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[ for want of a blunt object ]
by kHo

“So let me get this straight.’

Sean doesn´t even bother to turn his head, watching the nakedness around him with a rapture usually reserved for… well, yeah.  This.  Naked chicks.  “Mmm,’ he grunts in response, taking a slow pull on his bottle of beer.

Franco´s smirking at him, he doesn´t need to look at him to know this.  “A month, two months ago, you´re freakin´ the fuck out cause you think you maybe might be a fag cause you liked Scully´s massage, right?’

Sean´s eyes flick to him then, because that is definitely not what he was expecting.  They´re in a strip club, come on.  “Uh.  Kay.’

“And today, you´re feelin´ on the Probie´s balls?’

Sean splutters, there´s no better way to put it.  He splutters, and his beer winds up on the table, and from Franco´s disapproving frown as he grabs for a napkin, perhaps a little bit on Franco himself.  “I wasn´t… he was scared, dude.  He felt something.’

“He was scared,’ Franco says, nodding slowly, and that smirk is so obvious through the mask of indifference that Sean gets the urge to actually pour the rest of his beer on Franco.  “So you decided to cuddle his nuts?’

Sean sits up straighter, naked chicks completely forgotten by now, long gone from his mind.  “There was a lump, dude!  He´s seriously got a thing on his nut!’

“Your fingers, apparently.’

Sean rolls his eyes and starts to turn around to bitch out the person that just rubbed up against him before he realizes it was Krysta, and man, that´s a seriously nice rack, so no, he will not be bitching.  “Listen man, I´d do it for you.’

Franco arches and eyebrow and Sean´s hand tightens into a fist beneath the table.  Asshole.  “You´re offering to grab my cock, Sean?’

“Not your cock, your nuts,’ Sean says, and sometimes he could really just smack himself for speaking before thinking.  “I mean, no!  I mean.  If you had a thing.  I´d help you out.  With the thing.’

Franco´s smirk is really starting to show now and Sean no longer wants to hit him.  Now he just wants to sink under the table and get the fuck out of there.  “With my erection?’

Sean groans, loud and long.  “Franco!’

“Laura says your hand was down your own pants too there, Sean,’ Franco says, slow easy smile breaking through.  Sean actually considers for a moment that maybe this is a good thing because it´s been a long time since he´s seen Franco look that happy.  He abruptly dismisses that thought when Franco speaks again.  “Wanna explain the circle jerk portion, or shall I draw my own conclusions?’

“First of all,’ Sean says, gritting his teeth, hating Franco at this moment.  “Two people can´t be a circle.  Okay?  And second of all, a circle jerk is masturbation, okay, and I had my hands on both of us, he wasn´t touching any…’  Really, seriously, could smack himself because again, not thinking before speaking.   “I mean… I was just… ya know, fuck you!’

“I´d say back atcha, Sean-o, but I´m afraid you´d take that as an invitation.’

Sean tries to glare at him, he really does, but it really has been too long since he´s seen him look so light and carefree.  Months even.  He continues to grit his teeth though, because friendship only goes so far.   “Yeah, well you should be so lucky.’

It´s not until Franco snorts part of his beer out of his nose that Sean realizes maybe that wasn´t exactly the denial he´d meant it to be.  “I would, huh?’

“I´m really good at sex,’ Sean says, because somehow, his brain is fucked up enough at this point to think that´s actually a good comeback.  “I am.  So, ya know, I´d probably be good at gay sex too, cuz like… I mean, I always know how to make myself come.’  His foot is so far down in his mouth he´s to the knee by now.  “Same principle, I mean.’

Franco´s eyes skate down his body slowly and Sean almost drops his beer.  He knows Franco´s just fucking with him, knows he´s just playing a game, but that look´s never been turned on him before.  He´s heard women say they´ve had orgasms just from that look before, and he´s really starting to understand that now.  The only thing he can thinks is, wow.  And then, shit.  

“I don´t doubt in your sexual prowess, Sean, heterosexual or homosexual,’ Franco says in that voice that is pure sex.  Sean´s heard that voice before.  He´s heard it a million times.  He´s been on way too many double dates with Franco to not have heard it.  It´s still a shock to him what it can do when it´s turned in his direction.  

