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by kHo

He woke with a start at the smacking of his feet and Franco´s low voice in his ear.  “Get your filthy feet off my couch.  Now.’

“Hey,’ he grunted, shifting his feet to the ground but not making a move to sit up.  “You´re back.’

Franco smirked at him, sitting down heavily on the couch next to him.  Sean lifted his feet again and stretched them out over Franco´s lap.  “What makes you think I´m not okay with them on my couch, but just dandy with them being in my lap,’ Franco groused, glaring down at his feet.

“They´re clean, asshole, and shut up,’ Sean whined, hugging his arms to his chest and shifting to lie a little flatter.  “What time is it?’

Franco sighed, resting his arms on Sean´s leg in his lap and not even attempting to push them off.  Sean raised an eyebrow at this but said nothing.  “Uh.  I don´t remember.’

Sean sighed, a frown tugging the corners of his mouth down.  “You had sex, didn´t you?’

Franco looked at him.  “What?’

“Damnit, Franco,’ Sean spat out, jerking his feet off of Franco´s lap and sitting up finally.  “I agreed to watch the kid until 9 so you could see your physical therapist, not so you could go get your cock sucked.’

Franco smirked.  “I didn´t get my cock sucked, Sean.  It was just straight up sex.  And a hand job.’

“Fuck you, man,’ Sean grumped, rubbing his hands over his eyes and scrubbing at his face.  “I coulda been gettin´ laid too, ya know.’

“Sorry,’ Franco said, laying his hand on Sean´s shoulder and sounding not the least bit apologetic.  “The opportunity arose, and who am I to pass it up?’

“Asshole,’ Sean groused again, finally starting to wake up, feeling a little less annoyed.  “Was she at least hot?’

“Oh yeah,’ Franco said, his grin widening.  “You shoulda seen her ass.  Coulda bounced a quarter off it.’

“So what time is it,’ Sean asked, closing his eyes and resting his head back against the couch, flexing his toes on the floor.

“One,’ Franco said, and Sean could hear the grimace in his voice.

“God damnit, Franco,’ Sean growled, swiveling his head to look at him.  “One?!  I have to be at the fuckin´ house at 5, man!’

“Well don´t get your panties in a bunch,’ Franco said, holding up his hands in surrender.  “I´m sorry, man, I didn´t know it was so late!’

“Now I´m gonna get like… three hours of sleep,’ Sean said, knowing he was whining but not caring.  “Damnit.  I swear to God, Franco, sometimes you really have no fuckin´ consideration.’

“You were snoring like a fuckin´ chainsaw when I came in here,’ Franco countered, starting to look annoyed.  “What the fuck do you care if you sleep on my couch or in your bed?’

“Because your couch is lumpy and it gives me a crick in my neck,’ Sean hissed, the five-year-old girl in the next room being the only thing holding him back from yelling.

Franco´s smile was more of a sneer as his hand closed over the back of Sean´s neck, squeezing lightly.  “Poor Seany.’

“Fuck you, man,’ Sean said, closing his eyes and burying his head in his hands.

“Alright, listen,’ Franco said, shifting a little closer to him, his other hand rising to Sean´s other shoulder.  “I´ll make it up to you by getting the crick out of your neck.’

Sean laughed.  “What, you´re gonna massage me?’

Sean didn´t have to turn his head to know Franco´s sneer had turned into more of a leer.  “I could call Sully if you preferred.’

“Fuck.  You.’

Franco laughed.  “Just shut up,’ he said, his hands working into Sean´s shoulders, thumbs pressing up and into his tight neck muscles.

Sean sighed, finally relaxing into Franco´s touch.  “Just.  Ya know.  Just my neck.’

“Did I ask you to strip naked,’ Franco asked, laughing lightly.  “You´re still freaked out about that Sully shit, aren´t you?’

“Well, uh, yeah,’ Sean said, snorting.  “The dude´s a freak, and I let him touch me.’

“Well so did I,’ Franco said.  “You don´t see me freakin´ out.’

Sean held back the almost involuntary grunt of satisfaction he felt as Franco´s fingers hit a particularly tightly wound tendon, working through it slowly and carefully.  “Yeah, but--’

“It only means what you make it mean, man,’ Franco said, his tone light.  “And anyway, even if you are a fag, it´s not that big of a deal.’

