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[ drunk, and dumped ]
by kHo

“This isn´t what I had in mind,’ Sean said, his eyes closing as Franco´s tongue dipped into the hollow of is throat, his fingers clenching around his biceps.  

“You wanna stop,’ Franco asked, his fingers spreading out over Sean´s side just underneath his shirt.

“God no,’ Sean said, bending his head as he pushed on Franco´s chin, forcing him to look at him.  “Do you?’

“I don´t start things I´m not gonna finish, Seany,’ Franco said with that familiar smirk, and that´s what made this okay.  That´s what made what they were doing okay.  Because Franco hadn´t changed, Franco was still just Franco.  Callus and blunt, hard and unrelenting.

“Don´t stop,’ Sean whispered, leaning forward and mashing his lips against Franco´s again, his head spinning as Franco´s tongue brushed over and past his.

“You´re not gonna go all fag on me, are you,’ Franco asked, pulling back and holding Sean´s waist tightly between his hands.

Sean laughed, looking at him.  “I don´t even know what you´re asking me here.  What, you don´t want me to touch you?’

“Fuck that,’ Franco said, smirking.  “You´re damn well gonna touch me, and you better make me come.’

Sean swallowed, his eyes drifting down to Franco´s lips.  “Okay.’

“Good,’ Franco said, nodding and pulling Sean closer to him.  “I´m sayin´, don´t get all gay on me.  Clingy.  Askin´ me if I love you and shit.  Bringing me flowers or something fucked up like that.’

Sean laughed, looking up into his eyes.  “Not gonna happen, man.’

Franco bit his lip, his eyes drifting slowly over Sean´s body.  “I´m glad the twins dumped us.  Been thinking about this for a while.’

Sean´s eyebrows rose.  “Really?’

Franco nodded, reaching up and running his fingers through Sean´s hair.  “You´ve gotta know you´re hot, Sean.’

Sean felt himself blushing and he looked down.  “God.  Shut up, Franco.’

Franco laughed, leaning over and licking Sean´s neck, biting down gently.  “Wooing is what I do best,’ he whispered, wrapping his arms around Sean.  “That is, aside from fucking.’

“I don´t need to be wooed,’ Sean said, feeling breathless and dizzy.  “Stop talking and start doing.’

Franco´s smile was wide as he pulled back and yanked off his shirt, grinning at Sean and nodding for him to do the same.  “That´s gotta be the plus with fags,’ he said, reaching down and unzipping his jeans slowly.  “No fucking hassle.  No wooing, just fucking.’

Sean rolled his eyes.  “How many gay men do you know, Franco?  You think there´s no hassle involved?’

Franco shrugged.  “Less anyway,’ he said, letting his jeans drop to the floor and stepping out of them, already starting to stroke himself.  “You gonna strip or what?’

Sean swallowed, his eyes glued to Franco´s now completely naked body. “I haven´t done this before.’

Franco frowned at him.  “You think I have?’

Sean shrugged, his hands flailing out.  “How do I know?!  You seem to not even fuckin´ care.  I mean.  The only dick involved in sex for me has always been mine!’

Franco shook his head.  “It´s me, Seany.’

Sean´s eyes widened.  “I KNOW!’

Franco laughed.  “You´re gonna freak out now.  Two seconds ago you´re saying don´t stop, and now you´re gonna freak out.  Man, you really are a woman, Sean.’

“I´m not a woman,’ Sean grumbled, fumbling with his belt, frowning in concentration.  “Just because I´m a little nervous it doesn´t mean--’

“Calm the fuck down, Jesus,’ Franco said, stepping forward and pushing Sean´s hands away, making quick work of his belt.  “Are you hard?’

Sean looked at him, confused.  “Am I what?’

“Your dick.  Is it hard?’

Sean laughed, blush reddening as he looked away.  “Yeah.’

“Because of me,’ Franco asked, stepping closer as he unzipped Sean´s jeans slowly, his fingers lightly running over the length of him through the denim as he did so.

Sean found himself backed into the wall and closed his eyes as he rested his head against it.  “Yeah, man.’

“Then what´s the problem,’ Franco asked, his smile widening.  

“We´re drunk,’ Sean said, opening his eyes to look at him.  “This is stupid.’

“This isn´t stupid, Seany,’ Franco said, stepping closer as he let Sean´s jeans fall to the ground.  “You on the other hand--’

“Hey,’ Sean said, feeling aggravated now as he kicked his jeans off.  “Ya know, just because I give a shit about our friendship doesn´t mean--’

“The hell makes you think I don´t,’ Franco said, anger flashing over his face.  “You think I´d do this with anyone?’

Sean faltered.  “I didn´t think you´d do it with me either.’

“Well you should stop thinking, because seriously, I´m starting to think there´s something wrong with your brain,’ Franco said, running his hand down Sean´s torso to his thigh.  “I´m hard, you´re hard.  I want you.  I´m pretty damn sure you want me too.’


“Oh, fuck the buts,’ Franco said, his fingers closing around Sean´s dick.  “It feels good, don´t it?’

“What if it fucks us up,’ Sean said, biting his lip and telling himself to hold onto his sanity just one more minute, even as Franco´s fingers flexed over him.  “What if I can´t look at you?  You´re my best fuckin´ friend, Franco.  This isn´t shit compared to that.’

“Which is exactly why it´s not gonna fuck us up, man,’ Franco said, leaning forward and kissing Sean.  “We fit.  It only makes sense we fit like this too,’ he whispered against his lips, looking straight into his eyes.  “You´ve never thought about this?’

“Yes,’ Sean whispered.  “But I never thought it would actually happen.’

“Well your dreams are about to come true, because this is happening,’ Franco said, stroking down his cock slowly.

Sean let out a grunt of approval, reaching his hands between their bodies and taking hold of Franco´s cock as well.  “If I fuck up--’

“Don´t worry, I´ll tell you,’ Franco said grinning.  “I´m a great instructor.’

Sean´s laugh was muffled by Franco´s tongue, and finally he just relaxed into the touch, letting the feelings wash over him and his brain recede into the background.  

It would have plenty of time later to beat him to a bloody pulp.

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