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[ the hazards of going to c-town ]
by kHo

Sean froze midway down the isle and contemplated turning around and ducking behind the Cheerio display, but it was too late. He was busted.

"Garrity! Hey!"

Sean's mouth betrayed him and turned into a smile, which he quickly wiped off. His eyes darted to the side and he thought maybe, maybe, if he was quick enough, he could make it to the end of the isle before Sully caught up to him.

"What's up man," Sully said, big wide grin on his face as he walked the final few steps to where Sean stood, still frozen. He clapped a hand on Sean's shoulder and gave him a shove. "How've you been?"

"Uh." Sean's hand flew out as he gestured, a nervous laugh escaping. "Hey. Um, hey Sully. I've been, ya know… fine."

"Good," Sully said, stepping closer, his fingers curling around Sean's upper arm. "You can relax, ya know. I'm not gonna get out the whip and chain in the middle of C-Town."

Sean's laugh sounded a whole lot more like a dog barking than it did a sound of mirth. "Right. Yeah. Funny. Ha."

Sully frowned at him and let his arm go. "Man. That's surprising to me, Garrity."

Sean frowned back. "What is?"

"I thought we got along," Sully said, gesturing at Sean and shaking his head. "I thought we were friends. I mean, I haven't seen any of you guys since… well, since you busted me, but. I thought you'd be different."

Sean cocked his head to the side, genuinely confused now. "Different how?"

Sully rolled his eyes, walking backwards. "Forget it. All you FDNY homophobes are all the same, I shoulda known."

"Hey." Sean frowned as Sully turned around and started walking around. "Hey! Wait, man, hold on," he said, jogging to catch up with Sully and turn him around to face him. "Hey, that's not fair. You've got it all wrong."

Sully just arched an eyebrow at him. "Okay, Garrity. How's it not fair? How am I judging the situation incorrectly? You find out I'm gay, and that I like to party, and boom. All of a sudden you're weird around me. How is that me reading this wrong?"

"You like to party," Sean hissed, making a face at him. "Man, I like to party. You? You dress up in a leather boustier and get tied up and spanked!"

Sully's mouth turned up in a big bright smile and Sean instantly felt like a heel because Sully's right. Sean really had liked him. He was fun. And a hell of a cook. "Not all the time."

Sean sighed and looked away, thinking that if he'd just gone to the damn corner store none of this would have happened. "Look, okay. I'm sorry. It just… it wierded me out."

He can see Sully nodding out of the corner of his eye but he can't make himself turn to look at him. "Okay. So talk to me about it. Don't tuck tail and run."

Sean looked at him then, his eyes widening. "Talk to you about it?"

"Yeah," Sully said, laughing and reaching out to pluck at Sean's shirt. "Ya know. So Sully, what's up with the women's gear? What the fuck's that about?"

Sean felt himself blushing and he blinked a few times. "I… really? You would just… I could just ask you?"

Sully rolled his eyes. "Yeah."

"Oh," Sean said, lowering his eyes to the floor and shuffling his feet a bit. "So uh. So why?"

"Well, Sean," Sully said, slinging an arm around Sean's shoulder and grinning at him when he immediately jerked away. Sully just tightened his arm. "When I was a kid my Mom used to dress me up in dresses and touch me in the naughty places. My Dad took pictures and jerked off to 'em."

Sean's eyes widened and threatened to bug out of his head. "He… really?!"

Sully's laugh was high pitched and staccato, like a machine gun. "Jesus Garrity, you really are easy aren't you?"

Sean's face fell. "You asshole," he said, laughing. "I mean… that was a joke, right?"

Sully snorted and swatted him upside the head and dropped his arm. "Yeah man, it's a joke. I just…" He shrugged, rolling his head to the side. "I don't know. I like it."

Sean's nose wrinkled. "Why though? I mean. Leather I get. Maybe spanking. I mean, I guess. Kind of. It's not unheard of."

Sully arched an eyebrow at him. "Men dressing up in women's clothing isn't exactly unheard of either, Garrity. Especially in New York."

"Okay, but it's weird," Sean said, pointing at him and nodding. "It is! It's not… normal."

