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[ b a n d a i d ]
by kHo

Banky smiled up at her, handing her his credit card. “Be right back, hon,” she said, smiling at him and turning around to go finalize his ticket. He sat back, drumming his fingers on the table, frowning and thinking to himself. His fight with Holden the other day had really done a number on him. He loved her, he loved the dyke. He fucking loved her. And Banky hated that. He just didn´t know why it bothered him so much.

He looked up at his waitress as she returned to his table. He let his eyes drift down her body, taking in the perfect curves of her breasts, all the way down to her taught thighs. He´d never noticed she was such a looker before. She stopped in front of him, handing him her ticket book for him to sign the receipt and took a seat on the other side of the booth. “What´s gotcha so down, Bank-Bank?”

He frowned at her for a moment before glancing down and signing the receipt. “Don´t call me Bank-Bank. It´s fuckin´ annoying.”

She laughed, reaching up and tapping him in the temple. “That´s why I call you Bank-Bank babe… precisely ‘cause it annoys you.”

He looked at her, noticing for the first time that she had the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes he´d ever seen. He smiled slightly, shaking his head. “Why would you purposefully annoy me, Devon?”

She smiled at him and shrugged. “I like to annoy you. You get the cutest look on your face when you´re annoyed. You´re eyes get all wide and your lips pout out…” She laughed, imitating him. “It´s cute.”

He rolled his eyes, his face flushing slightly. “You´re fuckin´ weird, Dev. Anyone ever tell you that?

“Yeah,” she said, propping her face in her hands and smiling up at him. “But at least I´m cute.”

He laughed finally, shrugging and handing her the receipt. “I´ll see you around, Devon,” he said, getting up.

She reached out, taking his hand. “What are you doing right now?”

He frowned, looking at his watch. “Uh… going home?”

She stood up, smiling at him. “Where´s Holden?”

He frowned, annoyed once again at his friend. “Having a *romantic* dinner for two with Alyssa.”

“Good,” she said, smiling and nodding. “Cause I just got off and I wanted to see if you wanted to do something.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. So maybe she had been checking him out like Holden had always said. “Me?”

She laughed, nodding. “Yeah, you.” She leaned over, looking around as if to see if anyone were listening. “I´ve got Sega,” she whispered.

He laughed, nodding. “Alright. Nothing better to do, right?”

She nodded, winking at him. “Just let me clock out,” she said, turning around and nearly skipping into the back room.

He walked outside and lit up a cigarette, smiling to himself. Devon had been working at Mel´s Diner for a while now and Holden had always insisted that she was into him. He´d never believed him, but maybe he was right. Of course, she could just be bored and wanted some company, but so was he. He was bored, and annoyed, and company would at least get his mind off of Holden and that bitch he was apparently *in love* with.

“I thought you´d left me,” she said, hooking her arm through his and taking out her pack of cigarettes. “It´s only two blocks that way, do you mind walking?”

He shrugged, enjoying the feel of her arm hooked through his. He hadn´t had a steady girlfriend in quite some time now. One-night stands didn´t usually hook their arms through yours when walking from the bar to your car in quite the same easy fashion as Devon just had. “Nah,” he said, reaching in his pocket and grabbing his lighter. “Let´s go,” he said, lighting her cigarette.


“Good Christ, do you fucking suck,” Banky laughed out, looking over at her.

Devon laughed, wrinkling her nose, still trying to manipulate the controller. It was pointless though, his character had her in a headlock and she was not getting out. “Maybe I´m letting you win,” she said quietly, nodding. “Maybe I´m just being the girl and letting you win for my own purposes so I can seduce you later by saying ‘you beat me, you big strong strapping man, take me now´!”

He looked at her through suspicious slits, shaking his head. “Liar.”

She laughed again, throwing her controller down. “I told you I didn´t get to play with it that often!”

He sat his controller down, tapping the ashes off the end of his cigarette into the ashtray. “I have to say, even though you´re horrible, it´s fun to play Sega with a girl. Most hate it.”

“I´m no girl,” she said, looking at him. “I´m all woman, baby.”

He laughed, nodding. “Alright.”

“Don´t believe me,” she said playfully, standing up and standing before him. “I´ll prove it to you,” she whispered, lowering herself onto his lap, reaching up and taking his hat off.

Just before she kissed him he reached up and caught her arms, stopping her. “How old are you, Devon,” he asked. You could never tell how old girls were these days. He was positive she was under thirty, but he had to make sure she was over 18.

