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[ boredom ]

The dry heat is absolutely suffocating and it´s not helping that he´s bored as shit. He bangs his head back against the headboard and kicks his foot up over the comforter. “Read to me.’

There´s a big wet snort from the other side of the room and Sands is seriously starting to wonder if maybe he´s at least half bull. “No.’

And that just won´t do. “Read. To. Me.’

Some kind of shuffling happens then, and Sands is left to his imagination. Lorenzo standing up and picking up his rifle. Aiming it at Sands´s head, but wouldn´t it just be his luck that it would jam and lock, maybe just lop off his ear. That would be perfect. Blind and half deaf. It´s not like he could look like any more of a freak anyway.

Probably just shifting in his chair though. “I. Said. No.’

“Well that´s certainly your prerogative,’ Sands says, big shit eating grin that he doesn´t need to see in the mirror to practice. That´s what Lorenzo is for. “But I wouldn´t recommend it.’

Loud sigh, and he can just see it. Pretty face of his scrunching up in an ugly pout. Lips sticking out like he´s just this side of five years old. “And what, exactly, does that mean?’

Sands pretends to think, but the script was written two months ago when El stopped to pick him up and Lorenzo mocked him until he belted him so hard he was coughing up blood. “Well. I could kill you.’

The laugh almost turns into a hack and Sands reaches for his water because coughing is a weakness and Lorenzo´s just shown his and he´ll be damned if he will. “And I could dodge you, blind man.’

“I´m wiry.’ That much is true, but it´s probably an understatement. Emaciated would likely be better. “And fast.’ What, with none of that body fat to weigh him down.

“And I could shoot you between the eyes before you got your feet on the floor,’ Lorenzo´s answer is, but he´s not even looking at Sands. He can tell, because the voice is muffled and distracted.

Probably rolling one of those horrific cigarillos of his. Nasty things that they are. “May I have one?’

Sharp little snort makes Sands´ teeth grind. “A bullet between the eyes? Anytime. You should have asked sooner.’

“Ha ha,’ Sands says dryly, crossing one leg over the other on the comforter. It´s slipping off the bed but he refuses to shift. Fuck the bedcovers. “A cigarette.’

“Perhaps if you ask pleasantly,’ Lorenzo says, but Sands knows he´s already rolling the second one. He can tell by the way Lorenzo´s voice pinches in annoyance. Smart boy, because the thing is that Sands can annoy Lorenzo into doing just about anything, and it´s just as well that he head it off at the pass.

“I believe the word ‘may´ was in my plea,’ Sands says, hands lacing together on his stomach because it´s growling now and it´s another three hours until El will feed him the usual cud. With beans of course. Everything with beans. “I don´t get much more pleasant that that, Lori.’

If he listens hard enough he can hear Lorenzo´s teeth grinding at that and suddenly Sands is in an incredibly good mood. “The cigarette is ready for you when you want it. On the table.’

Sands frowns. “Would it be too much trouble to bring it to me? Because you see, I can´t see. So therefore it might be rather difficult for me to navigate my pitiful self over to this table of yours.’

“Yes,’ Lorenzo says, but Sands isn´t stupid enough to think it´s an acquiescence. “It would be too much trouble.’

“Very well then,’ Sands says on a sigh, standing. Because he´s bored, and really, what else is there to do? He takes two tentative steps and lifts his brows in Lorenzo´s general direction. “Be a dear and give me coordinates?’

“Five steps forward,’ comes the answer and then Sands is walking. Directly into the table. “I´m sorry. Perhaps it should have been four?’

“And where on the table would the…’ Sands fades off as Lorenzo´s fingers brush his, the cigarette rolling down his fingers to his palm. He can already taste the acrid smoke in his lungs and it tastes like heaven. “Thank you.’ He hears Lorenzo stand and reaches out his hand, clasping on to his arm. “Going somewhere?’

“I was planning on it, yes.’

Sands makes a disappointed frown and mourns once again that he´s not able to see how well his acting skills have improved. He thinks they must have improved a great deal. “Read to me.’

Lorenzo´s arm jerks out of Sands´ grip but he doesn´t move to step away. Tactical error. “No.’

“But I´m bored,’ Sands says, stepping close enough to feel the heat from Lorenzo´s body soaking into him. “And you know how I get when I´m bored, don´t you?’

Lorenzo breathes out slowly and Sands´ nose wrinkles at the smoke wafting in his face. He´s always preferred it going down rather than out. “No.’

“No you don´t know?’ Sands finds this incredibly hard to believe. Impossible really.

“No,’ Lorenzo says, stepping closer and Sands is sure it´s meant to be menacing. He somehow manages to not laugh, but only barely. “I will not be your entertainment.’

“Oh, I think you will,’ Sands says, and then he reaches out, cups his hand over Lorenzo´s hip. For a man that continually tells Sands how much he doesn´t like him he sure doesn´t do a whole lot to stop him. “I think you´ll be my entertainment, and you´ll like it.’

There´s a sharp intake of breath when Sands´ hand slides to Lorenzo´s dick, finding it already hard. Nice. Very nice indeed. “I hate you.’

Sands just smiles, because this script has been written for a while as well. “Mutual sweetheart. But you love fucking me.’

There would have been another protest but Sands was restless and hot and bored and Lorenzo was anything but boring. Especially when he was angry. Lips like a livewire beneath his and hands coming up to jerk Sands closer to him. Yes. Lorenzo´s protests really were just for show these days. Had been since the second time Sands had done this.

Fingers digging in Sands´ ass and it´s Lorenzo´s tongue that darts out first, Sands groaning with need the second it touches his own. He doesn´t get laid that much these days, these holes for eyes are a turn off for most women, but he gets laid enough. Back of the bar, bathroom stalls, blow jobs in the back alleys with dirt on his clothes that he´ll never see. Nothing was hotter than this though.

Harsh guttural curses punctuated by teeth, nipping at his lips, pulling on his ear, biting down hard enough to draw blood out of his neck. He´s being pushed back toward the bed and then he´s down on it, stomach to the ratty comforter that was by this point halfway on the floor. Fingers grappling at his jeans, popping the buttons, nimble guitarist fingers ripping down his zipper before yanking them off his legs.

There´s no kindness, no tenderness, just hard lines, hard strokes on his dick. No lubrication, just dirty saliva-caked fingers and then a barely wet condom. He doesn´t even know when Lorenzo had time to put it on, just wraps his fingers in the sheets beneath him as Lorenzo pushes in. Hard and fast, and jesus god yes, this is exactly what he wants.

Fucked into the bed like he´s a suitcase that won´t close, teeth scraping down his neck and back, arms holding him down and he can barely move but he doesn´t really need to. Just lie there, push back and up, feel it so deep inside him he feels like he´s coming apart. Feels like he´s shattering and then he is, coming so hard his brain explodes a little, little pieces detaching themselves and just floating around.

Lorenzo pulls out and flops down on the bed, landing on top of Sands´ arm, and that´s when Sands remembers the cigarette still gripped in his hand. He yanks it out from under Lorenzo and rolls over, blowing the hair out of his face. He grins and puts the cigarette in his mouth.

“Got a light?’

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