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Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean Title: Characters: Rated: Notes: for my challenge post, . I'm sure this isn't exactly what you wanted, but... this is what you get. Hope you like? LOL! Wanna read about Orion? Go to it.

[ a lesson in greek mythology ]
by kHo

They sat in the floor at the bow of the ship and looked up at the stars, Jack´s arm draped lazily around Will´s neck. “An´ that one´s m´favorite,’ Jack said softly, a low rumble against Will´s ear.

“Which one is that,’ Will asked, feeling himself sinking further and further under Jack´s mesmerizing spell.

“Orion,’ Jack said. “It´s said that Hera set a scorpion after Orion after he proclaimed himself the greatest hunter in all the world. And that scorpion killed him. But then Zeus, being the fair minded fellow that he was--’

“The fair minded fellow, aye,’ Will said, laughing. “The God of thunder. Of, some say, wrath.’

Jack flicked annoyed eyes at him and continued. “Zeus, feeling sorry for him, painted him into the sky, forever immortalized.’

Will smiled. “An interesting theory.’

“It´s also said,’ Jack continued, resting his head against the wood behind his head and staring up at the sky. “That the scorpion too lies in the stars. But that the two shall never again meet, for when one rises, the other falls.’

“You and your stories, Jack.’

“S´true,’ Jack said, looking at him, not the slightest hint of humor in his eyes. “That´s your Greek mythology boy, best not to anger the Gods. Poseidon will hear tell of it and curse this ship. A father´s love, you know.’

Will rolled his eyes and decided to let it go. “Why is that your favorite,’ he asked instead.

“Because he was the greatest hunter in all the world, and even he was mortal,’ Jack said softly, smiling at him. “Gives one humility, William. Says no one is so powerful they are above reproach.’

Will smiled. “You´re just hoping Zeus will paint you into the stars too.’

Jack laughed. “S´not so much to ask really,’ he said, shrugging. “He´s the God of everything, what´s a few stars dedicated to ole Jack?’

Will laughed. “And who will your Scorpion be, Jack?’

Jack´s face darkened briefly and Will regretted his flippant tone. “S´pose it´d be Barbossa,’ he said softly. “One day children will look up at the stars and they´ll see the Captain and they´ll see Barbossa, and they´ll decide for themselves who they´re counting as the hero.’

Will sat up and faced him. “Except that´s not accurate,’ he said. “Barbossa didn´t kill you.’

“It´s just mythology, Will,’ Jack said, pulling him back into his arms. “I´m telling stories, love.’

Will turned his head towards Jack and kissed him briefly on the lips. “Tell a different one,’ he said. “I don´t like the ending of that one.’

“I´m painted into the stars at the end of that one, Will,’ Jack said with a laugh. “What´s not to like?’

“I´d rather have you right here on Earth, next to me. I don´t care about the stars, I care about you,’ Will answered, sitting up straighter and pulling Jack with him. “And I don´t like hearing you sound so morose.’

“Sorry, love,’ Jack said, winding his fingers in his hair and pulling gently on it. “Won´t happen again.’

Will closed his eyes as Jack´s lips rested on his and felt the tension melt away again. As Jack´s tongue brushed past his he thought he heard a faint laughter in the distance. As he looked up, he could see the shadows of a three pronged spear pointed towards the sky, directly under Orion´s Belt.

“He was the God of fertility too,’ Jack said into his neck as he bit and licked his way up to Will´s ear.

“Yes, but I believe they meant fertility for the land. For crops.’

“There´s no limit to what a God can do,’ Jack said. “You best start believing that, Will.’ Will´s laugh was cut short as Jack flipped him and hovered over him, smiling wolfishly down at him. “Say you believe, Will.’

Will inhaled sharply as Jack´s knee brushed up against him and he closed his eyes. “I believe.’

“Good boy, love,’ Jack said, grinning and lowering himself on top of him. “You will be rewarded.’

That night, the ship sailed itself.

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