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Notes: So this is a cross-over. Been wanting to write one for a while now, and it finally came. Let's see. Spoilers specific up to Mortal in Smallville, and up to Nightmare in Supernatural, though I suppose it would be set currently in both seasons.

I have more specific, detailed notes, located after the story.

[ just passing through ]
by kHo

Dean rolled his eyes as he held the door open for Sam. "Dude. Are you coming?"

Sam frowned and looked around again but sidled up beside Dean. "I really don't think we should be here."

Dean sighed and walked into the coffee shop. "Look, you woke me up at five in the morning with your stupid vision--"

"Dean, it wasn't a stupid vision," Sam said, voice raising slightly before he lowered it again. "You were going to kill someone."

Dean smirked. "But I didn't, cause that's when the house fell down on me, right?"

Sam nodded. "I'm just saying, Dean, that this town gives me weird vibes."

"And I'm just saying, vibes or no, I need my damn coffee." Dean rolled his eyes and turned to face Sam. "Did you ever stop to think that the reason you saw me pointing a shotgun at someone's head is because sometimes you annoy me so much I want to kill you?"

Sam frowned back at him. "You weren't pointing it at me, you were pointing it at some woman with red hair, and then the house fell down on top of you!"

Dean sighed and reached out to put his hands on Sam's shoulders. "Sammy. The Wizard of Oz is a movie, not real life, okay? But if I can find some ruby slippers--"

"Oh, just get your damn coffee," Sam said, shoving off his hands as Dean started to laugh.

Dean walked up to the counter and smiled at the lovely brunette behind the coffee bar. "Hi sweetheart, can I get a cup of the blackest coffee you've got?"

She blinked at him and then her eyes widened so much he was afraid they'd fall out. "Cuh… Juh…" She swallowed and, unless Dean's eyes were playing tricks on him, she was starting to shake a little bit. "Coffee?"

He glanced at Sam, who was looking at her with concern as well. "Yeah. Coffee? You know. What you sell here?"

"I got it," a perky blonde said from next to Dean, glancing at Dean before quickly making her way behind the counter next to the brunnette. "Um. So. I thought you were you know…" She laughed and then straightened up, flipping her hair out of her face. "Dead."

Sam's hand closed over Dean's biceps and Dean fought off the wave of trepidation that passed over him. "Might be if I don't get some coffee in me."

The blonde frowned and glanced at the brunette, who was still staring at him with all of the color draining out of her face. "You don't know who I am, do you," the blonde said, leaning forward.

Dean tried not to look at the swell of her breasts peaking out of her low cut shirt and failed. "I'd like to," he said, putting on his most charming smile. Sam's fingers tightened on his arm.

She frowned at him and then looked back at the brunette, putting a hand on her shoulder. "He must have amnesia, Lana," she said softly, reaching up and stroking her hair. "It's okay. We'll figure this out."

Sam's frown deepened. "Amnesia?"

"Yeah," the blonde said, nodding. "I'm Chloe. Who are you?"

Sam looked at Dean. "Sam. I'm his brother."

Chloe's eyes narrowed. "Brother?"

Sam nodded. "Dean, we should--"

"Dean," Lana said, darting forward and narrowing her eyes at Dean. "Why did he call you Dean? You're name's not Dean. If he's your brother he'd know your name. Are you in trouble? Do you need our help? We can-- I'll call Clark and--"

"Woah woah-- Lana is it?-- calm down, it's okay," Dean said, making the universal sweep of hands that clearly signaled 'simmer down.' Sam's fingers clawed into Dean's arm so hard he thought he might bleed. "Dude, ow," he said, yanking his arm out from his grasp. "I'm not in trouble. My name is Dean, this is my brother Sam, and I don't need your help. I just want some coffee."

Lana blinked and swallowed and Dean was reminded of a small helpless animal. One about to be eaten by a big giant carnivorous something. "Coffee?"

"Jesus fucking--" Dean sighed and turned to Sam. "Ya know, maybe if you try I'll actually get some damn coffee!"