Sean thinks if he squeezes the bottle any harder it´ll burst, glass shards imbedding in his hand, and he won´t care, because Franco´s looking at him again, and Jesus, how did this start again?  “Yeah, well,’ he says, and even to him he sounds petulant.  “You shouldn´t.  Have any doubts. About my prowess I mean.’

Franco raises the beer bottle to his mouth and somehow even that´s sexy now, and Sean´s really starting to think he needs to go and kick Sully´s ass.  He would, if he weren´t afraid the fucker´d like it.  Franco eyes his hands, probably noticing the fact that his knuckles are white even in the dimly lit strip club.  Sean never thought the day would come when he´d be uninterested in naked girls dancing around him but somehow he is.

“Have you ever tested that theory,’ Franco asks.

Sean´s eyebrows scrunch together.  “Huh?’

Franco´s smile is as easy as it was before, but it´s not any where near light and carefree.  More like sinister, Sean thinks.  “That you´d be as good at gay sex as you are at straight sex,’ he says, like he´s talking to a child, and at this point Sean would be willing to concede that point.  “You ever tested it?’

“What,’ Sean asks, his eyes flying wide and wild.  “No!’

“Cause I know a few guys,’ Franco says, shrugging and looking away innocently.  “Might be able to help you out there.’

“Oh please,’ Sean says, snorting, thinking maybe now he can regain some ground, because at least Franco isn´t looking at him.  “Like I´d do that.  Besides, if I did it´d be with someone I give a shit about, like you or…’

No.  He doesn´t need to smack himself.  He needs to hit himself, very hard, with a blunt object, on the side of his head, until he´s unconscious.

Franco´s smirking at him again.  “Or…’

Sean rolls his eyes back in his head and pitches his head forward into his hands, giving up all pretense of pretending this isn´t happening to him.  “I don´t fuckin´ know, man, I´m all fuckin´ confused now.’

He sucks in a breath when he feels Franco´s leg brush his and his lips against his ear, because apparently Franco likes torturing him and he´s decided to move impossibly closer to him.  “Cause see, I´m just saying, Sean, that you pretty much just told me you wanna fuck me.’  There´s a pause and then a hand digging into his thigh.  “Can´t say I´m opposed to it.’

“I didn´t say that,’ Sean chokes out, his eyes flying wide again as he looks at Franco, and God.  He´s so fuckin´ close.  “I said if I wanted to fuck a guy it´d be you… and… I…’  Oh God.  “Didn´t even really say that, so just ignore me, cause I´m fuckin´ drunk, and I don´t know what I mean anymore, and you´re confusing me, and you´re all close and shit, and--’

Franco looks at him again, that slow sweep from head to crotch, and Sean feels himself twitch.  “You should come home with me,’ Franco says quietly, his voice that low growl, that voice that´s pure sex, and it is no longer a question why Franco has no problems getting women into his bed anymore.

Sean turns scared eyes to him.  “Why,’ he manages.

Franco´s fingers trail up his leg and Sean feels himself growing painfully hard so much quicker than he usually does, and then Franco´s fingers brush over him and he sucks in a breath.  “Sean.  You play dumb very well, but I know you better than that.’

Sean looks at him and practices saying no in his head, how he´ll do it, how he´ll laugh when he says it, because Franco´s just fucking with him.  Franco´s just playing a game.  He clears his throat and meets those eyes and opens his mouth.  “Fuck.’

Franco smiles.  “I was thinking we´d take it a little slower than that, but if that´s what you want…’

Sean´s eyes shut tightly when Franco´s knuckles brush over him again and his fingers tighten on the bottle even more.  Any second now it´s gonna be broken glass imbedded in his palms, he just knows it.  “Franco.’

“Now or never, Sean,’ Franco growls, right in his ear.

“Okay,’ he says, and he thinks he gave himself whiplash on how fast that was.  He never knew this part of him even existed until just now, but he can´t deny what Franco´s already doing to him and they haven´t even started yet.

He seriously can´t believe he took Franco to a strip club to cheer him up, and somehow instead of fucking strippers they´re going to be fucking each other.

He tries, really hard, to feel disgusted by that.  It doesn´t take.

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