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by kHo

There was a slight frown marring Billy´s face when he returned to the car and Stu laughed as he sat down and slammed the door. “That was fast.”

“Shut up and drive,” Billy growled out, propping an elbow on the window ledge, scowling out into the black night.

Stu laughed again, putting the car in drive and taking off from the curb. “Poor Billy,” he cooed, reaching out and ruffling his hair. He snorted when Billy glared at him, pulling his hand back. “Never gonna get laid.”

Billy sighed, propping his feet up on the dashboard and wrapping his arms around his knees. “Where does Tatum think you are?”

“Lying in post-coital bliss right next to her,” Stu said, his voice smug. “Ah, the wonders of drunken sex.”

Billy´s eyes flicked to him. “You drank?”

Stu frowned, looking over at Billy. “Like, a beer.”

“You fucknut,” Billy hissed, leaning closer to him and smelling his breath. “The last thing we need is to be pulled over by the cops. That´ll totally ruin our fucking alibis!”

“I had one beer, Billy,” Stu said rolling his eyes. “Obviously I´m not drunk, or you would have noticed it before I told you.”

Billy´s gaze lingered on him for a moment longer before his scowl softened into a smile. “True.”

“See,” Stu said, reaching out and tapping Billy on the arm. “Stu wouldn´t let you down.”

Billy´s grin widened. “I can´t believe it was so easy.”

Stu nodded, laughing. “As pie.”

“She was so scared,” Billy said, sliding his eyes over to look at Stu´s profile. “You should have seen her face when I tagged her.”

Stu frowned. “I wish I could have.”

Billy took a deep breath, closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the seat. “Better than Jamie Lee Curtis.”

“No,” Stu said, his eyes widening. “Aw, man.”

Billy laughed, reaching over and resting his hand on Stu´s leg. “Don´t worry, you get the next one.”

Stu´s eyes flicked down to Billy´s hand on his leg before returning quickly to the road. “Tell me.”

“Tell you?”

Stu nodded, swallowing. “Tell me what she did. Did she beg?”

Billy shrugged. “At first. Yeah, of course she begged Stu,” he said, frowning and reaching down to run his fingers over his crotch. “Then she kneed me in the fuckin´ balls.”

“Oh,” Stu said, glancing over as Billy´s fingers swept over his jeans. “Ow.”

“To tell you the truth, Stu,” Billy said, looking over and grinning at him. “It kinda turned me on.”

“Yeah,” Stu asked, his voice slightly shaky as his eyes drifted once again to Billy´s hand on his leg. “It did?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Billy said, reaching down and unbuckling his seat belt. He slid closer to Stu and his hand tightened on Stu´s leg. “Stu?”

Stu´s eyes stayed glued to the street as he swallowed visibly. “Hm?”

“How long you think we have till Tatum wakes up?”

Stu came to a slow stop at a red light, feeling his cheeks color and his breath begin to slow. “Billy, stop.”

“Uhuh,” Billy said, biting his lip and running his hand to the inside of Stu´s thigh slowly. “It turned you on too, Stu,” he said, sliding slowly closer until his breath tickled Stu´s neck. “You´ve had a hard on since we strung her up.”

“I can´t help that,” Stu said, his hands gripping the wheel tightly. “It was the sounds she was making. It sounded almost…”

“Orgasmic,” Billy asked, leaning forward and propping his chin on Stu´s shoulder, burrowing his nose in his neck. “I´m just saying, Stu, that it´s convenient.”

“What´s convenient,” Stu asked, knowing he should hit the gas pedal as the light turned to green again but finding it impossible.

“Pull over to the side of the road,” Billy whispered into his neck, grazing his teeth lightly over Stu´s neck.

“Billy what are you doing?”

Billy laughed, running his hand up Stu´s leg, squeezing lightly as his fingertips brushed lightly over Stu´s erection. “Think about it,” he said softly, dipping his tongue out to flick against the hollow of his neck. “You´re the only one that knows what it´s like, Stu. To take someone´s life. The power if gives you. It makes perfect sense.”

“I dunno, Billy,” Stu said, his voice strained as his head lolled against the back of his seat. “I´m not gay.”

“Gay,” Billy said, laughing as he bit Stu´s neck lightly before running his tongue over it again. “Who said anything about gay? I´m hard, you´re hard. Let´s make each other come.”

The groan came unbidden out of Stu´s chest as Billy´s hand closed around him through the thick denim of his jeans. His hand came down from the wheel and landed on Billy´s hand, holding it still. “Just this once?”

Billy laughed, biting his neck again. “Just this once.”

“Okay,” Stu said, loosening his grip on Billy´s hand, his breath hitching as Billy´s hand tightened.

“Look at me,” Billy hissed at him.

“Huh,” Stu gasped out, opening his eyes and looking at Billy.

Billy´s grin flipped his stomach, turning his fledgling arousal into full-blown lust. He started to protest as Billy descending on him but the moment their lips met he forgot the words. As Billy´s tongue pushed past his lips he let out another groan and began kissing him back, opening his mouth wider to allow Billy´s access. The kiss was hot and wet and dizzying and Stu forgot why he´d ever wanted to protest to begin with.

He cried out in dismay as Billy´s hand left its place between his legs until his hand being placed on Billy´s own erection. His fingers flexed experimentally and Billy groaned into the kiss. Billy´s hands fumbled clumsily with Stu´s zipper and by the time he got it open, Stu was already panting as he tried to do the same for Billy.

“Pull over, Stu,” Billy gritted out, pulling back only long enough to get he words out before delving once again into the kiss.

“What,” Stu gasped out, his brain a puddle of mush.

“Pull over,” Billy growled. “We´re in the middle of the road.”

“I can´t,” Stu said, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. “I can´t move.”

Billy laughed, pulling back and extracting his hand from Stu´s pants. His grin widened as Stu´s eyes flew open to look at him in horror. “Pull over before a fucking truck comes around the bend and mows us over.”

Stu took a deep breath, turning the wheel sharply and quickly gunning the engine, grunting as they bumped over the curb and half onto the grass. “Good enough,” he said in a rush as he put it in park, reaching down and unbuckling himself and turning the engine off.

He turned to look at Billy and barely had time to think before Billy´s hands clasped onto his face, pulling him forward into a forceful kiss. His hand came to grip Billy´s white shirt in his fist, tugging him closer and mashing their lips and tongues together, the adrenaline pumping his heart faster. He mewled into Billy´s mouth as he felt his hand close around him again, his own delving into Billy´s jeans as well.

It wasn´t long before they were both panting and grunting into each others mouths, their tongues mashing together in what should have been a sloppy first kiss but wasn´t. It felt more visceral and natural to Stu then kissing Tatum ever had and he would have wondered about it except he was nearing the precipice and then he was falling over it with Billy right behind him. When he spilled into Billy´s hand and he felt Billy spill into his he just knew: This is where it was supposed to be all along.

“Sydney has no idea what she´s missing,” he whispered out breathlessly as he leaned his head back against the seat when Billy pulled back.

Billy laughed. “Yeah. That´s why she´s next.”

Stu smiled. “Tatum too.”

Billy smiled. “All we ever needed was each other Stu. I´ve been telling you that for years.”

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