"No, I can…" Lana blinked once more and then moved, jerkily gathering up a cup and a saucer and going over to the coffee machine.

Dean watched Chloe watching him before turning to look at Sam. "What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know, Dean, but we need to get out of here," Sam said, his eyes wide and just as bewildered as Dean felt. "I told you this place gave me the--"

"Excuse me," came the voice and then there was a body blocking Dean's view of Sam and smirking eyes looking right into his. "Imagine my surprise, Jason."

Dean slumped against the counter. "Is this town just collectively nuts? Is that what it is? Is this town just a no-coffee-getting, callin-people-by-the-wrong-names, crazy town?!"

"Lex, he doesn't know who he is," Lana said, the ceramic of the coffee mug clanging against the glass as she unsteadily set it down. "He doesn't know me, or Chloe, and this guy says he's his brother Sam, but he called him Dean, and--"

Lex reached out and put a hand on Lana's. "It's okay, Lana. I'll handle this."

"Handle what," Sam said, stepping around Lex and wedging his body between Lex's and Dean's. "I'm sorry, but we don't know you. You don't know us. Dean wanted some coffee. We've now got the coffee, so we'll just be heading out now."

Dean reached inside his pocket. "How much?"

Lex's hand closed around his arm and guided him to the side before Sam could even blink. "What the hell do you think you're doing? I thought we had a deal."

Dean frowned down at the fingers wrapped around his wrist. "Dude. Chill."

Lex's eyes flashed at him. "We had a deal, Jason," he hissed. "You leave and never come back, and I don't have to find other means of making you disappear."

Dean laughed and looked over at Sam. "Did'ja hear that, Sammy? He just threatened to kill me."

Lex smiled and backed off as Sam walked over. "Oh, I don't threaten, Jason. I follow through."

"Whatever cueball," he said as Lex started towards the door. Dean snorted and reached back in his pocket to pull out a five. "I'm assuming a five'll cover the coffee? Or do you charge extra for the added crazy?"

Lana was back to blinking at him. Chloe just smiled. "Oh no. Crazy's a lot like parsley in Smallville. It comes on the side of everything."

Dean grinned down at Sam when they got outside. "Sure you don't want to stay here?"

Sam glared at him. "Why, so the bald guy can threaten to kill you again?"

"No," Dean said, frowning and opening his side of the car. "But that blonde chick was hot, right?"


"Dean, look at this."

Dean took a huge bite of the meatball sub and then leaned over Sam's shoulder, ignoring the crumbs dropping on Sam's shirt. "Woah."

"He really does look just like you," Sam said, turning his head to look at Dean.

"Jason Teague," Dean said, reaching forward to scroll down the page. "His Mom's hot."

"There was a meteor shower here six months ago," Sam said, scanning the article again. "Most people got out, but they didn't. They were pronounced dead, but neither of their bodies were found."

Dean chewed and stared at the picture. "Huh."

Sam glanced at him. "Huh? That's all you have to say is huh?"

Dean grinned down at him and winked. "He's awful handsome, this Jason guy."

Sam rolled his eyes. "You are so in love with yourself."

Dean shrugged, laughing. "No, I'm in love with Jason Teague."


Dean looked back at Sam's laptop. "What?"

"This family's house got obliterated by the meteor shower," Sam said, pointing to the screen. "And Dean? This woman? That's her."

Dean peered over his shoulder. "No it's not, Jason's Mom was way hotter. But she's cute in that down home southern cookin' sorta way."

"No, Dean, this woman, Martha Kent," Sam said, his voice taking on that hard line he got when Dean was working on his last nerve. "That's the woman from my dream. The one you were pointing a shotgun at."

Dean frowned and swallowed the last of his sandwich. "So. So wait. You think what you saw was Jason pointing a shotgun at her?"

Sam nodded. "It would make sense. I mean. That girl looked seriously freaked to see you, and… Well, I mean it makes sense that the bald guy would want to kill you if he's connected at all to the woman."