"Normal isn't normal, man," Sully said, waving a hand. "And like I said, it's not something I do every weekend, just some of the time. To blow off some steam."

Sean rolled his eyes. "Jesus man, to blow off some steam? Pump weights! Buy a punching bag!"

Sully laughed again and Sean found himself joining him, because even if he hadn't known Sully all that long his laugh had always been contagious. "Oh come on. Some guys bang every piece of pussy that comes within a five mile radius of their dicks. Some guys lift weights. Some guys get drunk off their ass, like your friend Gavin."

"Hey man, lay off Tommy," Sean said, frowning at him. "you don't even know him."

"I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying…" Sully sighed, his shoulders sagging. "Look, I 'm just saying, yeah. It's not normal. I'm aware that what I like to do isn't everyone's bag. But everyone has their own bag, and ya know. It's not like I'm some pervert on the street looking at the Catholic school girls and wondering how tight their pussies are. What I do takes two people, willing, consenting adults, and if you can't get that, that's fine. It's just disappointing that it would make you hate me."

"Oh, man, no," Sean said, shaking his head and waving his hand. "No, man, I don't hate you."

Sully gave him a dubious look. "No?"

Sean sighed and reached up to scrub at his face. "I'm sorry," he said finally, looking back up at him. "No really, I'm sorry. It was shitty of me to cut you out. You're right, I was an asshole."

"I didn't say you were an asshole, Garrity," Sully said, huffing out a laugh. "I might've implied it… and yeah, I might've thought it, but, I didn't say it."

Sean nodded, taking a step back. "Yeah. Anyway, sorry."

"But," Sully said, looking at him, studying him with a contemplative face. "If you want to make it up to me."

Sean looked up at him, frowning in confusion again. "Make up how," he asked hesitantly.

"Have a drink with me," Sully said, leaning against the shelf next to him and crossing his arms in front of him. "Catch me up on your life. Tell me how the guys are doing."

Sean swallowed. "Drinks."

Sully nodded. "There's a bar by my apartment on third. Remember the place?"

Sean nodded. "Yeah, uh. Neon red sign?"

"Actually it's purple," Sully said, grinning. "But yeah. That's the one."

"Okay," Sean said, nodding slowly. "Um. What time? And… tonight?"

Sully nodded, pushing off the shelf and walking backwards. "I get off at ten, so eleven. Tonight. And prepare to get plastered."

Sean nodded. "All right man. I'll uh… I'll see you there."

Sully grinned at him, pointing at him and nodding. "It's a date, Garrity."

Sean's mouth fell open as Sully turned to go. "Wait…"

"Joke, Garrity," Sully called over his shoulder, a peel of laughter erupting out of him as he turned his head to look at him. "Jeez you're easy!"


"So, he's on fire right," Sully said through tears of laughter, Sean's head literally on the table he's laughing so hard, "I mean, hair, shirt, pants, on fuckin' fire, and he's still going at it!"

"Oh my god," Sean moaned into the table, raising up his head only to immediately crack back up, balling his fist against his mouth. "He's on fire and still--"

"Plowing into her too, I mean, not just having sex, I'm talking fucking, up against the wall, fire all around them, fire fucking on him, and still fucking her!"

Sean hit the table, laughing so hard he couldn't even see, and the beer bottles rattled. One tipped precariously over and he was so busy trying to breath he couldn't even reach it, laughing even harder when it falls and crashes on the ground, shattering. "Oh my God," he said again, once he was able to catch his breath. "I think I'm crying."

Sully lit two cigarettes off of a match and handed one too him, smiling. "It was great. My new house is really great."

"Do they know," Sean asked, taking a deep breath and wiping at his face. "About… ya know."

"They know I'm gay," Sully said, shrugging and sinking back in his chair, stretching his legs out. His calves brushed against Sean's and Sean thought about moving but he didn't. "The other thing? Nah."

"I don't even…" Sean shook his head, laughing and tipping up his beer bottle to drain it. "I don't even know why I asked that. Sorry."

"No, man, ask," Sully said, leaning forward, his leg pressing even harder against Sean's shins. Sean shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "That's the thing that gets you, Garrity. The not asking thing. Then you're left to what you think, and it's always worse in your head than it is in real life. So ask. Please. I want you to."