“I´m 23,” she said, sitting back slightly, looking at him. “Too young for you?”

He smiled, shaking his head. “Just making sure you´re legal,” he said quickly before reaching forward and pulling her to him, kissing her. He felt her move on his lap, getting into a more comfortable position. He groaned as she settled on top of his already stiff groin, deepening the kiss by slipping his tongue past her lips.

“You move fast,” he whispered as she leaned back and grabbed his shirt, bunching it up to move it past his head.

“I know what I want,” she said, stopping. “Do you not want to…”

“No, no,” he said, smiling. “No, I want to. I was just commenting.”

“You have a sexy voice,” she said, lowering her head to kiss his neck. “I always loved to hear you talk.”

“Sexy voice,” he said, turning his head and speaking directly into her ear. “How can a voice be sexy?”

“I don´t know,” she said, licking up his neck, her hands moving around to the front of his chest, and then down slowly. “Just low, gravelly… the way you say your words…”

“Mmm,” he said, his eyes rolling back in his head as she lightly bit his neck, running her fingers lightly down his side. “I swear to God if you say I over pronunciate my words…”

She giggled, pulling back. “I wasn´t going to say that… But you do.”

He smiled, reaching up and brushing her hair back from her face. “I know,´ he said. “That´s what speech therapy yields… used to have a slurring s.”

“Anyway, I like it. Makes you unique,” she said, leaning back down and kissing him, running her tongue along his lips until he opened his mouth and allowed her access. She ran her hand between their body´s, down his torso. She rested it on top of his groin, beginning to kneed it through is jeans. His hand slammed down on the couch, clenching at the sudden spike in his already lustful arousal.

“Fuck,” he screamed suddenly, jumping as he felt a sharp pain in the pointer finger of his left hand. He pulled back his head and looked at his finger. “Fuck, I´m fuckin´ bleeding!”

She looked at his hand, bewildered. She took his finger in hers, looking at the puncture wound in it. “Poor baby,” she said, smiling and kissing his palm. She ran her hand lightly over the surface of the couch, triumphantly coming up with the culprit: A thumb tack. “Come on,” she said, getting off of his lap and standing up.

“What? No, I wasn´t saying we should stop…” he stuttered, standing.

She laughed, nodding to her bathroom. “God knows how long this thing´s been here, how crudded up it is. You need to wash your finger and put a band aid on.” She stood on her tiptoes, kissing him. “Then we´ll pick back up where we left off.”

He smiled down at her. “Okay, but not on the couch, cause I´m afraid of what else I might find.”

She let him to her bathroom, motioning for him to sit on the toilet. She smiled to herself as she began rummaging around the tiny bathroom for some peroxide and a Band-Aid. “So why were you so upset tonight,” she asked, finally finding the peroxide.

He frowned. “Why do you think I was upset?”

“Cause,” she said, pulling out a Band-Aid and reaching out to fish out two cotton balls from the side of the sink. “You were there by yourself, you didn´t make a joke at my expense, and you were frowning.”

“Just cause a guy likes to make jokes and is usually smiling means a guy´s not allowed to have an off day,” he grumbled, staring at his finger. “This fucker´s really bleeding. Fuckin´ hurts.”

She sat on the counter of her sink, taking his hand in hers. “Don´t be a potser,” she said, laughing. “It´s a tiny fucking cut.” She pinched his finger, frowning when he winced. “Sorry,” she said, wetting the cotton ball with water and putting it on top of the cut, holding it there for a moment. “So you gonna tell me?”

He rolled his eyes, looking at her. “Well if you must know, Holden and I got into a fight.”

‘Uh oh,” she said, smiling. “Honeymoon over?”

He let out a huff of air, looking down, drumming his fingers on the toilet bowl. “We got into a fight cause he´s fucking in love with this bitch, and I don´t like her.”

“And you get final approval,” She asked, dropping the cotton ball in the trashcan and opening the bottle of peroxide. “Is there some kind of stamp you´re supposed to anoint her with?”

He frowned at her, his eyes growing slightly cold. “She´s a fuckin´ dyke,” he yelled. “He´s in love with a woman he can´t have!”

“Seems to me that deserves a hug,” she said, pouring the peroxide onto the cotton ball and placing it on his finger, holding it there. “Not a fight.”