Dean frowned. "But the blonde was flirting with me."

Sam laughed and rolled his eyes. "You think everyone is flirting with you, Dean."

Dean nodded and straddled the bench next to Sam. "That's cause I'm a good lookin' guy, Sammy."

"Wait." Sam froze and then looked at Dean. "Wait, the bald guy. His name was Lex, right?"

Dean frowned. "Something like that, yeah. Why?"

"Wait, hold on," Sam said, his fingers flying over the keyboard. "I knew Smallville sounded familiar…"

Dean read over Sam's shoulder. "Forbes?"

"Lex Luthor," Sam said, his eyes widening. "Dean, do you know who that is?"

Dean looked at him. "No?"

"Lex Luthor, son of Lionel Luthor," Sam said, waving his hand and then sighing. "LuthorCorp!"

Dean nodded. "Huh."

Sam sighed again. "His father was sent to prison last year for having murdered his parents back in the 60's. Guess who put him there?"

Dean shrugged. "Lex."

"Lex," Sam said, nodding. "And guess who took over the family business?"

Dean was getting bored. "Lex."

Sam nodded, obviously waiting for something to click. When it didn't he sighed again. "This isn't ringing any bells?"


Sam faced him. "He put his father in jail. And then last year Lionel inexplicably got released for 'undisclosed reasons' and now he's living at his son's mansion."

"Wait," Dean said, leaning forward and looking at the cover of Forbes Sam had brought up. "That guy lives in a mansion?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "That's not the important part, Dean."

"He's my age, Sammy," Dean said, scanning the article. "He's my age and he owns LuthorCorp and he's got more money than God, and… And he's my age!"

"He's actually younger than you," Sam said, rolling his eyes again. "But my point is--"

"I got in the wrong business," Dean muttered to himself, glaring at the computer screen. "I shoulda been a corporate shark."

"My point is--"

"How do you know so much about them," Dean asked, frowning and looking at Sam.

Sam finally gave up. "We studied them in my ethics class."

"They're that rich that you studied them in your ethics class," Dean asked, his frown deepening. "Man, I coulda been a corporate shark too, ya know. I've always been a closer."

"No," Sam interrupted, leaning in. "They're that notoriously unethical. Which is why you probably don't want them on your bad side."

Dean shrugged. "What do I care? It's not like I own a company they can gut."

"No, they can just gut you," Sam said, raising his eyebrows. "Dean, they have so many skeletons in their closets that it's overflowing, okay? And it's a mansion, so ya know… there's a lot of closet space."

"What kind of skeletons?"

Sam shook his head. "Missing people. Bodies found buried, literally, in their back yard. I don't know, at this point it's just a lot of innuendo and rumor, but it makes me uncomfortable."

Dean frowned at him. "And you learned all this in your ethics class?"

Sam ducked his head a little bit. "I might have done a little outside research."

Dean grinned. "You obsessed over it, you mean."

Sam glared at him. "I was interested."

Dean laughed and nodded, reaching over and closing the laptop. "So you mean to tell me that you're obsessed with Lex Luthor, know all of these details about this life, and yet… didn't recognize him?"

Sam shrugged. "I was distracted by his threatening to kill you, Dean! Besides, I was more obsessed…" He frowned ad then looked at Dean. "Interested. I was more interested in his father than in him."

Dean nodded at him. "Uh huh."

"We have to go back."

Dean frowned. "Go back? Sounds to me like we need to get as far away from these people as we can."

"They're gonna search for us," Sam said, standing up and packing up his laptop. "We need to go back and tell him that you're not Jason."

Dean held up his hands. "Uh uh. No way."

Sam looked at him. "Dean. He threatened to kill you!"

"So," Dean asked, throwing his hands up. "It's not like they're gonna find us!"

Sam shook his head. "No. We're going back. I'm not gonna be looking over my shoulder for Lex Luthor for the next five years."


