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[ island of youth ]
by kHo

“Well, well, of all the stranded men I´ve seen on this isle, you are by far the prettiest, mate.’

Sawyer whirled around, his hand reaching for his gun. “Wh…’

“No worries, love,’ the man said, his black eyeliner crinkling as he smiled a mouth full of gold at him. “'Ol Jack don´t mean no harm.’

“Who the hell are you,’ Sawyer said, drawing his gun and pointing it straight at his head. He watched the man´s fingers flutter through the air like a butterfly and his eyes narrowed suspiciously. “If you´re trying to work some kind of fucked up mojo on me, it´s not gonna work.’

“Mojo,’ the man said, frowning deeply. “Tha´s a new one, I think.’

“Who the fuck are you?!’

“Oh, beg pardon, love,’ the man said, disregarding Sawyer´s cocking of the gun and stepping forward to reach out a hand. “Cap´n Jack Sparrow, at your service,’ he said with a gallant bow.

Sawyer eyes his dirty black fingers distrustfully but lowered the gun. “Captain?’

Jack nodded, grinning beatifically at him. “At your service, mate.’

Sawyer took in his dreads and golden teeth, the jewelry peppering his fingers, and the scarves around his head. “Man, you are one fucked up pirate.’

Jack´s frown flitted across his face before turning into a contemplative expression. “And you are?’

Sawyer´s eyes narrowed. “Sawyer.’

“Sawyer,’ Jack said, nodding and stepping closer, reaching out and touching Sawyer´s shirt. His thumb brushed over the buttons in reverence and he looked up at him. “Nice name, love.’

“Stop,’ Sawyer said, shaking his head and batting Jack´s hand away. “Stop calling me love, stop smiling at me like that, and stop fucking touching me!’

“A bit stodgy, eh,’ Jack said. “Alright. My apologies,’ he said, cocking his head to the side and looking u p at him through big beautiful brown eyes. “How long have you been marooned here?’

Sawyer´s frown deepened. “How the fuck do I know? A couple months?’

Jack nodded. “Me, I lost track a while back. Long while back.’ He frowned and looked over to the side. “Eh, Will? How long you say we´ve been here?’

“Jack, where the bloody hell…’ the man stopped, his mouth dropping open. “Another one?’

“Aye,’ Jack said, nodding and stepping towards the man he called Will. “And pretty at that.’

Will stepped forward hesitantly at Jack´s prodding. “Hello. Will Turner.’

Sawyer sighed, stuffing his gun back in his pants. “Well, fuck it. How do you do,’ he said, stretching his hand out.

“How long, love,’ Jack asked, stepping behind Will and propping his chin on Will´s shoulder. “How long´ve we been here?’

Will´s mouth pouted as he thought. “I´d say three hundred years? There abouts.’

Sawyer´s laugh was derisive and just a little hysterical. “Three hundred huh? And I´m the pope.’

“I understand your dubiousness,’ Will said with a charming smile. “We don´t quite believe it ourselves.’

“It´s quite wonderful actually,’ Jack said, nodding excitedly. “It seems we don´t age here. I´ve found us the Island of Youth! Who needs a fountain?!’

Sawyer stepped back and leaned on a tree, sure he was having delusions from his headaches. “Sure. Why not. I´ll buy it.’

“Y´see, me ship grounded here,’ Jack said, stepping forward, his fingers floating through the air and stopping just short of playing with Sawyer´s shirt again. “The Black Pearl. Are you one of the ones who refer to it as the Black Rock? Cause, I´ll have you know, mate. A pearl is not a rock.’

Sawyer´s eyes widened. “The Black Rock? The Black Rock is a ship?!’

Jack nodded. “Only, s´not a rock. It´s a pearl, love.’

Sawyer closed his eyes, hitting his head hard against the tree behind him. “I´m asleep. I´m asleep in my bed at home, I never went to Austrailia, and this never happened. It´s all a dream.’

“No dream, mate,’ Jack said, his hand clasping over Sawyer´s arm lightly. “More like a nightmare really. But at least there´s no ghosts, aye?’

“Aye,’ Will said, nodding gravely. “And at least we can still taste, and feel.’

“Aye,’ Jack said, grinning lasciviously at Sawyer. “Feel we can.’

Sawyer frowned down at him. “Oh, God, somebody just kill me now.’

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