“He´s fuckin´ retarded for her,” he grumbled, once again looking at the floor. “She´s fucking with his mind, making him think shit.”

“Oh, now there´s a sin. A girl makin´ a guy think?! Heavens,” she drawled, smiling at him.

“Ow,” he said, pulling his hand back and frowning at his finger. “Don´t press so hard, you´re fucking hurting me.”

She grabbed his hand back, smirking at him. “Pardon me, your Majesty,” she said, placing the peroxide soaked cotton ball back to the wound. “It stops the bleeding.”

“She´s just fucking with him,” he said, his temper rising again. “She´s fuckin´ with his head and he´s too fuckin´ stupid to see it.”

“Ya know, I don´t know him as well as you do,” she said, looking at him. “But he never struck me as a stupid man.”

“He´s not,” Banky said, shaking his head. “That´s just it. She´s got the fucking blinders on him!”

“So you feel that as a friend it´s your duty to beat some sense into him?”

He looked at her quickly. “I´m not beating sense into him, I never fucking touched him…”

“Verbally, I mean,” she corrected herself, lifting the cotton ball to see if the bleeding had stopped.

“Look, you don´t understand. He´s spending all of his fucking time with her. He´s blown me off every fuckin´ time I´ve wanted to do something to be with her…” He shook his head, angry again. “He even blew off the Boston comicon to be with her.”

“So you´re jealous,” she said, dabbing some Neosporin onto his wound.

“Ow, will you fucking stop,” he growled, jerking his hand away. “And I´m not jealous, I´m not a fuckin´ faggot.”

She laughed, grabbing his hand again and unwrapping the Band-Aid. “Neosporin doesn´t hurt, you big fucking baby.” She put the Band-Aid around his finger and finally let go of his hand.

“I´m not jealous,” he said, looking at her.

“Okay,” she said, smiling, not looking convinced.

“I´m not fucking jealous,” he said, standing up and brushing the invisible dirt off of his pants. “I´m worried.”

“Well,” she said remaining seated on the counter of her sink. “Maybe he´d respond better if you approached him with concern instead of anger.”

“I´m not angry…”

She laughed, raising her eyebrows. “The fuck you´re not!” She reached out, grabbing his belt loops and bringing him closer. “You practically fuckin´ bit my head off.”

He looked at her, smiling softly. “Sorry,” he said, shrugging. “I´m just annoyed with him right now.”

“For being so stupid,” she said, smiling at him. “I know.”

“Let´s not talk about him right now,” he said, smiling at her and leaning forward to kiss her.

She leaned back and put a finger on his lips. “One more thing, then I´ll shut up.”

He sighed, biting his lip. “What,” he finally said.

She rested her hands on his chest, her legs wrapping around his hips. “Speaking as someone who likes you, who thinks you´re basically a good person, but knows that sometimes you lose your temper… next time you want to get through to him, try talking to him instead of yelling.”

He frowned at her. “How do you know I yelled?”

She smiled, reaching up and tapping his temple. “Aside from how you acted just now on my toilet?” She leaned forward, looking him in the eyes. “I can just tell. When Chris fucked up your order the other day, you got livid. Threw your fuckin´ fork down… ‘Is it so hard to do over-fuckin-easy? Jesus´!”

He pulled back his head slightly, looking at her. “Well then why would you invite me to come over? If I lose my temper so much, why invite me over?”

“Cause you´re cute, Banky,” she said, smiling. “And I like you, and I can tell that you´re a good person. So you lose your temper… everyone does that.”

“I don´t mean to,” he said quietly, looking down. “I don´t mean to lose my temper… it just comes out.”

She reached out, gripping his chin and kissing him lightly. “I know.”

He smiled, kissing her again. Their kisses grew more fervent until both were breathless. She tightened her legs around his waist, bringing him closer to her, winding her hands in his shortly cut hair. He reached up, taking off her shirt, bending down and kissing the top of her breast. His nimble fingers gently unclasped her bra, discarding it quickly to the side. She reached down, unbuckling his pants. He stepped out of them, never breaking contact with her lips. His hands reached down and gripped her buttocks, starting to lift her.

“Mmm, wait, wait,” she said, pulling back. She reached behind her, opening the medicine cabinet and pulling out a pack of condoms. “Okay,” she said, grinning as she grabbed a few.

“Four huh?”

She smiled at him, winking. “Just in case.”

He looked down, taking the package from her and grabbing four more. “Ya never know,” he said, raising his eyebrows at her.

