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[ okay yes... or no ]

It´s all laughing and joking and realizing maybe he´s been judging Nathan too hard until Nathan steps forward and grabs the belt loops of his pants. “I was wondering when it´d come down to this.’

“Come down to…’ Jack pauses, looking down at the way Nathan´s tanned hands clash with the khaki of his uniform. He realizes with a jolt two things: One, Nathan´s fingers are running small soft paths along the rim of his pants, and two, Jack´s hard. “Um. Uhum, I think you…’ He jerks back out of Nathan´s hold. “I think you might´ve gotten the wrong idea.’

“Have I,’ Nathan asks, and it´s that same damn infuriating holier-than-thou, smarter-than-everyone tone that he´s always used, that´s always made Jack´s hands curl into fists, except this time his cock twitches in interest, and what the freakin´ hell is that about?

“I uh, we uh…’ Jack motions helpless between them, realizing that he´s backing himself into the corner only when he actually has. “This can´t… I can´t…’

“Can´t or won´t,’ Nathan asks, voice dipping low as he crowds Jack into the tight space, hands reaching out once again to clasp onto Jack´s hips.

The fingers spread out and Nathan slides them down to cup Jack´s ass, bringing them closer together. “Oh… kay. Um. This isn´t. No. No, no, and uhh… yeah, no,’ Jack says, shaking his head vehemently. “Not happening. This is another Eureka-type catastrophe. You´ve been exposed to some sort of… gay-making… horny-making… particle… manipulationing… thing, and--’

“Nope,’ Nathan says, stepping even closer still, pressing his body into Jack´s. “This is all me, Carter.’

“Sheriff,’ Jack whispers, really, really meaning to have said that louder and with more bravado. “Sheriff, you call me Sheriff, not Carter, remember? Remember how you always call me Sheriff, because it dehumanizes me and it means you don´t have to be jealous and whatever me and Allison…’ He looks up then, eyes widening. “Allison! Allison, remember her? Your wife? The one I have a thing for? Remember how you hate me for that?’

Nathan smiles and somehow what used to make Jack Carter madder than anything is now turning him into a rubbery weak-kneed mess. “Never hated you, Carter. Hated the fact that Allison didn´t want me anymore, but you… you´re kind of impossible to hate.’ His grin widens. “Which actually does make me despise you a little bit, but that´s just the ego talking.’

“See,’ Jack says animatedly, jerking a finger up to point in Nathan´s face. “Despise! You don´t… you don´t seduce people you despise!’

“I don´t know whether you do or not, but it seems like I kind of am,’ Nathan says, pressing a knee between Jack´s legs. Jack lets out a helpless whimper and hates himself for it because it makes Nathan´s eyes darken which just makes him even more irresistible. Nathan rubs his thigh against Jack´s and leans in closer, whispering in his ear. “And like I said, that was my ego talking. My id wants to know what you sound like when you come.’

“Oh, holy fuck,’ Jack moans, thunking his head against the wall behind him. “Jesus.’

“Well sure, but you can just call me Nathan if you want. Stark if it makes you more comfortable.’

And the thing is Jack´s always kind of had a giggle at the thought that Nathan´s last name was Stark, because it makes him think naked. It was funny because… well, Jack can´t quite remember why it was funny even just this morning because right now it´s the hottest thing he´s ever thought.

“Maybe I was exposed to some sort of thing that makes me irresistible,’ he mutters as Nathan starts nibbling at his neck, Jack´s fingers involuntarily digging into Nathan´s hips. He really hadn´t meant to tug him closer, but that seems to be what is happening. “Some kind of gas, or liquid, or… or… something…’

“Hmm,’ Nathan hums against his throat, making his skin tingle. “Maybe. If so, it´s working quite nicely.’

“Right,’ Jack says, fingers clawing into Nathan´s shirt as Nathan presses his knee even more forcefully into him. “So this shouldn´t be happening. Because… because I´m not gay, and you´re not gay, and we hate each other, and… and…’

“The thing is, Carter, is that there´s that saying that says there´s a thin line between love and hate,’ Nathan says, tugging at the bottom of Jack´s shirt and untucking it, his hand delving up under the shirt to touch Jack´s bare skin, and oh, god, his hand is warm and soft. “And I might not be gay but I am a scientist, which means I´m willing to test any possible hypothesis, and right now I hypothesize that if you fuck half as well as you bicker I´m in for a really good time.’

Jack´s eyes roll back in his head and he just barely manages to hold onto the train of thought that says this is a Very Bad Idea. “But--’

“And,’ Nathan says, sliding his hand back down Jack´s stomach, over his waistband, and rubbing over his cock a few times. Jack can feel the smile across his jawline. “You´re hard.’

“Nathan… Stark…’


Jack blinks, looking at him. “Huh?’

Nathan grins. “Shut up and just enjoy it.’

“Yeah,’ Jack sighs as Nathan´s fingers work deftly at unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. “Okay.’

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