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Seven Holy Virtues

I. Faith
> belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof

//God must watch over you.//

“Oh yeah?  Why is that?’

//You are an angel.//

“Oh, now that´s just priceless.  And how, exactly, did you come to that conclusion?’

//The bullets have not killed you.//


//You are blind, but you see.//

“I don´t see.’

//You see well enough to kill other men deserving death.//

“I *heard* them well enough.’

//I believe that God saw for you.//

“Yeah?  Where was he when they were taking my eyes?  Getting a handjob?’

//God is always with us.   He lets his presence be known only when it is necessary.//

“Yeah, kid, keep believing that.’

II. Hope
> the desire and search for a future good, difficult but not impossible to attain with the Lord´s help

//What will you do when you return?//

“Get fired.’

//Why would you be fired?//

“Because I made a royal mess out of what was supposed to be a perfectly fine bloodbath.’

//A bloodbath is never fine.//

“It is when you organize it.’

//Do you hope for them to not fire you?//

“No.  I don´t hope for anything.’


“Nothing.  Hope is for people who think God is always with us.’

//And you don´t?//

“It´s an empty promise.  It´s the most useless feeling in the world.’

//One you´ve never felt?//

“Oh, I´ve felt it.  That´s why I don´t believe in it anymore.’

III. Charity
> love directed toward God, as well as oneself and one's neighbors as objects of God's love

//Do you need anything?//


//Nothing to drink?  Eat?//

“I have people coming for me.’

//But until they get here?//

“Why are you helping me?’

//Because you need help.//

“You can say that again.’

//You need help.//

“Not literally, kid.  Seriously, what do you get out of this?’

//Get out of it?//

“Yes.  What good do you receive out of helping the man with no eyes?’


“Then why do it?’

//Because you need help.//

’I´ll pay you.’

//I do not need it.//

“Everyone needs money.’

//I do not.//

“Does your mother?’


“In Mexico, everyone needs money.’

//I do not.//

IV. Fortitude
> strength and endurance in a difficult or painful situation

//Did it hurt?//

“Did what hurt?’

//When they stole your eyes.//



“How did it not hurt?  Well, they gave me lots of drugs that made the pain go away.’

//And after?//

“After, yes.  After, it hurt.’

//But you show no weakness.//

“Don´t I?’

//You lean on the wall, yes, but other than that, it is as if you feel no pain.//

“I´ve learned to hide it well.’


“So you won´t think I´m weak.’

//I will not think you weak.//

“Yes, but if I have you here to make me pretend it doesn´t hurt, it almost actually doesn´t.’

V. Justice
> fairness or reasonableness, especially in the way people are treated or decisions are made

//Why did you kill those men?//

“Don´t ask that question.’

//Why not?//

“You´re too young to understand.’

//Tell me anyway.//

“Because they were bad men.’

//There are many bad men.//


//So why those?//

“They would have killed me first.’

//You sought them out.  You persued them.//



“I´m keeping the balance.’

//By killing bad men that would have killed you first?//


//Why not all bad men?//

“Because some bad men we need to keep.’


“Again.  Balance.’

//I do not understand.//

“Because if there weren´t bad men, the good ones wouldn´t be as good would they?’

//Are you a good man?//




VI. Temperance
> self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire

’My eyes itch… or, the holes do.’

//I´m sorry.//

“Can´t scratch them, though, can I?’



//Perhaps if you get y our mind off of them, they will stop.//

“And how, pray tell, does one get their mind off the fact that the place that used to contain their eyes itches like the dickens?’

//Sing a song?//


//Sing your favorite song.//

“I don´t sing.’


“And what song would you have me sing?’

//What song do you like?//

“How about ‘Devine´ by Korn.’

//I´m not familiar with that one.//

“Trust me, the lyrics are appropriate.’

//Sing it then.//

“I don´t sing.’

VII. Prudence
> a tendency to evaluate situations carefully so as to avoid risk

//Do you never wish to do more?//

“More than what?’

//More than what you do.//

“You mean to kill more bad men?’


“Then what?’

//To do more good.//

“I just told you, kid.  I´m not a saint.’

//It does not take a saint to wish to do good.//

“I´m not sold on the concept of good.’


“I´m too practical to buy into the concept of good and evil.  Everything is everything.’

//I do not understand.//

“This is what I do.  I evaluate things.  I weigh things.  I notice things.  I observe them.’

//And then?//

“And then I decide what a risk is, and what is worth it.’