Sean sighed and closed his eyes, scrubbing at his face. "I don't know what to ask."

"Whatever," Sully said, shrugging. "Just. You don't have to think of questions, just if one comes up go ahead and ask. Don't censor yourself around me, is what I'm saying."

Sean nodded, thinking to himself that he was way too drunk for this. "I thought I was gay for a second," he blurted out, his eyes widening after he said it. "I mean, just for a second. Cause ya know. You gave me a massage." He cringed then, wishing he could just take it back.

Sully smoothed a hand over his hat, and Sean had a moment of wondering why it was he always wore it backwards. He also had a moment of thinking that it looked good that way, which was weird because on someone Sully's age it usually looked pretty damn stupid. Then he had a moment of wondering when it was he'd become insane.

"So you thought…" Sully frowned and shook his head, propping his elbows on the table. "You thought what? You got the gay through osmosis?"

Sean laughed, shaking his head. "No, cause I liked it," he said, crossing his arms and feeling incredibly stupid. "I thought because I liked it, and you were gay, and that meant… but I'm not." Sully looked at him, studying his face. "I'm not."

Sully nodded. "Didn't think you were, Garrity."

"You can call me Sean, ya know," Sean said, wrapping his hands around his beer and staring at the label so he didn't have to look at him. "Most people call me Sean outside of work."

"Okay," Sully said, leaning back in his chair again, rubbing a hand over the stubble on his chin and looking at him. "So how's Franco?"

"Good," Sean said, feeling relieved enough to look back up at him. "He's doing good."

"That's good. Cause I was afraid he was getting into the pills for a while there," Sully said, cocking his head to the side. "That still happening?"

Sean shook his head. "No. He uh… he got help." He frowned then, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't talk about that. It's his business."



Sully smiled. "Figured that would happen. She was wound a little too tightly for that house."

Sean nodded. "Yeah."


Sean looked at him. "He uh… well his son died."

"Yeah," Sully said, cringing and nodding. "I read about that. Hell of a thing."

"He's not doing that great actually," Sean said softly, back to staring at his beer bottle. "His ex-wife is a bitch. She blames him."

"That's horrible."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Sean said, raising up and stretching an arm up, waving at the waitress for another bottle. "Not that Tommy talks about it. This is just second hand information. I think he talks to Lieu about it."

"Some guys just don't," Sully said, shrugging. "It's good that he talks to Lieu about it though."

"Yeah," Sean said, smiling as the waitress handed him his beer. "Thanks."

"Last call, cutie," she said with a wink when he handed her a tip.

He watched her ass as she walked away. "Anyway, yeah. I don't know what to do about it. I mean, is there anything you can do?"

"Not really," Sully said, pushing all of the bottles into the center of the table, reaching down to scrape the ashes off into the ashtray. "Sometimes just being there is all they want."

Sean sighed, reaching into his pack and getting another cigarette. He's definitely had too much to drink because suddenly they've come to the maudlin portion of the evening and he doesn't quite know how that happened. "If it was Franco, I'd know what to do. But Tommy's just… he's closed off. I don't know how to… whatever." When he looked up Sully was smiling at him and he frowned. "What?"

"You're just a sweet kid, Sean," Sully said, propping his chin in one hand. "You care so much about everybody. I wonder if they even notice."

Sean shrugged. "They know. We all know. We all care about each other."

"Yeah, but you more than the others," Sully said softly, still staring at Sean in a way that made Sean start to fidget in his chair from the scrutiny. "You take it all to heart, don't you?"

Sean frowned and then tipped up his bottle, draining about a third of it in one long swill. "I guess," he mumbled as he lowered the bottle, his thumb plucking at the foil. "They're my brothers, ya know? Family."

"I've never really had that," Sully said, a small smile playing on his face. "All the houses I've belonged to never really panned out. They either didn't know I was gay or kicked me out when they found out. It's hard to develop a family when you're lying all the time."

It felt like a punch in the gut, because God that was awful, but it's exactly what had happened in their house. Sean wanted to tell him that it was more about getting Tommy back than getting him out, except he wasn't sure that it was. Instead he just frowned and shook his head. "That sucks, man."

