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Notes: While listening to the commentary track, one of the commentators (the writer) mentioned that he thought Godley probably didn't buy into the malarky of clairvoiyance. But, that while that was true, he also happened to know that Abberline had a habit of being right. So, while he himself preferred to rely on hard evidence, he knew better than to dismiss Abberline's visions or gut instincts. So... this is what I think happened the first time Abberline threw him off guard.

[ drinks first ]
by kHo

“How´d you do that?”

Fred Abberline´s smile was slight, and quickly covered. “I have visions.”

“No,” the stout man exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at the inspector. “How? How on God´s green Earth did you *do* that?!”

The smile widened. “Sergeant Godley, I have no answer other than the one I´ve given.”

The elder of the two continued to frown, his hands waving through the air. “Two of ‘em, he says. Two of ‘em, when the evidence is only of one. But he says there´s two of ‘em.”

Inspector Abberline reigned in the laugh threatening to come forth. “And there was.”

Godley turned to him, his eyes threatening. “It´s suspect, I tell you,” he said, pointing and nodding. “You knowin´ there were two murders tonight. It´s suspect.”

Abberline nodded. “It would be. Except it´s not me that knew. It was my visions.”

“People don´t just have visions,” Godley exclaimed, the hand flailing in the air and almost contacting with Abberline´s jawline by accident. “That´s nonsense! Men don´t just see things that haven´t happened.”

“But they have happened.”

“But you had them last night,” the man yelled, stepping closer to him and narrowing his eyes. “An´ these murders weren´t committed till tonight.”

“To be sure,” Abberline said, peering over Godley´s shoulder at the corpses of the men lying on the tables. “Honestly, Sergeant. I have them, many of them. Visions. Unbidden. Unwelcome. But all the same, I have them.”

“It´s not true,” Godley said, shaking his head. “They´ll call you mad you realize.”

The smile appeared again, even wider. “Already have, darling.”

“You got lucky is all,” Godley said, nodding repeatedly. “Luck´s what it is.”

“Not what one would usually call luck,” Abberline said, laughing softly. “Seein´ two men brutally murdered while trying to sleep. Certainly not of the pleasant kind anyway.”

“They warned me of you, Abberline,” he said, his eyes still narrow as he regarded the newly appointed inspector. “Said you thought you were clairvoyant.”

“And did they mention that I happen to, coincidentally no doubt, be right more often than not?”

Godley´s frown deepened. “Aye,” he said softly. “They did say that.”

“Come Sergeant,” Abberline says softly, smiling and taking the man´s elbow in his hand. “You´ve many questions dancing around your eyes, and I am thirsty.”

The man allowed the inspector to steer him towards the door, his eyes lingering on the two ghastly bodies of the murdered men as they passed. “How did you do it, Fred?”

Abberline patted his hand on Godley´s forearm, winking up at him. “Drinks first, Sergeant. Questions to follow.”

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