first time he´d seen what a Viper could do.

He´d offered to give John flying lessons and he´d gotten hard at the way John´s eyes had gone hazy. They´d had a week straight of close quarters and long hours but never made that final step, Lee leaning over John to show him which sticks to use, which ones to not, how to twist this one, how to pull that one. He´d wrapped his hands around John´s and mimicked the maneuver of how to get the Viper to flip, and he´d felt it all the way in his cock.

He´d known it was leading to this, and now he knows that John had too.

Now John´s hands are on his ass, fingers digging in, and Lee can´t get enough of the sounds that John is making. His hard cock rubbing against Lee´s and small muffled groans against his neck, teeth and tongue and biting sharp pain that has Lee making a keening sound in the back of his throat that should have been embarrassing but somehow wasn´t.

“Oh Gods,’ Lee says, his head banging back against the wall as he tries to catch his breath, hips moving in time to John´s because he just can´t hold them still. “Let me suck you off, I wanna… let…’

John shudders against him and then he´s kissing Lee again, sucking all the air out of his lungs before pulling back and nodding, his hand in Lee´s hair and then he´s pulling him down, pushing him down, propping his other hand on the wall and whispering yeah, fuck, yeah, do it.

It´s too much and the room is spinning around him and he feels drunk, drunker than the night he graduated flight school, and he´s never been drunk like that, not before or since. That was the first night he´d ever sucked a cock, him and Helo and a dirty bathroom stall in a trashy bar on Caprica. He´s improved vastly since then, and even then Helo´d called him a natural.

He sinks to his knees and has John´s pants off so fast he hasn´t even had time to blink, pulling his underwear down to his knees and jerking until John lifts his feet and let´s Lee toss them to the side. His hands dig into John´s thighs and he wants to leave prints, feels like somehow this is something he needs to claim, something he needs to name as his. Wants to leave bruises so that later when John is sitting in the mess in Atlantis and bickering with McKay over nothing Lee will ever understand, maybe he´ll remember this and go blank.

(Yeah, Lee´s no idiot. McKay and John have something going on even if neither of them know it.)

When Lee licks the tip of John´s cock John makes a sound that sends shivers down Lee´s back, makes him ache so much he think he might just come in his pants for the second time that night because he´s only known John for a little over a week but he´s still pretty sure that ‘unguarded´ isn´t something that John does that often.

“Fuck, Lee, you´re killing me,’ John says in a rush, a breathless laugh escaping his mouth as Lee looks up at him, meets his eyes, and then swallows him whole. John bucks into his mouth and makes that noise again and Lee knows he´s gonna be dreaming about that noise for years to come.

John´s thick and just the right length and Lee has to reach down and press the heel of his hand to the base of his cock because John won´t stop squirming and panting and it´s just the sexiest thing Lee´s seen in Gods know how long.

He´s at it for maybe a minute before John´s hand is in his hair, tugging. “I´m gonna… Jesus, Lee, I´m…’

It´s salty and it feels so good going down his throat that he milks it for all it´s worth, doesn´t stop sucking on John´s cock until John´s nearly kneeling on top of him, and Lords does he love it that he´s made John weak in the knees.

John´s hand is heavy on his back, his forehead resting on Lee´s shoulder, panting in Lee´s ear. “Wow,’ John says, lifting his head slightly, looking at Lee with a dazed look. “That was…’

John drifts off as he follows the curve of Lee´s arm to where he´s kneading himself through his pants. He smiles and licks his lips, leaning forward and kissing Lee, which honestly Lee wasn´t expecting. He loves it though, loves the way John´s tongue winds in his mouth so he can taste John´s come and John himself at the same time.

John presses Lee´s shoulder into the wall and bats his arm away and then his fingers are unzipping his pants, hand delving inside before Lee can even bother to push them down all that far, and the second John´s skin touches Lee he knows he won´t be lasting long either. It´s been a long time since he´s had this, felt like this, this undone, this turned on, and it´s something he hadn´t known he´d missed until this very moment.

“We´ve gotta go up again,’ John says, voice low and hushed, rushed as he starts stroking Lee, twisting his hand and taking it slow. “Tomorrow, we have to go up again tomorrow.’

Lee swallows and tilts his head back, leaning against the wall and hissing as John sinks his teeth into Lee´s collarbone. “Whatever you want,’ he breathes, his hips jerking as John gives him a savage twist. “Frak, you can have the damn thing if you keep doing that.’

“Don´t tempt me,’ John whispers against his neck, stroking faster. “Especially with a promise you can´t keep.’

“Get us to Earth and it´s a promise I can keep,’ Lee says, laughing because it´s true. Wier and Roslin are down there right now negotiating.

“You know where I come from, you promise someone the moon, not a whole planet,’ John says, and it´s just one more thing Lee doesn´t understand, but right now he doesn´t care because John´s hit a stride that´s not backing down and Lee´s just along for the ride, rendered speechless, his hands gripping John´s arms hard enough to leave bruises there too.

When he comes it´s a whole body thing, hips lifting up off the floor, thighs vibrating, head banging against the wall. He can feel it in his toes, and he can´t breathe for a full thirty seconds.

“Oh Gods, has that been a long time coming,’ he whispers to the air, eyes still closed as he waits for his heartbeat to slow down.

“Still can´t get used to that,’ John says from somewhere to his left. “Gods, and lords. Frak. I forget sometimes that you´re not really us.’

Lee opens his eyes to see John settling into the space next to him, head tilted back against the door, breathing deeply. “Yeah, me either. We didn´t even think you guys existed. Thought you were a myth.’

“Yeah,’ John says, laughing and slitting open an eye to look at him. “There´s a lot of that going around.’

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