"Yeah," Sully said, taking a deep breath and pushing back his chair. "Well they're about to close shop."

"Oh," Sean said, looking down at his bottle and tilting it up to drain it. "Right, yeah. We um. Yeah, well I should call a cab."

"Come up to my place," Sully said, hooking a thumb over his shoulder. "Call from up there. No sense using a pay phone. Plus, you never know how long they'll take to get here."

"Yeah," Sean said, distracted as he patted through his pockets, making sure he had his keys and wallet. "Sure, whatever."

Sully rested a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. "Lets jet then."


"Beer," Sully called from the kitchen.

Sean sat down on the couch and tried to decide if it was worth the hang over or not. Then he figured he was going to have one anyway, so what the hell. "Yeah, sure."

"All I have is Budlight," Sully said, sinking down next to him and handing him the cold bottle. Clinking his to Sean's he grinned at him. "You off tomorrow?"

"Huh," Sean said, looking down at the bottle sweating in his hand. "Oh, yeah. No work."

Sully looked at him for a moment, frowning. "How drunk are you?"

Sean took a deep breath, counting the beers in his head. "Not that drunk. I mean, drunk, yeah. But. I can still count to ten." He laughed then, looking at him. "Drunk enough to have a headache in the morning, not so drunk I'm gonna be puking."

Sully nodded, bending over and setting his beer on the table, cracking his knuckles. "Good. Hate to send ya home alone if you're gonna be pukin' in your sleep."

"Nah," Sean said, rolling his head forward and listening to his neck crack. "So listen, I had fun."

"Me too."

"And I really was an ass," Sean continued, reaching over and grabbing his shoulder, popping his back. "We were friends. Are friends. I was just… weirded out."

"S'okay, Sean," Sully said, his hand coming to rest on the back of Sean's neck, gently kneeding it. "You still never do anything about your back, huh?"

"Hm," Sean said, letting his head fall forward as Sully's fingers dug into the base of his neck. "No. Not really."

"Turn around."

Sean blinked his eyes open and turned to face him. "What?"

"The other way," Sully said with a wry grin, twirling his finger in the air. "Your back is so tight it's making mine hurt."

"Oh," Sean said, frowning slightly. "Um."

"Enjoying a massage doesn't make you gay, Sean," Sully said, snorting and pushing on his shoulder until Sean shifted and turned his back to him.

"Okay," Sean said, letting his eyes fall shut as he leaned back in Sully's hands, gentle pressure pushing into his shoulder blades. "Should I take my shirt off?"

A breath of air passed over his neck as Sully laughed. "If you're not afraid that skin on skin'll make you gay, sure."

"I'm drunk enough that I don't care, and you seriously give the best back massage I've ever had," Sean mumbled, reaching down and pulling on the bottom of his shirt, jerking it over his head and dropping it on the floor.

"So did you freak out about it," Sully asked, his voice low and soothing as his hands spread over Sean's back, thumbs working in circles that had Sean melting beneath his hands. "When you thought you were gay for those two seconds."

"I don't know if I'd say I freaked out," Sean said, biting back a moan as Sully hit a spot that felt really, really good. "I kind of obsessed about it though, yeah."

Sully's leg brushed up alongside his as he scooted closer and Sean tensed up for a minute, his eyes flying open. Sully's fingers just continued their journey across his back, soft enough not to hurt but hard enough for Sean to really feel them working, and he relaxed again. "Well like I said. Liking a massage doesn't mean you're gay."

"Yeah," Sean said, shuddering as Sully dug into the middle of his back. "Oh, god, that, right there… hurts."

"Bad hurt or good hurt?"

"I don't know," Sean gritted out, his fingers digging into his thighs. "Do it harder." Sully's finger dug in expertly and the pain got worse and tighter and Sean almost thought he felt tears spring to his eyes and then suddenly it released, and he couldn't even help the moan that came out of him. Letting out a breath he sighed again, Sully's fingers still working him through it. "Okay, yeah, that's so much better."

"Hm," Sully hummed, moving his hand to Sean's side and working back up his back. "Seriously, go see a chiropractor. Or at least hire a masseuse."

"Maybe I'll just come over here every night," Sean said, laughing and shivering as Sully's fingers ghosted behind his thumbs. "You're incredible. I forgot that."

