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[ spilled wine ]
by kHo

"So," Danny said, leaning back on the couch and lifting his wine glass to his lips.  He paused before taking a sip.  "You slept with the girl who's trying to bring us down."

He doesn't have to turn his head to know Rusty's grinning.  "It appears so, yes."

"Well," Danny said, nodding his head and trying not to laugh.  "Let me just tell you how smart <I>that</I> was."

He can feel Rusty's gaze burning into his skin.  Laughing, Rusty bumps his leg into Danny's thigh.  "Bout as smart as you organizing a heist to take place in the hotel of the guy who's banging your ex girlfriend."  He pauses, taking a sip from his wine glass.  "In order to get her back."

Danny's grin widens and finally he looks over at Rusty.  "Worked, didn't it?"

"Undoubtedly," Rusty says with a nod, his eyes twinkling.  "So tell me, Danny."

Danny nods, still grinning.  "Yes, Rusty?"

Rusty leans forward, and Danny's gaze lowers to the hand covering his knee now.  "She have any idea just how close you and I are?"

Danny raises an eyebrow.  "At the moment, or just in general?"

Rusty's grin is as big as it can get.  "At any moment we're together."

Danny swallows past the lust that's dancing around in his gut.  "No."

Rusty's frown is as fake as his hair color.  "Danny," he chastises, moving his hand slowly up Danny's thigh.  "I thought it was nothing but honesty between you two."

Danny bites his lip, curtailing the moan he feels building up in his lungs.  "Most of the time."

Rusty hums, his face screwing up in concentration, as if he's contemplating the situation.  His hand moves back down Danny's thigh and when Danny lets out a shuddering breath a smile breaks through.  "Guess we'll have to live with that then."

"Guess so," Danny says, turning to more fully face Rusty.  He lifts a hand and runs his fingers through Rusty's short spikey streaked blond hair.  He curls his fingers in it and smiles as he tugs.  "Think we can manage that?"

"Oh, I think maybe, yeah," Rusty says, a grin flashing over his face before he finally closes the distance between them and kisses Danny.  Pulling back his smile has softened and he looks into Danny's eyes.  "You spilled the wine on the carpet you know."

"I don't care," Danny says gruffly, grabbing the back of Rusty's head and pulling him forward into another crushing kiss.  

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