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[ futile resistance ]
by kHo

There had been a time when he´d tried resisting. It hadn´t lasted long, but it had existed. When he´d be angry with Jack for doing something stupid. When his feelings would be hurt by Jack´s sometimes almost callous and offhanded remarks. When his manly wiles would be affronted by Jack´s propensity to shield him from danger. When Jack would snap at him on deck in the same way he´s snap at the others of the crew. So Will would try, he really and truly would, to punish him. He´d try to resist the charms of Jack´s smiles, the enchantment of his raised eyebrows, the seduction of his tongue darting between those lips. He failed every time, and eventually he gave up. Punishing Jack ultimately wound up only punishing himself, and so he gave in.

And tonight he really, really, wanted to not give in. He was angry, and he knew he had every right to be, and he knew Jack should be punished. He shouldn´t have snapped at Will like that, called him an ungrateful whelp in front of his crew. And Will understood why he had, actually, and perhaps behind closed doors Jack´s words wouldn´t have stung quite so much, but they hadn´t been behind closed doors. They´d been out there on deck, for the wind to carry, and for the men to laugh at.

But it was futile, just as it always had been, to try to resist Jack when he´s determined. That glow in his eyes and the taunting smile on his lips. The way he simply remained silent when Will went off on him, yelling and hitting him in the chest and knowing all the time that he was acting exactly like what he was angry at Jack for calling him. He knew he was acting like an insolent fool, whining about being treated like someone´s child on deck. And in the back of his mind the person he was most angry with was himself, because he actually had been acting like a child, both then and now.

Jack´s apology was empty and the twinkling in his eyes only served to further Will´s anger. He knew he was in trouble when Jack started moving towards him, he watched those fluttering fingers with weary eyes and told Jack to back off. Jack didn´t listen to him though, and he never had and never would, but Will knew only trouble lay ahead. Jack apologized again and rested his fingertips every so lightly on Will´s left cheek and Will knew right there that there was no point in ever trying to resist, and he wondered why he´d even tried to this time.

It usually wound up being worth it in the end. Jack´s eyes would catch his and hold him captivated as his hand would delve lower and lower on Will´s body, until finally it was resting right where Will wanted, needed, it to be. Jack´s tongue would dart out and lick along his collarbone, the fingers of his free hand tracing the bony protrusion of Will´s hip. Jacks lips would meet his and the kiss would be so hot, so mind-alteringly beautiful, that Will would be helpless but to moan into it and buck his hips against Jack´s hand.

Then Jack would drop to his knees and peal Will´s pants off so quickly that Will wouldn´t even know it was happening until Jack´s lips were wrapped around him. The fingers that were fluttering only moments before now held Will´s hips tightly in their grasp, pushing him against the nearest hard surface and Jack licked and nipped his way back into Will´s good graces. He´d watch with wide eyes and faulty breath as Jack´s hair would bob with his head as his tongue laved Will´s cock, leaving him throbbing and aching for more.

And then finally, just when Will was near the brink, near the edge and almost teetering over it, Jack would rise and cup Will´s face in his hand and whisper out a ‘sorry love, never meant any harm´ and kiss him so sweetly Will would forget there had ever been any anger of any kind. He´d wind his hand in Jack´s hair and kiss him back with a hunger that almost scared him and Jack would wriggle out of his pants. He´d lower his teeth to Will´s neck and bite and lick and then he´d turn Will´s body around and enter him from behind, and it was always perfect.

And afterwards they´d lay in bed together, and Jack would gather Will in his arms, and he´d kiss his temple. He´d whisper words of love and forever and fate, and say he was sorry a thousand times until Will would finally laugh and tell him to stop. He´d tell Will that he was the best thing to ever happen to him, and he´d say that if anything should ever happen to Will it would be the end of him. Will would smile and kiss him, and they´d linger just a moment too long, and then Will would pull back and say the same to Jack. And then, when everything was said, and all feathers were smoothed, they´d fall asleep in each others arms.

And then, the very next day, Jack would say something stupid, and it would all start over again.

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