"I might be forced to charge you if you come over here every night," Sully said, laughing lightly.

"And I might would pay you, because Jesus, this feels good." Sully hit another spot and it was so unexpected Sean let out a groan and his hand slammed down on top of the nearest leg to him, nails pressing in through denim.

"That's my leg, ya know," Sully said, his voice low and deep, gravely almost, and it sent a shiver up Sean's spine. "Not complaining, just informing you."

"Mm," was all that Sean could say, his eyes squeezed shut tightly as Sully dug in even harder. "Fuck."

"Ya know, I was thinking," Sully said, and then Sean could feel his breath on his neck, and he might would have moved again but he was rendered frozen to the spot by Sully's thumbs. "While you liking my massage doesn't mean you're gay, you obsessing about it makes me wonder."

Sean tried to formulate words but all he could do was squeeze Sully's leg harder as the pain increased and wound tighter. "Huh?"

"Well, I gave Franco a massage right? And he didn't exactly complain." Sean let out a ragged breath when he felt Sully's breath coast over his neck again but still couldn't move because jesus, this knot was tight and it just wasn't letting up. "Did he freak out?"

"No," Sean gritted out. "Fucking Christ, man, that one might not work out, it hurts…"

"Good hurt, Sean, trust me," Sully said, voice almost a whisper right in Sean's ear. "Sometimes rough is good."

And hell if he wasn't right because when that one went it felt like an orgasm, pleasure spreading all the way through Sean's body and a moan ripping out of his throat like he was getting the best head in the world. Swallowing he cleared his throat. "God you're good with your hands."

"You have no idea," Sully said, and that time it was a whisper, and then Sean could feel lips on his neck, and somehow he still wasn't moving away. In fact, he was titling his head and getting hard when Sully's tongue dipped out to lick at his skin. "Even better with my mouth."

Sean's fingers twitched on Sully's thigh. "What are you doing? I thought this was a massage."

"It is," Sully said, and damned if that voice didn't send another shiver down his spine, right there in his ear, pitched just like it would be during sex. "I can stop if you want me to."

"No," Sean whispered, licking his lips quickly. "No, I…"

"We can go right back to where we were," Sully said, his lips trailing down Sean's neck, teeth scraping. "I'll go get you the phone, you can call a cab. Wait here, wait outside, whatever. Go back to just being friends. All that's fine, Sean. But if you want this. If you want more."

"I shouldn't be here," Sean said quickly, but he wasn't moving, wasn't hardly even breathing. Couldn't even open his eyes. "I should get up."

"No one's holding you hostage," Sully said, a chuckle in his voice as his hands slid down to Sean's sides again, no longer massaging, almost tickling. It made Sean's dick jump in his pants and he let out a shuddering breath. "Say the word and I never do this again."

"I should go."

"You're hard, Sean," Sully said, his hands slipping over Sean's stomach, fingers rubbing over the muscles lightly. Sean sucked in a breath as he used his nails to scrape across it again. "I can tell. I can always tell. There's liking a massage, and then there's more."

"Why didn't I go to the damn corner store," Sean whined, his head tilting back on Sully's shoulder like he didn't even have control over it anymore. He couldn't catch his breath, and his head was spinning. "Why did I come up here?"

Sully just sucked on his neck again until Sean was sagging against him, dick hard and throbbing, gasping when teeth pressed into his skin. "Tell you what. Let me kiss you, and if you don't like it, you get up and you walk out, and that's the end of it. We can be friends or not, it's up to you."

"But kissing really is gay," Sean said, knowing how dumb that sounded and not giving a shit.

Sully laughed. "I've got news for you, Sean. I'm sucking on your neck and you're half naked. You're already doing pretty good as far as gay goes."

Sean opened his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. "Okay," he said, feeling his whole body flush, the urge to reach down and squeeze himself nearly irresistible. "Just one kiss. But no weird shit. I mean it man, no weird… shit."

"Define weird for me, Sean."

Sean let out a breathy laugh, fingers twitching once again on Sully's thigh. "You know… no leather or bras or chaps or whatever."

Sully laughed. "No leather? Really?"