Sean tensed again, sitting up and looking at him.  “I´m not a fag, Franco!’

Franco smirked and bit his lip.  “You´re so fuckin´ easy.’

Sean frowned in confusion.  “Wait, so now I´m a slut too?’

Franco rolled his eyes, leaning closer.  “You´re easy to rile up, Sean.  Jesus.’

“Oh,’ Sean said, sighing and turning his head to the side, hearing his neck crack.  “Hey, lower and to the left man.’  Franco´s fingers followed his instruction and he inhaled sharply as they dug into the exactly right spot.  “Yeah.’

Franco´s laugh brushed over his neck and he let his eyes close.  “I never knew you had such a thing with fags.’

“I don´t,’ Sean said, frowning as his voice came out rougher than he intended it too, low and gravelly.  “I just… I don´t know man.  He was.  With the leather, and the fuckin´ boobs and the wig and shit…’  He shuddered and Franco´s hands stilled on him.  “It freaked me out.’

“Are you afraid he passed the gay to you,’ Franco asked, laughing again and moving his hands lower on Sean´s back, his thumbs working in circles.  “You think he transferred it by osmosis or something?’

Franco´s fingers stumbled over another tightly wound muscle and Sean´s hand flew out and clutched at the nearest surface.  He didn´t´ notice it was Franco´s leg until his nails were already digging in.  “Sorry,’ he grunted, bending his head forward.  “That hurt.’

“Want me to stop,’ Franco asked, and Sean´s skin tingled at the way Franco´s voice had dipped.

“No,’ Sean said, clearing his throat and shaking his head.  “No, it´s better if you just… ya know… finish.’  Franco´s fingers worked harder now, sending pain and pleasure all through Sean´s body and his hand tightened on Franco´s leg.  “Fuck,’ he gritted out, trying to laugh through it.  

“You carry around a lot of stress, Sean,’ Franco said, his tone still low in Sean´s ear.  “Maybe you should be goin´ to a physical therapist.’

Sean let out a moan as something finally cracked in his back and the pain receded, his grasp on Franco´s leg finally loosening.  At Franco´s low chuckle he felt his cock twitch and he shut his eyes even tighter.  “Ok.  Ok, we should stop.’

“Why,’ Franco asked, and Sean felt a thrill go through him at Franco´s teasing tone.

“Cause we should,’ he said, opening his eyes and breathing through his nose.  Franco´s hands ran lightly up his back, his thumbs tracing his spine and he stifled the shudder he felt building.  “Seriously, man, stop.’

He felt Franco lean closer to him and almost jerked away, but Franco´s hands clamped down on his shoulders, holding him in his place.  “This is why it freaked you out, isn´t it,’ Franco said, his voice a whisper, his mouth close enough for Sean to feel it moving against his ear.  “You didn´t just like it, it turned you on.’

Sean closed his eyes, shaking his head fervently.  “No.  No, it didn´t.’

Franco´s laugh traveled through his body and made his cock twitch again.  “Sean,’ Franco said, drawing his name out in a way that made Sean´s breath catch.  “Your hand is still on my leg.’

Sean opened his eyes and looked at his hand, noticing that his fingers were once again clawing into Franco´s leg.  “Oh,’ he said, telling his hand to let go.  It didn´t listen.  “Uh.  Sorry.’

Franco´s head turned and Sean could feel his lips whispering over the skin of his neck.  “You´re hard right now, aren´t you?’

“No,’ he answered quickly, grimacing at the lie.  All Franco had to do was look down and he´d be able to tell.  “I should go home.  I have to wake up in three hours.’

“Stay here,’ Franco whispered into his neck, his teeth scraping over Sean´s neck, his hand sliding back down Sean´s back.  Sean froze as he felt Franco´s other hand traveling down his side.  “I have a pretty big bed, ya know.’

“Franco…’  Sean fought off a shiver as he felt Franco´s fingers ghosting over his side under his t-shirt, biting his lip and trying to regain some of his control.  “What the fuck are you doing, man?’

“Oh I´m sorry,’ Franco said, smiling against Sean´s neck.  “Am I being too vague?’  Franco´s hand traveled further down Sean´s torso and wrapped lightly around his cock through his jeans.  “Does that clear things up?’

Sean felt himself leaning back into Franco´s chest, his breath coming in short bursts.  “I´m not a fag,’ he protested, even as he felt himself hardening even further as Franco squeezed him slightly.

