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[ midnight rendezvous ]
by kHo

Even though he´s expecting it, even though he´s damn near craving it, when the arms wind around his waist he feels a flicker of annoyance. The lips on his neck feel nice, feel wonderful actually, but his body stiffens and he feels a sigh being pressed into his hair.

“S´a matter, love?’

Will frowns, keeping his eyes on the black horizon, his hands loosely wrapped around the wheel of the ship. “Not a thing, Captain Sparrow. Horizon´s clear.’

He feels Jack´s chuckle all the way through his body as every inch of Jack presses into him. “Ah. Must be serious, aye? You callin´ me Cap´n is the first sign that somethin´s amiss.’

“Is it,’ Will bites out, turning quickly and stepping away from Jack. He´s got the feeling if he could still feel Jack´s body pressed to his he wouldn´t have the determination to go through with this confrontation. “Is it the first?’

Jack´s frown deepens and his eyes flick up to Will´s, eyebrows drawing close together in confusion. “Alright, young Turner. You tell me. What´s the first sign that somethin´s amiss, if not your having called me Cap´n instead o´Jack.’

Will´s not really sure how to answer that question, because he thinks mostly he was trying to be contrary. Instead he glares at Jack and crosses his arms. “Did you ever consider trying this sober, Jack?’

“Ah, back to first name basis I see,’ Jack says, smile flashing brightly in the moonlight as he steps forward, his fingers closing over Will´s arm.

“No, Jack,’ Will says, shaking his head and willing himself to step back. He´s found it nigh impossible to deny the attraction between himself and Jack these past few weeks, but this time, damnit, he´s going to. “I demand an answer. Have you ever considered trying this sober?’

“Tryin´ what sober,’ Jack asks, stepping close once again, backing Will into the side of the Pearl, trapping him between two spaghetti-loose arms. “An´ which one of us should be sober? You or I?’

“Us, Jack,’ Will says, lowering his voice, staring directly into the two twinkling orbs that were Jack´s eyes. “The only time you seduce me is when you´re drunk.’

Jack laughs then, and Will nearly draws back to hit him. Jack´s fingers on his chest stop him. “Oh, William. Sweet, young, naive William.’ He raises and eyebrow and presses his body into his. “I´m always drunk. Or, haven´t you noticed?’

“I´m not naïve,’ Will grits out between his teeth, the anger coursing through his body laced with lust despite his best efforts. “And there are times when you´re certainly less drunk than you are right now.’

“Aye, ‘tis true, to be sure,’ Jack says, his lips turning down as he tries to look contemplative. The way his hands are still traveling Will´s body, lightly tracing his abdomen before reaching his sides, give it away as merely posturing. “As the day goes on, so does the drink. But Will, what are you actually trying to ask,’ he asks, his eyes meeting Will´s again as he says his name.

Will frowns, unable to push Jack´s hands away as they delve underneath his shirt to scrape lightly at his naked skin. “Are you ashamed of me?’

Jack´s head jerks back at that, his eyes widening with genuine surprise. “Ashamed of you?’

Will nods. “Of us. Of what we do in the cloak of night, far away from where anyone can see.’

Jack tries to curtail the smile slipping across his face, but Will sees it anyway. “Will. Anyone could see what we do in the cloak of night if they wanted to. S´not that big of a ship.’


Jack sighs, extracting his hands from beneath Will´s shirt and clamping his fingers on Will´s shoulders. “No. I am not ashamed. Quite the opposite.’

“Then why only when you´re inebriated,’ Will asks, hating the naked vulnerability in his voice. “Why only at night?’

Jack shakes his head. “William, if I thought you´d let me, I´d ravage you in broad day light in front of Gibbs and Cotton and Mother Mary herself,’ he says, raising an eyebrow. “It´s you who´s led me to believe that you´d rather keep this a secret.’

Will frowns dubiously. “How? What have I done to make you believe--’

“No, Jack, not here. Not now. They´ll see. Shush, Jack, they´ll hear. Be careful Jack, Gibbs is only a mere five feet away.’ Jack raises his eyebrows at Will and leans in closer. “Notice, those were things you´ve said to me, not the other way ‘round.’

Will frowns. “Just because I don´t want people hearing and seeing what we do, it doesn´t mean--’ He breaks off, his frown deepening as he shakes his head. “You thought I was ashamed, didn´t you?’

Jack cocks his head to the side and rests a finger against Will´s lips. “S´alright if you are, love. Men have their place, and there are those that believe it not to be with another man.’

“I´m not, Jack,’ Will says, lifting his hands finally to grip Jack´s arms, looking at him intently. “I´m not ashamed of what we do. I only wish to not have company.’

Jack´s smile widens and he leans in closer, his lips ghosting over Will´s before he speaks again. “An´ why is that, love?’

“I want you all to myself,’ Will whispers back, his arms reaching around and winding about Jack´s waist. “I want to be the only one to hear you come.’

“Mmm,’ Jack says, his hand caressing the side of Will´s face as his eyes drift over him, his grin positively lecherous. “I like it when you´re possessive Will.’

Will leaned forward and captured Jack´s mouth with his own, tightening his arms around the pirate´s waist.

That night, they fucked on deck for the first time since they´d started sleeping together five weeks ago.

Cotton, from his silent perch above them, wasn´t surprised at all.

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