"Done," Sully said, and Sean's eyelids fell shut again as his tongue licked again at Sean's neck, teeth scraping him lightly. "Anything else?"

"No spanking or whips or… or biting.."

Sully's breath tickled his ear. "You sure about that," he asks, and then he's biting Sean, hard and rough and in just the right spot and Sean's arching against him, fingers digging into his thigh, moan ripping out of him again.

"Okay… god," Sean said, voice trembling as he sagged against Sully's chest. "Okay, so yeah, a little biting is okay."

"One kiss," Sully whispered against his skin, fingers splayed over Sean's stomach, warm and gentle. Thumb rubbing softly over his skin. "You don't like it, I'll back off."

"Just one," Sean said, still kind of not believing that he was doing this, that he was agreeing to this, but he was hard, so hard he couldn't even think straight, and God. Sully did that all by himself. "And then I go."

Sully's hand wrapped around Sean's chin, tilting his head towards him and Sean shifted for a better angle, his eyes meeting Sully's. Cool, calm brown to his wide freaked out green. He took a breath to protest but then Sully's mouth was on his and it shot through his body, this wave of lust he didn't even know what to do with.

His hand rose to the back of Sully's neck before he even knew what he was doing and he was opening his mouth, accepting Sully's tongue and groaning into it. The kiss went from tentative to ferocious in mere seconds and Sean might be a little daft sometimes but he'd be down right stupid to try and deny that this was doing something for him.

Sully's fingers slid down his jaw to his neck, gentle and coaxing, thumb pressing into Sean's Adam's apple. "I wanna suck you off," he said, and Sean practically lifted off the couch. Sully chuckled softly against his mouth. "Still wanna leave?"

"Fuck," Sean panted, panting right into Sully's mouth, opening his eyes to stare back at him. "I didn't… I thought…"

"Shhh," Sully said, kissing him again, quick and soft. "Don't think."

"Okay," Sean said, pulling on Sully's hair and wondering at what point had the hat come off and why hadn't he noticed that. He pressed his lips to Sully's again and decided he liked the faint brush of stubble, that he really, really liked the way Sully's tongue wound in his mouth, the way his lips felt against his, pressed hot and tight and right there.

"Let me suck you off," Sully moaned against his mouth, and when Sean opened his eyes Sully's were no longer cool and calm but dark and filled with lust. He slid off the couch to his knees in front of Sean, fingers curling around the edges of Sean's jeans as he looked up at him and waited for his permission. "I want to."

Sean looked down at him, his mouth working open a few times. Sully just grinned, leaning closer and licking at Sean's stomach, stubble scraping against his abdomen. Sean reached down and ran his fingers through Sully's hair, which was long and surprisingly silky. "Fuck, Sully, yeah, god… do it."

Sully let out a moan at that and it reverberated against Sean's skin, his hips bucking up into it. Then Sully's fingers were ripping at his zipper, quick and impatient, and hell yeah, Sean was good with that. Sully jerked his boxers down right with his jeans and then Sean was naked on Sully's couch, ass on the soft brown leather and jeans bunched around his ankles.

Sully looked up at him as he yanked off his shoes and then his jeans and tossed them next to Sean's shirt. "You thought I was good with my hands," he said, mouth turning up on a cocky grin and then Sean was biting his lip to keep from howling when Sully's tongue delved out to lick at him. "Wanted you for months, kid."

"You did," Sean asked breathlessly, fingers twisting in Sully's hair, breath coming in pants.

"Are you kidding me," Sully asked, sounding just as breathless. Each puff of air on Sean's dick made it jump and he was finding it incredibly hard to not just yank on Sully's hair and make him take it down his throat so he let go and gripped the couch instead. "Look at yourself sometime, Sean, you're fucking gorgeous."

Sean would have responded, said thank you, or no, or you're not so bad yourself, something, anything, but then Sully's mouth was on him and he was all the way in hitting the back of his throat and all Sean could do was throw his head back and moan because God, that was good.

Sully's hands slid up his thighs to his ass and pulling him forward until he was slouching, his ass barely on the couch, and it was too much, too many sensations, the stubble against his thighs, the tongue working around him, the hot wet heat of Sully's mouth, the fingernails digging into his skin. He wasn't going to last long.