Three hours later, when they got back to Smallville, Dean pulled over at a Texaco station. He pumped gas while Sam walked around the corner to go to the bathroom.

Sam walked back up just in time to see three men in dark suits forcing Dean into a black Sedan and when Dean saw him he yelled for him to get away.

Sam dropped the newspaper he'd picked up and ran back to the car, jerked the pump out of the tank, and threw a twenty on the concrete.

He lost the Sedan before he even made his third turn.


Dean reached over and picked up the first thing he saw on Lex's desk that looked both expensive and sharp. It was only a letter opener, but that could slit a throat with enough determination.

"You know what I've found?"

Lex's eyes flicked idly from the letter opener in his hand to look into his eyes. "What have you found?"

"Generally speaking, when you want to talk to someone?" Dean smiled and held out his hands. "Polite people usually go 'Hey, 'scuse me. May I speak to you?' But that's just generally speaking."

Lex smiled and steepled his hands together. Dean had to hand it to him, he had that cool nonchalance thing going for him. "Yes, well, polite people stay true to their word as well."

Dean rolled his eyes. "My name is Dean Winchester. I was born in Lawrence, Kansas. I'm not whoever the hell this Jason person is, okay? Would you like my social security number?"

Lex's grin brightened. "434-89-5541."

Dean's grin slipped off his face and turned into a frown. "How the hell--"

"Impala, black, late 60's model. License plate number--"

"Yeah, okay," Dean said, holding up his hand. "Okay, so you know who I am. Why did you kidnap me then?"

Lex leaned forward and propped his elbows on the desk. "Because I don't know who you are at all. You could be Dean. You could be Jason. You could be somebody else entirely."

Dean laughed and rolled his eyes. "You have my social security number, my license plate number, probably my driver's license number…"

Lex nodded. "And I also know that Dean Winchester died on March 7th."

Dean closed his eyes and sat down on the chair behind him. "Okay. Shit."

"Jason, this is very clever of you. Finding the one person, I'd wager on the planet, that looks like you, and impersonating him well enough to fool his brother." Something in Lex's tone made Dean look up. It sounded a lot like amusement. "Almost too clever for you."

"I'm not Jason Teague," Dean yelled, spreading his hands emphatically.

Lex nodded, leaning back against his chair again and twirling a pen in his hand. "I don't believe I ever divulged Jason's last name."

Dean heaved a heavy sigh and fought the urge to just go ahead and leap across the desk and strangle him. "My brother, Sam, and I, me, Dean Winchester, did some research online and found a newspaper article talking about the supposed death of Jason Teague and his mother Genevieve." He raised his eyebrows at Lex and leaned forward. "Seeing as how, yes, I do look like him, Sam decided we needed to come back here and find you, because he had this funny notion that you might hunt me down and kill me."

Lex nodded. "He's not far off."

"Right," Dean said, nodding. "Except you're not killing me, you're just annoying me to death."

"Well. Let's say for argument's sake that you are, in fact, Dean Winchester," Lex said, standing and walking around the desk and perching on it in front of him. "How is that you're sitting in front of me, of apparent sound mind and body, when you died March 7th?"

Dean took a deep breath. "This is the part you're not gonna believe."

Lex's smile just widened. "Oh, there's plenty I don't believe already. Try me."

Dean breathed slowly out through his nose. "Skinwalker."

Lex's eyebrows shot up. "Skinwalker." He shook his head and reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "As in, old Indian lore that people can turn themselves into animals, most often wolves?"

Dean shook his head. "There's tales of skinwalkers in almost every culture, and there are different details in every one. There's that one, and then there's this one."

Lex looked at him. "And this one would be?"

"Dude changed skin," Dean said, wrinkling his nose. "He had some weird kind of DNA malformation where he would literally shed his skin like a fuckin' snake and reform into looking like someone else. Including their memories. Somehow."

Lex laughed and looked down at the ground. "He changed into your skin, committed a series of murders, was killed, and presumed to be you."

