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[ of mermaids and sleep deprivation ]
by kHo

Will blinked his eyes a few times, trying to place his surroundings with difficulty. “Huh?’

Jack smiled, laying back on the bed and propping his head in his hands. “Tell me a story, William.’

Will leaned up on his elbows, looking blearily at Jack. “What?’

Jack looked up at him, all charcoaled eyes and glittering teeth. “I said tell me a story, boy.’

Will sighed, laying back down. “Jack, I was asleep.’

Jack nodded, closing his eyes. “I know. Was quite annoyed with you for that.’

Will kicked his legs at the sheets, which suddenly felt binding. “Why´s that, Jack?’

“Because you were snoring,’ Jack said simply. “An´ it was reminding me how not asleep I was.’

Will frowned, pursing his lips. “So you woke me.’


Will shook his head. “To tell you a story.’

“S´only fair.’

“For you to wake me to tell you a story,’ Will asked, opening one eye and glaring with all his might at the serene looking pirate by his side.

Jack nodded, grinning. “Yep.’

Will sighed. “What kind of story,’ he said begrudgingly.

Jack´s mouth turned down as he thought. “Tell me about mermaids, Will.’

Will´s laugh burst out of him before he could rein it back in. “Tell you about what?’

“Tell me about mermaids,’ Jack said.

Will laughed again. “They´re not real, Jack.’

Jack jumped up so quickly his beads clacked loudly together. “Don´t say that!’

Will frowned. “They´re not real. Sailors and pirates made them up to have stories to tell.’

Jack frowned down at him. “Well if they hear you say that, Will, they´ll never appear to us!’

Will laughed again. “Have you ever seen one, Jack?’

Jack shook his head, rolling his eyes. “If I had, it would be me telling you the stories, wouldn´t it, luv?’

“Well neither have I,’ Will said, grinning up at him. “And neither has anyone I´ve known.’

“Cotton has!’

Will rolled his eyes. “Alright, Jack, that´s enough. Go to sleep.’

“Cotton´s seen one, mate, I asked him,’ Jack said, nodding and looking towards the door. “He´s seen one, he said so.’

Will snorted. “Said so, aye?’

Jack nodded. “Yes. He nodded his head an´ all.’

Will shook his head. “What kind of story?’

Jack sighed, sinking back on the bed. “You´re no fun, William. You know that?’

“Well what do you want, Jack,’ Will asked, closing his eyes and suppressing a laugh. “Once upon a time there was a mermaid, her hair spun from gold, her body made of scales.’


Will laughed. “I was done, Jack. I don´t know how to tell stories.’

Jack sighed again, flopping on his side. “Sure you do.’

Will shook his head. “You´re the one with the flights of fancy, Jack. Not me.’

“Well,’ Jack said, biting his lip. “Guess I´ll have to make my own fun.’

Will´s eyes flew open as Jack´s fingers floated across his skin. “Jack,’ he said warningly.

“Aye, Will?’

Jack´s hand traveled lower and lower until it reached the covering of the bed, delving underneath it. “Stop.’

Jack smiled, leaning over and placing a kiss to Will´s neck. “S´either a story, or this, luv.’

“I´m tired, Jack,’ Will said, hissing slightly as Jack´s fingers wrapped around him. Shamefully he found himself becoming hard. “I need to sleep, as do you.’

“An I´ll sleep much better after havin´ done this, Will,’ Jack answered, his voice husky as he placed another kiss to Will´s jaw line, scraping his teeth down Will´s neck.

Will´s fingers clenched in the sheets beneath him as Jack´s hand began to move. “Jack?’

“Aye,’ Jack said, kissing and licking at his ear, his hot breath washing over Will´s neck.

“After this will you go to sleep?’

Jack chuckled lowly, his tongue dipping out to lick his ear once more. “Make it fun for me as well, and I just might.’

Will groaned, half out of aggravation, half out of arousal, and reached his hand out to grab the back of Jack´s head. “How many times must I tell you to kiss me first?’

Jack grinned wolfishly down at him. “As you wish, luv.’

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