His hands dig into the couch so he can't reach down and grab Sully's hair again, start fucking his mouth, because he just doesn't know how this goes, he doesn't know how guys do this, and some girls think that's rude and maybe Sully would too, and he's just not rude.

Sully's making sounds around him and the vibrations are making Sean's eyes roll back in his head and he knows he's making noise, knows he's loud, because he can feel his throat working, his mouth moving, but he doesn't know what words are coming out of his mouth, just that this is so good, this is heaven, this is beyond believable, and Sully wasn't kidding about that better than his hands shit.

When he comes he tries to warn Sully but Sully just keeps sucking and his hips come off the couch it's so strong, curse words and gasps and groans ripping out of his chest, and it lasts a long time, a really long time, long enough for him to come down and then start up again, and he didn't know he could do that, come twice at once like that, but somehow Sully made him do it.

The only thing that comes to his brain for a long time is that it had to be the fact that it was a guy, that he'd always gotten off on new and dangerous and Sully was. Sully was all that and more.

His hands are still covering his face and his chest is still heaving when Sully sat next to him, hand on Sean's thigh. "What'd I tell you?"

"Cocky son of a bitch," Sean muttered through his hands.

"Well yeah, that too."

Sean opened one eye to look at him. "Jesus."

Sully grinned at him. "Liked that, huh?"

"Uh, obviously," Sean said, snorting out a laugh. "Jesus, man!"

Sully leaned forward and kissed him, tongue winding lazily with Sean's. "Pretty good first time," he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Well, it wasn't my first blowjob," Sean said, blinking blearily at him and resting his head back against the couch. "But first gay one? Yeah. Pretty damn good."

"That's the benefit of having a pro for an instructor," Sully said, smirking at him and reaching over to run his fingers over Sean's stomach, eyes trailing his fingers. "My first blowjob from a guy was in college, and he didn't know what the fuck he was doing. Still good though. Head is head."

Sean cleared his throat, blinking to clear his head. "So do I need to… for you… cause I don't know if I can…"

"Nah," Sully said, looking up at him and laughing. "This is all new for you. You're already gonna freak out tomorrow as it is."

Sean frowned, feeling defensive. "Hey, ya know, I'm not just the receive type, I give!"

"And I plan to hold you to that," Sully said, raising his eyebrows. "Next time."

Sean swallowed. "Next time."

Sully nodded. "That is, assuming there is a next time."

"So you don't want me to…" Sean frowned, finding it hard to form the words. "I mean, I can just jerk you off… I think I can do that."

"I already came," Sully said, easy smile on his face. "Always got off on breaking in the virgins."

Sean's eyes widened. "Really? You… already?"

Sully leaned over and licked at Sean's neck. "What can I say, you're pretty damn sexy."

Sean smiled, reaching up to tug on his hair, bringing his head up for another kiss, because he might not be able to get down and dirty with the gay sex just yet but kissing has always been nice. "I guess I'm flattered then."

"You should be," Sully said, sitting up and reaching up to run a hand through his hair. "So you have a choice now."

Sean raised an eyebrow at him. "And that would be?"

"Do you want to freak out in my bed tomorrow morning, or your own?"

Sean laughed. "Why are you so sure I'm going to freak out?"

Sully looked at him, deadpan. "Because you're drunk, you've never done this, and you freaked out when you thought it meant you were gay because you liked my massage. Sean, you're going to freak out."

Sean swallowed, closing his eyes. "Yeah. I probably will."

"If you stay here you can freak out on a full stomach, because I'll make you breakfast," Sully said, standing up and reaching down to pick up Sean's clothes, tossing them in his lap. "Your choice."

Sean squinted up at him. "I should probably go."

Sully nodded. "Probably."

Sean licked his lips. "I don't want to."

Sully nodded, reaching down and scratching at his belly. "Well the phone's over there, if you want to call a cab," he said, pointing towards the kitchen. He took a few steps toward the hallway. "My bedroom is the last door on the right. The guest room is across the hall. The bathroom is right there." He jerked a thumb behind him. "Your choice."

Sean sat on the couch for a full five minutes after Sully turned down the hall. Then he stood up, pulled on his boxers, and walked down the hall. He turned right.

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