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by kHo

It seems to be an automatically foregone conclusion that those that kill without remorse are insane.  They have lost all sense of compassion, are not in touch with their emotions, and are a danger to society.  That might be true if what they did was uncalled for, if what they did wasn't the effect of some cause that not many people knew about.  It might be true if innocent people were involved.

But doesn't that beg the question of who, exactly, that is alive and breathing and thinking and acting in this world, is innocent anymore?

He kills.  He kills easily.  He kills without hesitation and without remorse.  He kills, seemingly, without provocation.  But he's not insane.  Sometimes he thinks he's the only sane one in the room.  He doesn't understand, nor does he care to, why people can't see that he's no worse than any of them. He's just honest.  There are measures he's willing to take that other won't, because he's not the coward they are.

And let's not get into what cowardice is or isn't, or what bravery is or isn't, because what does it matter when the judge won't be judging till we're all dead anyway?

This world is kill or be killed, and morality only really matters to those who lack the ability to trust in themselves.  There aren't any bad guys anymore, because the scales have been tipped to far on the side of evil for the word to cover the bases.  There's bad, and there's worse, and there's awful, but there is no worst because worst will never come.   Worst puts a limit on it, and there is no limit in life.

Because everything changes and everything shifts, and there will always be someone topping someone else and bragging about it, won't there?

Nobody dies innocent, and no one lives that way either.  It doesn't matter to him what is truly sin and what is truly not, because sin is all around and there's no escaping it.  He doesn't really see a point in recognizing what is wrong in the scheme of things because anything will be seen as wrong to at least one person.  He believes in God but he's not all that sure he likes him all that much, and he's damn sure He had nothing to do with the Bible.

So let's leave out that the Bible says it's wrong to murder, because it also says it's wrong to touch the skin of a dead pig, and what would America do without its Superbowl Sunday?

He's not a mercenary and he makes no excuses for what he does.  He's a stone-cold killer, and he's the best at what he does.  He aims, he shoots, he kills, he leaves.  Point A to point B and it's on to point C because time's wasting and he really hates to leave that meter ticking for too long.  He doesn't stop to think about why these people, men and women alike, are being killed.  He doesn't even bother to assume that they've done something to deserve it.  It's none of his concern which is actually the least evil of the two, because he's being paid, and it's not to think and it's not to care.

And honestly, if there weren't something even just slightly amiss with this person's moral code, then they wouldn't really be in this situation now, would they?

He's not insane though, because he is aware of all that he does.  He knows it's 'wrong' and it's 'sick' and it's not even remotely 'the will of the Lord.'  He just simply doesn't care, and he doesn't waste any time worrying about what that makes him.  When his times comes, and it will come because everyone dies in the end, that's the only time it's going to matter.  He will be judged, and he will most likely be found lacking, and even then he won't care much.

He'll be dead, afterall, and there's no prayer for the dead like there is for the dying because the dead can't go back and make recompense, and why should they?

The point, as he sees it, is this:  none of it matters, it never has, and it never will.

And that, to Vincent, is the only foregone conclusion.

All feedback much appreciated!
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