“Everyone´s a little gay Sean,’ Franco said lightly, his tongue dipping out to lick at the base of his neck.  His smile widened at Sean´s gasp.

Sean gritted his teeth as he felt Franco´s hand lift to unzip his jeans, his hand sliding back along Franco´s leg.  He let out a moan as he felt Franco´s cock hard against his fingers and his fingers involuntarily clutched a little harder on his thigh.  “I should go home, Franco… Please, I should--’

He shivered when he heard Franco´s sharp inhale.  “Always liked it when they begged, Sean,’ Franco growled into his skin.  “Gotta say it´s one of my biggest turnons.’

Sean sighed heavily, his hand rising from Franco´s leg to his neck, his fingers curling at the base of his head.  “At least kiss me first,’ he whispered, turning his head to look at him.  “If we´re gonna do this you have to--’

Franco´s gaze traveled over his face and then lanced back on his eyes.  “Thought you´d never ask,’ he whispered, leaning forward and pressing his lips to Sean´s.

It surprised Sean that he could get even harder than he already was, but when Franco´s tongue pushed past his lips he shuddered and moaned into it.  He opened his mouth wider, finally allowing himself to give into it, and their kiss intensified to a frenzied pace.   “God,’ he mumbled against his lips, almost surprised at the gruffness of his tone.

“You´re so fuckin´ hot like this,’ Franco whispered back, nipping at his lips.  

Sean´s hand fell from Franco´s neck and tentatively landed on Franco´s lap, gently squeezing him through his khakis.  “I don´t…’  He sighed, his head pitching back as Franco´s hand delved inside his jeans.  “I don´t know what I´m doing here, man.’

Franco laughed lightly.  “Well, I asked you to watch Keela, and--’

Sean laughed, looking at him.  “No, Franco, I don´t know how to get you off,’ he said, licking his lips, faltering as he saw the heat in Franco´s eyes intensify.  “I haven´t exactly done this before.’

“You´ll figure it out,’ Franco said, his grip tightening on Sean´s cock, his smile widening as Sean bucked into it, his eyes falling closed again.  “I´m pretty vocal about what I like.’

“Should we be doing this here,’ Sean whispered, moving his hand on Franco´s cock, tentatively squeezing it, feeling encouraged as Franco moaned softly against his neck.  “Keela´s like… five feet away.’

“She sleeps like the dead,’ Franco said, smiling against his neck.  “But I love that you care, Sean.’

Sean frowned.  “Of course I care, Franco.  She´s you´re daughter.’

Franco´s lips were against his again, but this kiss was much slower, deeper.  Sean felt like Franco was trying to tell him something with it, but before he could figure it out his fingers were moving on Sean´s cock again and his brain went a little haywire.  He shifted slightly and turned to face Franco a little more fully, flexing his fingers on Franco´s khakis.  “I wanna feel your fingers on my cock, Sean,’ Franco whispered against his mouth.  “Unzip my jeans.’

Sean shivered a little and complied, his fingers shaking as he unzipped Franco´s pants.  “Tell if I´m doin´ it wrong--’

“Relax, Sean,’ Franco said, affection in his voice.  “No such thing as wrong.  Like pizza, man.  Even when it´s bad it´s good.’

“That´s so not true,’ Sean protested, biting his lip as he felt his cock twitch again at Franco´s manipulation.  “There is definitely such a thing as bad sex.’

“I have a feeling you´re good, Sean,’ Franco whispered, his teeth scraping over Sean´s neck as he said it.  “I´m never wrong about this.’

“God, Franco, this is such a bad idea,’ Sean moaned, arching into Franco´s touch.

“Want to stop,’ Franco asked, his hand stilling.  “We can stop Sean if you´re really this uncomfortable…’

“No,’ Sean said quickly, his free hand coming down to clasp onto Franco´s.  “No.  Please, don´t stop--’

Taking his cue from Franco, Sean started moving his hand on Franco´s cock, repeating the maneuvers that made Franco´s breath hitch.  “Yeah, like that,’ Franco breathed against his neck.  “Just a little faster.’

