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[ adrenaline ]
by kHo

It wasn't often that John went on a mission without his whole team.  It just wasn't safe most of the time.  On rare occasions though, he and Ronon went on solo missions.  Food gathering or exploration usually, something that was a quick in and out, and very little chance for something to go wrong.

Sometimes though, something went wrong anyway.  Wraith darts coming in through the gate, the locals trying to get something over on them, unexpected technical problems.  Never anything major, and they'd always managed to get out of it with minor cuts and scrapes.  Elizabeth always threatened to stop allowing them to do it each time it happened, but she'd never actually put her foot down.

They were outnumbered this time, the Wraith dart coming in with four in it's sweeper, and it took over two hours until the last one was dead.  It took John ten minutes to find Ronon again, and when he did Ronon shoved him up against the wall of the cave and pressed into him.  

"Ronon…"  John's eyes widened as Ronon's big wide hands wrapped around his hips and he tried to breath deeply.  "What are you--"

The lips against his were unexpected to say the least and by the time John could wrap his head around it Ronon's leg was pressing between his and John's hands flew up to clutch at  his arms.


Ronon pulled back, eyes filled with lust and breathing heavily, heart beating erratically against John's chest.  "What?"

John struggled against him, and with each twist Ronon's leg rubbed up against him and he bit back a moan.  "The hell?"

Ronon's eyebrow raised.  "Don't you feel it?"

John swallowed and bit back the reply of 'of course I feel it, it's digging into my hip' because he was pretty sure that's not what Ronon meant.  "Feel what?"

"The adrenaline after a good fight," Ronon said, his voice rumbling deep in his chest. John could feel it vibrating all the way down in his bones.  

John blinked up at him, trying to catch his breath and ignore the way Ronon's thigh felt pressed up against his dick.  Trying to convince himself he wasn't getting hard, even if he knew doing so was delusional.  "Of course I feel it, it's--"

"Don't you ever want a release," Ronon asked, eyebrow raising again and a small smirk lifting the corner of his mouth.  John's eyes were drawn to it and he could feel it pulling at his gut.  "I do."

John closed his eyes when Ronon leaned against him, his dick pressing harder into John's hip and his thigh brushing up and down slowly, rhythmically.  "We can't… this is… Ronon…"

Ronon smiled and it made him go speechless.  Took all his breath away.  "You're thinking too much.  I'm talking about sex, Sheppard.  Nothing more."

John's immediate instinct was to just say god yes, give in, close the distance between them and kiss that smile away, because it would be a lie to say he'd never noticed how attractive Ronon was and it'd be an even bigger one to say that he'd never wondered what Ronon would feel like pressed up against him, but he reigned it in.  Because that's what he did.  That's what was responsible.  

"This is a bad idea, Ronon," he said slowly, hoping that maybe Ronon would just back off, apologize maybe, and let John wrap his head a little more around this before ultimately letting it go.

Ronon just pressed his thigh against him and John felt the grunt ripping out of him before he even had time to stop it.  "But it'll feel good," he said, just barely audible as he bent his head and mouthed at John's neck, his fingers crushing into John's hips.  Wet hot tongue licking up to John's ear and John felt himself breathing even harder.  "You want this as much I do, I can feel how hard you are."

"That's not my fault," John panted out, starting to feel a little mindless and dizzy.  "You're making it impossible for me to think."

"I know how to clear your mind," Ronon said, and then his hand was sliding down to cup him through his pants and John was moaning again like he couldn't even control it.  

John's hands tightened against Ronon's biceps.  "This won't happen again."

"Okay," Ronon said, biting at John's collarbone, squeezing him, rubbing him through his pants in small circles.

John's head hit the wall behind him, feeling his body arching into Ronon's touch.  "I'm serious, Ronon.  Never again.  Just… just, god, just this time…"

"Okay," Ronon said again.

His hand slipped inside John's pants and his lips sealed over John's again and John couldn't breathe, could just feel Ronon's fingers wrapping around him and his tongue inside his mouth.

His hand slid down Ronon's chest and slipped inside Ronon's pants and wrapped around him, and he was pulling and tugging and so turned on he couldn't even stand it.

Ronon ripped his lips off of John's and turned his head into John's neck, growling and panting.  "God, yeah," he said, and then he was biting John's neck, teeth gnashing gently on the tendon and John was trembling and so close to coming he was vibrating with it.

Then he was coming, gasping and groaning and twisting in Ronon's grip, head hitting the cave wall hard enough to hurt but not hard enough for him to care, and then Ronon was coming too, bucking into John's fist in fits and starts, growling into his neck and sounding for all the world like an animal and somehow that just made it hotter.

When Ronon stepped back John nearly slid down the wall, and when Ronon reached out to hold him up it was the first time he'd heard him laugh.  "Well.  That was interesting."

Ronon smiled at him and then let him go, reaching down and tucking himself back together, straightening his clothes and reaching up to tie back his hair again.  John watched him, still speechless and trying to catch his breath.  When Ronon looked up at him he nodded, smirking again.  "Would you like help getting dressed, Sheppard?"

"What," John asked, looking down at himself.  "Oh.  Right. No.  Ya know… I've got it."  He reached down and tucked himself back in, zipping his pants back up.  "Um."

"Good," Ronon said with a short nod as he started to walk out of the cave.  Turning he looked back at John.  "You coming?"

John cleared his throat and looked at him.  "Apparently I already have."

Ronon's smile widened for a split second and then his face went back to normal.  That controlled stoicism back in place.  "As have I.  Shall we go?"

John frowned at him and picked up his pack, swinging it over his shoulder.  "So.  That was just sex."

Ronon slitted his eyes at him.  "Yes."

"And it's a one time thing.  It won't be happening again."

Ronon's mouth lifted in a lopsided sneer.  "Not until you wish it to happen again."

"Right," John said, nodding.  "Okay.  Just so we're clear."

Ronon nodded and continued walking silently back to the jumper.

When John sat down at the control his pulse was still racing.  He looked over at Ronon, who was slouched in his seat and looking as relaxed as he'd ever seen him.  "Ronon.  Has anyone ever told you that you were incredibly unpredictable?"

Ronon looked at him and if John hadn't been studying him as closely as he had been he would have missed the spark of amusement in his eye.  "They have."

"Okay," John said, nodding and looking in front of them as he started heading the jumper for the gate.  "'Cause.  You are."

"I find it works to my advantage."  Ronon's smile was wide and lazy and John was starting to think that this was going to be a Pavlovian type thing for him because he could feel himself already starting to get hard again.  

John was only mildly surprised when the next time it was Ronon that got shoved against the wall.

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