"Actually." Dean took a deep breath and looked up at Lex. "Actually he didn't actually commit any murders while in my skin. He just kidnapped a girl, and then my brother, and uh… tortured them." He held up a hand. "The other murders, those he did in other people's skins."

Lex just looked at him, his face giving away nothing. "I see."

Dean waved his hand around. "Ya know, I know it sounds unbelievable, but--"

"Not in Smallville," Lex said on a sigh before pushing off his desk. "So you're still claiming to be Dean Winchester."

Dean nodded. "Look, man, if you'd just asked, me and Sammy could have both come and Sammy's known me his whole life."

Lex smirked. "Except for those three years wherein you and he didn't speak or see each other, at all, reconnecting conveniently right around the time Jason left Smallville."

Dean blinked. "Uh. Yeah?"

Lex laughed again. "Aha."

Dean blinked again and shook his head. "Seriously, man, how do you know all this shit about me?"

Lex started pacing. "I have my sources."

"Yeah, well, me too dude, and you're gonna get busted any second now, so you might as well just let me go," Dean said, standing up and facing him. "We know who you are. It won't be hard for Sam to find out where you live. No way is he gonna sit idly by while you hold me captive."

Lex watched him and stepped closer. "Guess I'd better do one final test then."

Dean rolled his eyes. "What man, you wanna take blood? Run the DNA? Can't fake that, ya know. What's Jason's blood type?"

"No," Lex said, stepping even closer. Dean took a step back and hit wall. "I have a much easier, painless test."

Dean's eyes widened as Lex stepped close enough for Dean to feel his body heat. "Uh."

Dean grunted in surprise when Lex grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him against him, mashing their lips together in a biting kiss. Too shocked to do anything else Dean's hands fell to his sides, useless.

"You kiss differently than he did," Lex muttered against his mouth in a voice that made Dean's eyes close.

"I'm not him," he said, and was shocked to hear that low, turned-on tone in his own voice. "I'm Dean."

"Let's see what else you do differently, Dean," Lex whispered, and then his lips were on Dean's again and Dean found himself kissing him back, his hands going up to grab Lex's hips and pulling him closer.

There was something a little too familiar in this, and maybe that was Lex's history with this Jason guy, but it felt familiar. It felt like they fit.

Dean felt his back being pressed into the column on the wall behind him and growled when Lex's cock pressed against his. "The fuck are you doing," he managed to get out when Lex bent his head to bite his neck.

"Testing you," Lex said, running his tongue up the length of Dean's neck to his ear. Biting it gently he laughed. "Wouldn't be very hard for you to say no, Dean. Walk away. I won't even try to stop you."

Dean's eyes slammed shut when Lex's fingers grazed over his zipper, cupping him. "You don't even know me."

Lex laughed again. "Know someone who looks like you," he said, and the sound of Dean's zipper coming down sounded like freight train in the silence of the room. "Know this body. What it likes. What I like to do to it."

"Fuck," Dean said, slamming his head back against the wall hard enough to hurt. "I just want you to know… I'm only… I'm only doing this cause I haven't been laid in a really fuckin' long time."

Lex laughed again. "Understood."

Dean reached up and grabbed Lex's face in his hands, kissing him again, trying to take control of this. Lex wouldn't let him have it though. He pushed Dean away and reached up to yank on his shirt, peeling it up and over Dean's head and then running his hands down Dean's chest.

A small smile played on his lips. "Always thought he'd look better if he worked out just a little bit more."

Dean moaned when Lex's hand slipped inside his jeans, massaging him. "So you're convinced I'm not him now?"

Lex's eyes flicked up to his. "Not yet."

Dean laughed at what a lie that was but didn't contradict him, instead just reached forward and started unbuttoning Lex's shirt. "Admit it. You didn't want to kill me, you just wanted to get laid."

Lex laughed and raised an eyebrow. "You actually have the same sense of humor as he did."

Dean frowned and yanked Lex's button up shirt out of his trousers. "Well. That doesn't mean anything."