“Oooh,” she said, reaching out and grabbing him by the neck, kissing him again. “Ever do it on a counter, Banky,” she whispered in his ear.

“First time for everything,” he said, reaching down and unbuttoning her pants. “I´m a pioneer…”

She propped her arms on his shoulders, lifting up slightly as he slid her jeans off. She laughed as he raised his eyebrows at her not wearing underwear. “Sometimes I go commando.”

“Sexy,” he said, smiling at her. “Now every time I see you, I´m going to be checking for panty lines.”

“I´ll be looking forward to it,” she said, leaning forward and kissing him, sliding a hand down his bare chest. “You undressing me with your eyes…”

He silenced her by kissing her again, his left hand winding in her hair, pulling her head forward. His right hand found it´s way to her breast, running his fingers lightly over the hardened flesh of her nipple. He pinched it lightly between his thumb and forefinger as he increased the tempo of their kiss.

He loved the slight moans she was breathing into his mouth, the feel of her pressing her naked body into his, her knee coming into between his legs, pressing into him through his silk blue boxers. His left hand fell to her back, pulling her closer still, h is right hand running lightly down her side. He felt her body shudder slightly as he tickled down to her hipbone.

Her arms ran around his neck, clasping at the back as she kissed him. His right hand found it´s way to her inner thigh, inching slowly to the center, stopping just before getting there. He enjoyed teasing her. Her body inching closer and closer to his slowly, silently begging him to touch her, to please her. He ran his hand down her leg instead of up, knowing the moan she elicited at that was one of both excitement and disappointment. Finally giving in he inched it towards her sensitive flesh, dipping a finger in lightly.

As he began his ministrations she gasped slightly, leaning her forehead against his, breaking their lips contact. He smiled slightly, finding it a little difficult to breathe regularly. “You like that,” he asked softly.

“Yeah,” she breathed out. “Nice.”

He smiled, leaning forward again and kissing her before pulling back and looking in her eyes. “You don´t like to talk, do you?”

She looked at him, smiling. “I don´t mind it, but… I don´t talk much, it´s kinda hard to… ya know, form coherent thoughts… at this point in time.”

His fingers picked up pace and he began kissing her neck, running his tongue up to her ear. “That´s okay,” he said, his hot breath tickling her ear. “You don´t have to.”

“Jesus,” she said, her voice husky. “I thought your voice was sexy before, but now…”

He laughed lightly, kissing her neck again, nuzzling the base of her neck. Adding a finger to his index finger he felt her really start to get into it. Her fingers dug into the flesh of his back as she arched towards him. Her breath caught in her throat and she bit his shoulder, startling him with her strength. He let out a surprised moan and was quickly assuaged with her tongue smoothing the reddened flesh. He felt his groin pressing against his boxers in an almost painful manner and ached to free it.

She ran her tongue up his neck, biting, licking, and sucking all the way. She was panting in his hear and as her pants increased he felt the pre-cum coating himself, knowing it was time. Using his free left hand he reached down, yanking off his boxers, stepping out of them without ever slowing his pace down inside her. “Are you ready,” he whispered in her ear, kissing just below her ear.

“Yeah,” she said, her eyes squeezed shut, running her hands down his back. He let out a light moan as one of her hands closed around his cock, her fingers splaying over it. Gently she began to run her hand up it and back down, coating it with his own juices.

He bit his lip, resting his forehead to hers and looking into her eyes. “Your pussy feels so good,” he muttered. “Nice and smooth, warm…”

“Trust me,” she said, laughing lightly. “So do your fingers inside it.”

His breath caught in his throat as her tempo quickened slight, running up his shaft and down, her fingers tightening. “Put the condom on,” he whispered frantically, knowing he was too close for her to be doing that so deftly.

She fumbled around behind her, knocking her toothbrush holder to the floor, not even caring. Finally grasping one she fumbled with the foil, grunting out a curse as she tried to open it. He reached out, taking it from her with his left hand and ripping it open with his teeth. He smiled at her slightly surprised expression. “Well it´s not like it´s my first time, Devon.”

She leaned forward, placing a searing kiss to him before leaning back and slipping the condom on. Finally his right hand retreated and rested on her thigh again. He kissed her again and looked at her. “Ready?”

She laughed, her arms resting on his back. “Bank, I´ve been ready since I first laid eyes on you at Mel´s Diner.”

He smiled, touched. “That long huh?”


