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[ proving a point ]

Rodney backed up, holding his hands up. “You´re overreacting.’

“Over. Reacting.’ John glared at him, advancing even further. “Rodney. Overreacting?!’

“Yes! Your reaction is wildly disproportionate to the crime! Which wasn´t a crime so much as an experiment, and a proving of my point, and…’


“There´s no need to yell, Colonel, I can hear you perfectly fine.’


Rodney crossed his arms, looking away. “Fine, yes, if you want to put it that way.’

John frowned at him, crossing his arms. “What right… Rodney, what right did you have--’

“I was proving a point, Colonel! It was a teeny, tiny, little, minuscule--’


Rodney´s smirk lasted for about two seconds before it fell again. “Yes. Well.’

“I picked up your underwear,’ John said, lowering his voice and stepping close enough for Rodney to feel his breath against his face. “I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed your floor.’

“And I appreciate that. Did I not say thank you?’

John´s eyes flared. “Rodney, so help me--’

“I was proving a point,’ Rodney said, for the billionth time, his tone taking on a whining quality that made John´s nostril´s flare.

“What point,’ John hissed, throwing his hands out. “The point that yes, in fact, scientists are slobs?!’

“No,’ Rodney said, rolling his eyes. “The point that I was unable to control myself while under his potion´s influence!’

John frowned. “What?’

“You were mad at me,’ Rodney yelled, poking a finger in John´s chest. “And I was proving to you that you had no right to be!’

John´s face screwed up. “Wait. What?’

Rodney nodded, seeing John´s eyebrows drawing up more in confusion. Better than anger, anyway. “Yes. See?’

John shook his head. “Rodney--’

“No. See? You´ve been mad at me for abandoning you, when in fact it was you who abandoned me!’

John pointed at him. “Don´t turn this around on me, I didn´t drug you!’

“No. You just left me, alone, with a thousand infected military men and scientists, to go gallivanting off--’

“Gallivanting,’ John said, rolling his eyes. “I was trying to help you by getting you the evidence you said you needed!’

“While leaving me alone,’ Rodney said, voice raising. “Completely susceptible.’

John rolled his eyes. “I was gone for maybe, maybe, two hours!’

“Ronon slammed me against the wall,’ Rodney yelled, hitting his hand against the wall behind him. “Slammed, Colonel. My head, bang. He´s a big man, Colonel. You really think I could hold him off, even if only for two hours?’

John´s frown turned speculative for a moment and his eyes raised to peer at Rodney´s face. “Did he hurt you?’

Rodney snorted. “What the hell do you care?’

John let out a breath of exasperation. “Rodney.’

“No. He didn´t. But he would have!’

John nodded, sighing again and backing off a few steps. “That still doesn´t explain why you drugged me.’

“I was proving a point,’ Rodney said, relaxing and leaning against the wall. “You´ve been angry with me for falling under his spell, and seeing as how I had no choice I really don´t think that´s fair. Obviously I didn´t voluntarily choose to succumb to his ill-gotten charms. Do I strike you as the type of person who would willingly subject myself to someone´s mind games?’

John chewed on his lip, looking down at the ground. “Not really, no.’

Rodney nodded. “So. I conducted a test.’

John raised an eyebrow at him. “A test that involved me scrubbing your toilet with a toothbrush?’

A smile played at Rodney´s lips for a moment before he got it under control. “The toothbrush was your idea, I simply expressed the wish to have it cleaned.’

John frowned. “So you thought that by proving to me that this… drug… pheromone… whatever. You thought that by proving that it could get me to do things that normally I would never, in a million years, do…’

“That perhaps you would see how unfair it is of you to be angry with me for doing the same. Yes.’

John rolled his head back on his neck and stared up at the ceiling. “Fine.’

Rodney straightened up, his eyebrows raising. “Fine?’

“Yes,’ John said begrudgingly. “Yes, fine. I get why you did it.’

Rodney grinned, nodding sharply. “Hmm.’

John pointed a finger at him. “But that doesn´t give you the right to drug me, Rodney.’

“Well obviously I´m not planning on doing it again, Colonel,’ Rodney said with a flippant hand wave as he stepped around John and began walking back over to his lab table. “Besides, we´ve burned the remnants of the liquid, so even if I did want to--’

John glared at him. “Rodney!’

“Which I don´t,’ Rodney said hurriedly, holding his hands up as he settled at his desk. “The point is. It won´t happen again. Ever.’

“Good,’ John said, nodding.

“However, should you voluntarily decide to make my bed with neat, military precision again, I would have no complaints.’

John snarled at him.

Rodney grinned. “Or not.’

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