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I said no.

Well, I fucking said yes.

Really? Good.


I said good.


Because if you´re so determined, I´m sure you´ll be able to accomplish it all by yourself.

Fuck you, El.


You know I can´t.

Can´t, or won´t?

Fucking… Can´t, El! Can´t!

Now that´s just sad.

I´m gonna fucking slit your throat, you know that? Slit it right through.

And then you´ll skull fuck me to death.

No! Then I´ll… I´ll… I wouldn´t give you the satisfaction of fucking ANYTHING of yours.


Cause, that´s what you´re after, isn´t it?

To be skullfucked by you?

Yes, El. To be skullfucked… No! Fucked, period! Admit it. You´re in a constant state of arousal around me.

Oh, yes. Right.


Yes. I´d almost forgotten.

Good thing I´m here to remind you.

Yep. Good thing.



Come on, El.


I can´t do it by myself.

You can and you have.

Yes. But I don´t want to.

Too bad.


Whining gets you nowhere.

Whining had gotten me many somewheres.

But not with me.

It should.

It doesn´t.

Well. I´m saying, it should.

And I´m saying it doesn´t.

I´m well aware of that.

Then one would think you´d stop trying.

One would be wrong.

Apparently so.

I need you El.

No you don´t.

Okay. No. I don´t.

I know.

But I´d still like your help.

I´m busy.

You´re playing with your guitar.


That´s not busy.

I´m occupied.

You´re stalling.

And you´re pathetic.



It´ll take five seconds.

Five seconds, huh?

Okay. A minute.

Even a minute is too long to stand your moaning for.

I won´t moan.

You´ll moan, and whine.

I won´t.

You will.

You like it.

Oh. Yeah. Definitely like it.

It turns you on.

I forgot.

Please, El.

You´ll promise to keep your mouth shut?

I promise.




Thank you.

But if it takes longer than a minute…

It´s a fucking knot, El. It´s a knot from hell, okay?

Your hair is the least of your problems.

It won´t come out!

You have no patience.

I´ve been trying for the past half hour!

Shut up already. And stop wriggling around.

Be careful, my scalp´s sensitive.

You should wash your hair more often.

Shut up.

I´m just saying.

Just shut up and get the damn knot out.


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