He kissed her again, reaching down and stroking himself once or twice, spreading the condom´s lubricant, before sliding her to the edge of the counter and slipping slowly inside her. He heard her take in a sharp breath of air, her eyes squeezing shut. He watched her as he pumped slowly into her, and then even more slowly out. Once he was sure the condom was properly slicked he placed his left hand on the wall behind her, his right hand holding her to him. He began to pick up the pace, closing his eyes and burying his face in the curve of her neck.

Their moans mingled together, names were said, commands were made, even a few utterances of curse words were screamed in passion. The experience of fucking someone as they sat on a counter was a new one to him, but he found it provided him with new sensations, all of them quite pleasant. They came nearly simultaneously, her slightly ahead of him. As she sank her nails into his back as her hips bucked through her orgasm he let out a guttural moan, coming inside her.

They stayed where they were for a few moments, catching their breath and collecting themselves, his head buried still in the crook of her shoulder. When he was able to breath normally he placed a light kiss to her neck, extracting himself from his position inside of her. He reached down, removing the condom and depositing it in the trashcan. He smiled at her again and lifted his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear, kissing her on her cheek. He kissed her slowly on the mouth, running his tongue across hers in a slow languid fashion.

“That,” she said, sniffing and smiling at him. “Was fucking great.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And next time, much as I enjoyed that, is going to be in your bed. My legs will get sore otherwise.”

She laughed, hugging him to her as she kissed placed a kiss on his shoulder. “Next time already?”

“Unless I´m getting any complaints.”

She pulled back, looking at him as though he were crazy. “Honey, the only complaint you´re getting is if you try to leave right now.”


He woke up with and arm over his throat and the sheets around his ankle. Groaning he leaned up slightly, letting her arm fall from him. Glancing at the clock he saw it was 6. “Shit,” he grumbled.

“What´s the matter,” she mumbled, burying her head into the pillow.

“I didn´t intend to spend the night,” he said, laying back down and looking at her. “I didn´t even call to tell Holden I wouldn´t be home last night…”

She sighed, flipping over on her back. “Well, it´s just as well. I didn´t call Joe to tell him I was back in town.”

He frowned, looking at her. “Joe?”

She smiled sheepishly, nodding. “My boyfriend.”

“Your…” He faded off, covering his face with his hands. “You have a boyfriend.”

She rose up on her elbow, smiling at him. “Yeah. I went to New York over the weekend cause we got into a fight and broke up.”

He looked at her, frowning. “So you´re broken up?”

She shrugged. “At this point and time, but I think we´ll probably be alright once we hash it out.”

He propped himself up on his elbows, looking at her. “So why did you invite me over last night?”

She smiled, cocking her head. “I´ve had my eyes on you for months now, Banky. I wanted to see what it was like while I had this window of opportunity.”

He frowned at her. “What what was like?”

“You,” she said, leaning down and kissing him lightly. “Six times in one night, huh? Joe´s never lasted that long.”

He smiled, laughing lightly. “Well, I have a lot of pent up sexual energy.”

“Look,” she said, biting her lip. “I´m sorry I didn´t tell you. I just wanted to have fun, and I´ve always wanted to see if it was true.”

“If what was true?”

She smiled, shrugging. “That easily aggravated men are tigers in bed.”

“Hey,” he said, laughing. “So you just used me for fuckin´ sex?!”

She shook her head. “No, not just for sex. You looked lonely, like you needed a friend. My intentions were purely platonic when I invited you over.” She smiled again, licking her lips. “But once I had you on my couch, all adorable and laughing at my horrid Sega skills… I took the next step.”

“So is it true,” he asked, laying back down on the bed and looking at her, propping a leg up.

“Is what true?”

“The tiger thing.”

She laughed, laying back down and resting her head on his chest. His arm came up, hugging her to him. “Six times? I´d say yes, it´s true.”

“I aim to please,” he said, smiling and kissing her temple.

“And please you did,” she said, looking up at him. “I haven´t ruined it have I?”

“Ruined what?”

“The friendship,” she said. “I mean, not that we were best friends or anything, but I´d say we were at least acquaintances.”

“Nah,” he said, pulling her closer to him. “You haven´t ruined it.”

“Good, Bank-Bank,” she said, smiling up at him. “Cause I still like you.”

He looked down at her. “I like you too, but you keep callin´ me Bank-Bank and I might be forced to reevaluate that.”