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“I´m sorry… did you say no eyes,’ Jack asked, frowning at the man with strange looking spectacles on the bridge of his nose.

“Yeah, asshole,’ the man spat out, scowling at him. “What, you´ve never seen a blind man before?’

“No, no, course I have. Just not… usually the eyes are left in the socket,’ Jack said, stepping closer and waving a hand in front of the man´s face.

“Yeah, well, little local anesthetic and a pair of tweezers, and zip,’ the man said with a dry sardonic smile. “Right outta there.’

Jack stepped even closer and was about to repeat the gesture when the man´s hand flew out and caught his hand. “Thought you couldn´t see, mate,’ he whispered, a grin appearing.

“I can´t, fuckmook, but I can feel the wind from your fucking flapping arm on my face,’ he said, dropping Jack´s arm and reaching into his pockets for his pack of cigarettes. “So where the sam hell am I? And who, prey tell, are you?’

“Me name´s Jack Sparrow, mate,’ Jack said, grabbing the man´s hand and pumping it once before he jerked it back and lit his cigarette. “An´ you´re in the Caribbean.’

“Ah,’ the man said, smirking slightly. “Step up from Mexico, anyway.’

Jack frowned at the man, reaching forward and taking the dark spectacles off the man´s face. He laughed and backstepped when the man lunged forward after them. “Jus´ want to see what these are, lad,’ he said, laughing again at the man.

“I´ll kill you in two shakes of a lambs tail cupcake,’ he said, an easy grin on his face as he pointed a heretofore unseen thin silver miniature gun between Jack´s eyes. “Give. Them. Back.’

“Sure,’ Jack said, hurriedly taking the things from his face and putting them in the pasty man´s hand. “An´ what´s your name?’

“Betty Crocker,’ the man said, laughing. “Make a mean fuckin´ cake.’

Jack frowned. “That´s a woman´s name,’ he said, covering his mouth and stepping out of the man´s reaching distance. “Not that I´m judgin´, mate.’

“Sands,’ the man said quietly as he stuffed the gun back into his trousers, leaning against the building behind him. “Sheldon. Like Bond. CIA.’

“CIA,’ Jack asked, his frown deepening again. “Is that Spanish?’

“Oh, that´s right,’ the man named Sands said with a grin. “I´m in fucked up lala land, you don´t know what CIA is.’

“Jack, have you… oh, my…’

“Will,’ Jack said, stepping quickly to the boy´s side and putting a hand on his chest, pushing him away. “Will this is Sands Sheldon.’

“Sheldon Sands, actually,’ Sands muttered. “Fucking bendejo.’

“Now that I know is Spanish,’ Jack said, pointing a finger at him before turning towards Will. “You might want to leave love,’ he said softly. “This man is…’

“Off his rocker? Two sheets to the proverbial wind? Freud´s piratesmoker?’

Jack frowned. “Pirate Smoker? Who´d smoke a pirate?’

Sands laughed. “You´d be surprised.’

“He looks just like you,’ Will stuttered out, looking haunted as his eyes shifted between the two.

Jack laughed. “You´re drunk.’

Will shook his head. “No, Jack… if you shaved, and cut the dreadlocks out of your hair… he´s the spittin´ image of you.’

Jack frowned at the boy, and then looked at the man before him. “I don´t see it love.’

“I´m sure I´d say the same,’ Sands said, lazily toking on his cigarillo. “Were I to be able to see.’

“Who are you,’ Will asked, stepping closer to the man and looking at him intensely.

“Sheldon Sands,’ Sands gritted out, shaking his head. “Your friend Jack just told you that, dipshit.’

“He speaks weird,’ Will said, facing Jack. “And I don´t think he has eyes.’

“We´ve already covered that too, sweetcheeks,’ Sands said, slinging an arm around the lean boy´s shoulders. “You´re almost as skinny as me.’

“Hands off, mate,’ Jack said, grabbing Will´s hand and pulling him back against his chest. “An´ we better leave now.’

“Nice meeting you, weird guy with a weird accent,’ Sands said with a smile and wave. “Pleasure I´m sure.’

“Yeah,’ Jack said, frowning confusedly at the man as he turned and began walking down the street, tapping a stick the whole way. “You really think I look like him,’ he asked Will, letting the boy go.

Will nodded, staring after the man. “Dresses weird though.’

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