Lex just smirked at him and kissed him again, rolling his tongue into Dean's mouth and effectively shutting him up as he pressed him against the wall again, stepping in and pressing harder with his hand against Dean's cock.

"You talk more than he does," he said breathlessly when he pulled back. "He went pretty incoherent when I did this to him."

Dean's eyes rolled back in his head when Lex twisted his hand. "Yeah, well keep doing that and pretty soon I will be too."

Lex laughed and bent forward to bite his neck again. "Take off your pants."

Dean reached down and jerked his pants off his hips and let them slip to the floor, stepping out of them and thanking God that he'd run out of underwear that morning. "I'm not gonna have sex with you," he gasped out when Lex tightened his hand around him. "I'm not… I don't--"

"Relax," Lex whispered against his skin. "We didn't either."

Dean unzipped Lex's trousers and pulled him closer. Reaching his hand inside he smiled when Lex grunted into his neck. "How'd he do it? Rough? Soft? Fast? Slow?"

Lex started pumping him faster, pulling his head back to look into his eyes, and Dean suddenly felt bowled over. "Just do it."

It was a little awkward, it had been too long since Dean had done this, and it had never been sober, but finally he found a rhythm that made Lex's eyes roll back and his head fall forward, and when his teeth sunk into Dean's neck and he groaned long and loud he knew he'd found the right one.

When Lex started bucking into his hand he knew Lex was close and he could feel his building up in his spine so he reached up and jerked Lex's chin up and kissed him, all tongue and teeth and breathlessness until he felt Lex's come hitting his chest and then he was coming too.

They didn't speak as they cleaned up, and Dean was zipping up his pants when he noticed Lex staring at the floor. "You miss him."

Lex looked up. "What?"

"Jason," Dean said, stepping forward and handing Lex his shirt. "You miss him."

Lex laughed, that bitter painful kind of laugh that Dean's heard in himself way too many times. "We didn't exactly have that kind of relationship."

Dean pulled on his shirt and nodded. "Just the same."

Lex straightened up and buttoned his shirt, the wall coming right back up. "You're free to leave whenever you're ready. I'll have a driver--"

The doors banged open loudly and there was a fresh faced young boy dressed in red and blue standing in front of them. Dean was trying to find the white that would complete the whole American Flag look when he spoke. "Lex, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Lex sighed and sank back against the desk and that's when Dean saw Sam standing behind him. "Clark. What a surprise."

Sam rushed to Dean's side and reached up to brush his hair away, studying his face. "Are you all right? Clark said he thought Lex probably wouldn't hurt you, but… he also said he didn't think he would have kidnapped you, so…"

"I'm fine," Dean said, knocking his hand away and looking at Clark. Who was staring wide-eyed and slack jawed at him. "Hi. I'm not Jason."

Clark blinked. "Sorry. You just. I mean. Lana said… and…"

Lex stepped forward. "Clark. This is Dean Winchester." He looked over at Dean and smirked. "I'm satisfied that he's who he says he is."

Clark looked at Lex, his expression so bewildered that Dean had to laugh. "Are you sure? I mean, he looks so much like him--"

"Oh, I'm sure," Lex said, resting a hand on Clark's shoulder before walking over to the bar and taking out a glass. "Quite."


"So what happened back there," Sam asked for the fifth time since they'd gotten in the car.

Sixty miles away and still, Sam wasn't taking the hint. "Nothing, Sammy. He thought I was Jason. I'm not. I convinced him."

Sam sighed. "You're really not gonna tell me."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Nothing. Happened. We… talked."

Sam huffed and looked out of the window, watching the trees go by. "When I saw those guys taking you I thought--"

"Hey," Dean said, reaching out and grabbing Sam's knee. "I know, okay? I'm sorry. But nothing happened. We just talked."

Sam looked at him. "You swear you're all right?"

Dean nodded, grinning. "Hey. Do I look worse for the wear? I think not. I'm still dashing, am I not?"

Sam smiled and then let out a laugh. "Yeah, you are."