Sean could feel his orgasm building rather quickly and he was vaguely aware of the sounds he was making, hoping they weren´t loud enough to wake Keela up.  “Franco… I´m about to…’

“Come for me,’ Franco growled, sinking his teeth into Sean´s neck as Sean started to tense up.  “Come on, Sean…’

“Aw, God,’ Sean moaned as he came, his grip tightening on Franco´s cock, pumping faster, hoping he could just make Franco come half as good as he was.  He felt Franco stiffen against his back as he started to come down, his breath hot and panting against his neck.  Franco stuttered his name out and a litany of curses as he finally came, and Sean smiled in satisfaction.   “Goddamn,’ he whispered, biting his lip, starting to feel the bliss infiltrating his brain, making it hazy in the afterglow.

“Damn straight,’ Franco said, leaning back against the back of the couch, bringing Sean with him and wrapping his arms around him.  “Still feel bad about me coming home late?’

Sean laughed, wiping his hand on Franco´s leg, laughing harder at Franco´s loud protest.  “You´re still an asshole for that.  And now I´ve only got two hours to sleep.’

“Seriously, man,’ Franco said, his chin resting on Sean´s shoulder.  “I´m sorry about that.  I really did forget what time it was.’

“Oh, wait,’ Sean said, sitting up and turning to look at Franco, his eyes widening.  “You got laid twice tonight!’

Franco´s smile stretched all the way across his face.  “Yep.’

“Asshole,’ Sean said, standing up and laughing as he shook his head.  “You really are, you know that?’

“Guess that´s what makes me so fuckin´ irresistible,’ Franco said, biting his lip and looking up at Sean.  “Now I just gotta figure what it is about you.’

Sean´s eyes widened.  “You think I´m irresistible?’

Franco smiled again.  “Oh yeah, it´s the fact that you´re so fucking oblivious.’

“Oblivious… that´s an insult isn´t it,’ Sean said, frowning.

Franco smirked, sitting up and resting his hands on Sean´s hips, looking up at him.  “What the fuck do you care?  You just got a hand job.’

Sean grinned, resting his hand on Franco´s head, his fingers sliding through his short hair.  “You think I´m irresistible?’

Franco licked his lips.  “Let´s put it this way.  You better leave now, or you´re not gonna get any sleep at all.’

Sean licked his lips, clearing his throat.  “Ya know.  I operate pretty good on no sleep.’

“No,’ Franco said, his smile falling slightly.  “Go home, Sean.’

Sean frowned.  “Franco…’

“I´m not gonna have you getting´ burned cause I kept you up all fuckin´ night, Sean,’ Franco said, shaking his head and leaning back against the couch.  “Go home.’

Sean smiled, straightening his shirt.  “You know, for an asshole, you´re actually kind of sweet sometimes, Franco.’

“Shut the fuck up and get out,’ Franco said, a smile threatening to show itself again.  

Sean grinned at him.  “Ya know, except for the leather thing, maybe Sully wasn´t that bad.’

Franco laughed, turning to look at the television.  “Go home, Sean.’

Sean sighed, crossing his arms.  “Listen man.  Like, whatever this is?  It better not fuck up our friendship.  I´ll kick your ass if it does, Franco, I swear to God.’

Franco grinned up at him.  “Come back when your shift is over, and we´ll see how much we can fuck up our friendship.’

“I´m serious man,’ Sean said, raising his eyebrows.  “I´ll kick your ass.’

Franco smirked.  “You´ll try.’


“It´s not gonna fuck it up, Sean, Jesus,’ Franco said, rolling his eyes and standing, placing his hands on Sean´s shoulders.  “It won´t.’

“Alright,’ Sean said, nodding at him.  “Except it is, because I want to kiss you right now, and that´s seriously gonna create a problem cause I´m not sure I´m gonna be able to hold back.’

Franco´s finger wound into his belt loop, jerking him forward.  “That´s a good thing, Sean.  Cause I don´t want you to hold back.’

“So yeah,’ Sean said, stepping back quickly, his grin faltering.  “I´m leaving now.  Cause.  Yeah, cause I definitely won´t be able to stop at just kissing now.’

“Hey Sean,’ Franco called to him as he reached the door.  Sean turned around and looked at him.  “Bring pizza.’

Sean frowned.  “It´s your turn to pay.’

Franco shrugged.  “Just fuckin´ bring it, man.’

“Okay but…’  Sean frowned, stepping backwards out of the door.  “Next time you´re definitely paying.’

He shut the door on Franco´s laugh.

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