Seven Deadly Sins

I. Pride
> a haughty attitude shown by people who believe that they are better than others

//Why do you not let me take your hand?//

“Because I don´t need to hold the hand of some little kid selling fucking gum.’

//I am trying to help you.//

“I know.  I still don´t need to hold your hand.’

//I offer it to guide you.//

“And your voice can guide me just as well, no hand-holding needed.’


“Because of a little thing called pride.’

//Pride is the fool´s crutch.//

“What´s that now?’

//Pride is the fool´s crutch.//

“Impressive for a small kid such as yourself.’

//It is true.//

“Yes, it is.  But I never claimed to not be a fool.’

II. Greed
> an overwhelming desire to have more of something than is actually needed

//What went wrong?//

“I got greedy.’


“Why?  Greed is a natural human tendancy.  Especially from Americans.’

//Why did that effect the outcome?//

“I lost sight of my objective.  Which is ironic if you think about it.’

//What was your objective?//

“That´s not important.  What´s important is that I let my desires get the better of me.’

//What were your desires?//

“Same as everybody.  Freedom.  Money.  Power.  Sex.’

//And which of those were you greedy for?//

“All of them.’

//But you have a lot of money.  You gave me everything in your pocket as though it were nothing.//

“Never enough, kid.’

//I have enough.//

“You´re young yet.  You´ll see.’

III. Lust
> to have a very strong desire to obtain something, often sexually motivated

’Never trust a woman.’

//I trust my mother.//

“You shouldn´t.’

//My mother is a wonderful woman.//

“Yes, but she´s a woman.’

//Why should I not trust women?//

“Well, actually, you shouldn´t trust anyone.  But women most of all.’


“They´ll betray you.’

//Was it a woman who betrayed you today?//



“Because I was stupid.’

//In what way?//

“I allowed myself to succumb to her womanly wiles when I knew that my head should be in the game.’

//Womanly wiles?//

“Yes.  Breasts.  Curves.  Legs.  What´s in between.’

//I do not understand.//

“You will.  And remember what I said when that day comes.’

//Do not trust women.//


IV. Anger
> A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility

//Are you angry with her?//

“With Ajedrez?’

//The woman who betrayed you.//


//She stole your eyes.//

“I know that.  Believe me, I have no trouble remembering that.’

//But you say you are not angry.//

“She did what worked for her.’

//She was selfish.//

“Yes.  As was I.’

//Do you love her?//


//Then why do you not hate her?//

“In the world I live in, kid, everyone takes care of their own.  We were not emotionally bonded, I was not personally betrayed by her.’

//You sound very calm.//

“Blood loss.’

//I would be angry with her.//

“She´s dead.  It would do me no good.’

V. Gluttony
> the act or practice of eating and drinking to excess.

’You want to do me a favor still?’


“Run to a store and buy me some cigarettes.  Cigars.  Tobacco, I don´t care.  And rolling papers, if they´re not prerolled.’

//You smoke too much.//

“Yes, I do.  Will you go?’

//Smoking is very bad for you.//

“Well, kid, half of the blood in my body is pouring into the street, so I´m thinking my lungs are the last things I need to worry about right now.’

//You are addicted.//

“Yeah.  You gonna go, or do I have to drag my sorry ass to the nearest bar and put a bullet in the first asshole I smell smokin my brand?’

VI. Envy
> the resentful or unhappy feeling of wanting somebody else´s success

//Do you wish you had not come to Mexico, Agent Sands?//

“Every day.’

//Why did you come?//

“I was assigned.’


“Because it paid more for me to be positioned down here.’

//Because it is more dangerous?//

“Because it is less desirable.’


“The weather.  The lack of accoutrements.  The lack of good food.’

//So why did you come?//

“Because I´m better than half the assholes in the CIA, and yet they make more money than me.’

//So you were jealous of them.//

“Call it what you want, I deserved more money.’

VII. Sloth
> a dislike of work or any kind of physical exertion

//They are calling for you.//

“I know, I can hear them.’

//You should answer your phone.//

“Don´t feel like it.’

//But it might be important.//

“Too much energy to lift it to my ear.’

//What if it is the people who are coming for you?//

“They´ll find me.’

//Not if you don´t answer your phone.//

“Sure they will.  They´ll track the signal down.’

//Would you like me to answer it?//

“Sure kid.  Tell them that I can´t come to the phone right now because I am dead.’

//But you´re not.//

“Yeah, well, feel like I am.’

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