Dean laughed and looked back at the road. "He's not a bad guy, ya know."

Sam snorted. "He kidnapped you, Dean."

"He thought I was Jason," Dean said with a shrug. "He had his reasons."

"He threatened to kill you when he thought you were Jason, Dean."

Dean laughed. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure there's more to it than that." He looked at him again and gave his leg a shove. "Nothing bad happened, Sammy. I promise."

Sam rode in silence for five minutes before speaking again. "I'm almost a little jealous."

Dean's hands tightened on the wheel. He'd been almost sure they hadn't seen anything, he wasn't ready for Sam to dig at him about this. It had felt too right. "Of?"

When Sam looked at him he had a wicked gleam to his eye. "You get all the doppelgangers. I don't even get one, and you're on your second."

Dean laughed and puffed out his chest. "Know why that is Sammy?"

Sam laughed. "Cause you're so damned handsome?"

Dean nodded. "Exactly."

Sam laughed again and shook his head. "I swear Dean, I've never met anyone as in love with themselves as you."

Dean opted for a subject change. "So how did you find me?"

"Oh," Sam said, frowning in concentration. "I went back to the Talon to ask that girl Lana, and Clark was there. He took me to Lex's. Apparently they were friends at one time, because the security team didn't even bother to ask who we were. They hardly even looked up, come to think of it."

Dean nodded. "Well. Good idea, going back to the Talon." He grinned. "I'm curious though. Why didn't you just drive around looking for a big monstrosity of a castle?"

Sam flipped him off and Dean laughed as they drove on.

Specific Notes:

1) In Crusade (S4, SV), Jason went batshit inexplicably and took a shotgun to Martha's head, demanding that the Kent's return the stones to him. The meteor hit and smashed the house all up. I reference this several times within the story. Don't ask me why Sam is retroactively having visions of this, since as far as we know he only sees the future, but it seemed a really good tool to use in this story. ARTISTIC LICENSE DAGNABBIT! Perhaps we can just infer that since they were approaching Smallville, which is a weird fuckin' town cause of all the Crazy K Rocks, Sammy had an aberration in his visions.

2) When Sam is researching Lex and Jason, he's using the Internet. I'm pretty sure that comes across, I reference his laptop, but I just thought I'd clarify. In specific, I reference the Forbes issue from Crusade (S4, SV) and the newspaper article that appeared in Arrival (S5, SV) announcing the Teague's death. I also think I remember there being an article, perhaps about the Barn Raising in Mortal (S5, SV)? With Martha and Jonathan. If not, we can just pretend that there was an article that Sam could have found online about the Kent farm having been destroyed, with at least Martha's picture in it.

3) I try to make the timeline blur a little bit, in that… for whatever reason, Supernatural is set ahead in the timeline. When Dean "dies" in Skin (S1, SPN) the date is March 7th, but the episode aired October 18th. But Smallville, as far as I can tell, is pretty much set even with whatever date it's airing. Why do these two shows on the same network operate differently when it comes to timelines? Go figure. LOL. So anyway, I try to not make the timeline of the story matter. It's set now, it's set in the future, whatever. I don't know. Hopefully it meshes, is all I'm saying.

4) By my calculations, Lex is 25 this year. I think. I think he was 21 in 2001, so he'd be 25 now. And Dean is 26. So that's why I say Lex is younger. I could be wrong, but that's what I'm remembering.

5) Okay. So in the show, Jason's dead. But that doesn't have to mean that Jason is, in fact, dead. The article said that Jason and Genevieve were dead, and Lex (or Lionel, as has been hypothesized, since it's only signed L) signed it "you owe me." So either Jason is dead, or exiled. I went for option B.

6) I think it's rather funny that Smallville has had 2 different versions of skinwalkers. That chick Tina that impersonated Lex and Lana (X-Ray, S1) and Whitney (Visage, S2 ), and Kyla (Skinwalker, S2). Tell me these two shows don't go together like peanut butter and jelly! LOL.

All feedback much appreciated!
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