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Sean/Franco, fear - Linda


Franco grumbles. "Sean--"

"No, no, I'm just saying," Sean says, smirking and holding up his hands. "Snakes?"

"They're slimy!"

Sean's mouth quirks and he almost, almost, laughs, but he holds it in. "So. Just let me get this straight."

Franco rolls his eyes, flicking his cigarette angrily. "You're not gonna let this drop, are you?"

"You're not afraid of running into a fire, you're not afraid of inhaling smoke by the gallon, you're not afraid of burning to death…" Sean turns to look at him. "You're not afraid of giving mouth to mouth to someone with third degree burns over 80% of their body, but… snakes. Oh. Snakes."

Franco snarls at him. "I swear to God…"

Sean grins. "Because they're slimy."

Franco rolls his eyes and flops his head down on the pillow. "Okay, fine, Sean, so it's a irrational fear. Like you don't have them."

Sean shrugs. "Sure I do. But I didn't know you did."

"I will burn you," Franco says, turning over and propping up on an elbow, centering his cigarette over Sean's head. "If you don't shut up about this. I will bring this cigarette down on your skin and burn you."

"But see, that wouldn't be an irrational fear," Sean says, looking up at the glowing embers hovering over his forehead. "Because see, that would actually physically harm me. That snake up there? He wasn't gonna hurt you. he's just a poor little snake."

"Little?! That was a Python, Sean!"

"Probie had him around his neck, Franco," Sean says, starting to laugh again. "He wasn't gonna hurt you."

"He could've," Franco grumbles, bringing the cigarette back to his mouth and taking a last drag before putting out in the ashtray. "He could've decided the Probie's neck was lunch and suffocated him."

Sean frowns. "Huh. Yeah I guess he could've."

"So! Not harmless!"

Sean rolls his eyes. "Yeah, but. He didn't."

Franco flops back down on the bed and reaches up to rub at his eyes. "Whatever."

"But as far as snakes go," Sean says, rolling over and reaching down to rest his hand over Franco's cock, "I think I like yours."

Franco frowns at him. "Lame, Sean."

"It's a python too, I think," Sean says, rubbing in slow small circles, licking his lips as he feels Franco hardening beneath his hand.

"I thought we said not in the house," Franco says, but it's only half of a protest, because his eyes are closed and his voice is low and soft.

"Extenuating circumstances," Sean says, shifting so he could delve beneath Franco's pants and run his fingers over Franco's skin.

Franco turns his head and looks at him. "And that would be?"

Sean grins. "You had a scare today. I mean… there were snakes. I need to comfort you--"

The pillow Franco shoves over Sean's head barely muffles the cackles.

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