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“Could we take these off now, sugarpie,’ Sands growled, yanking his hands back and smiling as the Mariachi´s pants jangled as he fell off balance.


“I´m blind, El,’ he said, the sweet tone sounding false to both of their ears.

//You cannot be trusted.//

“I know you speak English. Why not lay off el Español.’

//And I know you speak Spanish, why don´t *you* lay off the English?//

“Touché,’ he said, his voice dropping an octave. “Honestly, El… seriously. You can take the chains off. Even a sadistic fuck like me recognizes when he is being helped.’

//I will take the chains off when we reach the hospital.//

“Which is how far from here,’ Sands asked, raising an eyebrow. “We talkin´ today?’

//I tried to get a car, Sands. You are the one who said no.//

Sands laughed. “They´d have seen my eyes— or lack thereof— and kicked us out anyway. I was saving us the trouble.’

//Two more miles.//

“Well, El,’ Sands said, sighing deeply. “Two miles is more like ten to a man with two bullet holes in his legs, one in his arm, and no eyes.’

//I know… I´m sorry.//

“So take off the fucking CHAINS!’


Sands frowned at the laugh that came from the Mariachi and yanked on his chains again, causing El to stumble back into him. “Admit it.’

//Admit what?//

“You just want to be attached to me,’ Sands said, smiling slowly. “You´re sexually attracted to me.’


“Ah, he admits it,’ Sands said, laughing.

//Surely you recognize sarcasm, Sands.//

“I recognize it,’ Sands said, raising an eyebrow again. “I also choose to ignore it, because my legs are on fire, and I´m fucking chained to you like a damn dog, and it makes me happy to think at least one of us is deriving pleasure out of my torture.’

//Oh, I´m deriving pleasure-- just not sexual pleasure.//

“Yeah, well,’ Sands grumbled, reaching up and pulling a few wayward strands of hair out of his blood caked face. “Maybe later.’


Sands frowned, taking a deep breath. “It´s not very nice to tease, El.’

//Who says I am teasing?//

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