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[ u n e x p e c t e d ]
by kHo

"Man," Eric said, resting his head on the back of his couch.  "There's NOTHING on tv!"

"That's cause TV sucks, Foreman, when are you going to realize that?"

Eric sighed, standing up and walking over to the door, opening it and finding that it was still raining.  "I hate rain."

"You're a woman," Hyde said, smiling at him.  "I hate rain, there's nothing on tv, and gee, I think I'm feeling bloated..."

"I didn't say I thought I was getting bloated," Eric said, looking down at himself.  "Why, do you think I'm getting fat?"

Hyde laughed, bringing his feet down from where they were propped on the table.  "Please, man, you're a beanpole."

Eric walked over to the television, scanning over the channels and grumbling to himself about too many reruns of Charlie's Angels and not enough naked skin to make up for it.  "They should have a Star Wars series," he muttered.  'Now that I would watch in reruns every day..."  He started to giggle, giving up and switching off the television.  "Luke, I am on your tv..."

"Eric, you are retarded," Hyde deadpanned at him.

"Hey, ya know, at least I made myself laugh,"  he said, flopping back on the couch with Hyde.  "And ya know... that counts for something."

"Yes," Hyde said, nodding and patting Eric on the leg.  "It does... it counts for your being retarded."

Eric reached up, covering his face with his hands.  "I'm so bored," he muffled out between his fingers.  "I wish Donna was here."

"Yeah well, we can't all get what we want," Hyde said, his face suddenly clouding over and becoming stoically devoid of emotion.

Eric peaked over at him, afraid speaking would dispel what could be a moment.  "So have you talked to Jackie," he asked softly.

"Foreman about the last thing I want to talk about is Jackie."

Eric nodded, reaching down and smoothing his hands over his kahkis.  "Right, cause.. ya know, why would you want to talk to your best friend about..."

"Drop it."

"No, fine, it's just... ya know..." Eric sighed, looking at Hyde's profile and frowning.  "I mean, I know you cared about her man... And she chose you..."

"After putting me and Kelso through the god damned ringer...  besides, she's high maintanance,"  he said, frowning at nothing in front of him.  "I can't hang with that."

Eric sighed again, shaking his head and hanging his hand behind the couch.  "Whatever."

Hyde looked at him out of the corner of his eye.  "Oh, now you're going to pout."

"I'm not pouting."

"Oh no, you're pouting," Hyde said, smirking.  "Like a whiney little bitch."

Eric shook his head, making a concerted effort to wipe his face clean of any hints of emotion.  "I'm not pouting, I'm just sitting here..."

"I don't talk about stuff, Foreman," Hyde said, looking back in front of him.  "You know that about me."

"Yeah," Eric said, his voice raising an octave or two.  "Which I so totally don't get... you hardly even KNOW your Dad..."

"Man..." Hyde said, rolling his eyes and hanging his head back.

"Your Mom just like... left you..."


"And you finally started going out with a girl that you, whether you admit it or not, actually cared about..."  Eric stopped, frowning.  "Which I still, totally, don't get... I mean.. Jackie?"

Hyde laughed slightly, looking at him.

"And you don't talk about ANY thing."

Hyde shrugged.  "What's there to talk about?"

"Seriously," Eric asked, spreading his hands wide.  "Do I need to go down the list again?"

Hyde squeezed his eyes shut.  "Please don't."

"I just don't get it," Eric said softly, shaking his head again.  "I mean, I'm here for ya, ya know man?  Right here."

"I get it," Hyde gritted out.  "Okay, Eric?  I get that.  I just... don't... talk... about... stuff."

Eric took a deep breath and stood up.  "You want a drink?  I want a drink."

"Sit down," Hyde said, looking up at him.

"I just need to..."

"Foreman... sit."

Eric sat down, facing Hyde.  "What?"

"Why do you do that?  Why do you get all pms when I don't talk to you?"

"I don't get all pms!"

Hyde laughed, looking at him.  "Dude."

"Okay," Eric said, laughing a little.  "So I get a little... just a little... pms."

"It's not personal, Foreman, it's just how I operate."

"Do you miss her," Eric asked, looking for Hyde to give him just a little.

Hyde sighed, sitting up straighter.  "You're really not going to drop this, are you?"

Eric shook his head no.  "Not till you give me something."

Hyde rolled his eyes.  "I'm best friends with a woman."

Eric shrugged.  "Still not dropping it."

"Fine, yes, I miss her..." Hyde said, meeting him in the eyes.  "Sometimes."

Eric's eyes widened for a moment when he realized Hyde was actually answering his question.  "Yeah?"

"Yeah, Foreman, now drop it," he said, getting up and walking back over to the television.  "I think the The Gong Show is supposed to..."

"Stop with the tv Hyde," Eric said, looking at him.  "She still loves you, Hyde.  She does, I can tell."

"Eric," Hyde said, grabbing his face in his hands and shoving his face close to his.  "Drop it!"

Eric looked at Hyde with wide eyes, raising his hands.  "Alright, Jesus."

Hyde loosens his grip but doesn't drop his hands.  "Look, alright? This is as much as you'll ever get out of me.  My life... sucks.  My Dad... sucks.  My Mom... sucks.  Jackie?  Sucks.  You, Foreman, are just about the only thing in my life that DOESN'T suck, but if you don't drop this shit, you're going to be recategorized."


"Let me finish," Hyde said, his hands dropping as he sat next to Eric.  "I don't talk about stuff because I don't know how to, alright?  I know what bothers me, and I know how to deal with it, and I don't know how to talk about it, okay? Cause I never had anyone to talk to about it..."

"You have ME..."

"Yes," Hyde said, nodding and putting a hand on Eric's arm.  "And knowing that is enough for me, okay?  Knowing that if I wanted to talk I could talk to you is enough.  Okay?"

Slowly a smile formed on Eric's face and he cocked his head to the side.  "Am I allowed to hug you now?"

"No," Hyde said, pulling slightly back and looking at Eric warningly.  "Eric..."

"I'm gonna hug you anyway," Eric said, laughing and lunging forward.  "Let me love you, orphan boy!"

"Foreman, get off," Hyde said, laughing despite himself as he tried to shove Eric off of him.  They wrestled for a few moments until Hyde got a knee in the groin and the subsequent burst of energy propelled him up and over Eric, pinning him to the floor as they fell off the couch.

"Ha," he said, triumphantly, breathing in his face.  "Pinned ya, bitch."

Eric laughed, pushing helplessly against Hyde's chest.  "Okay, okay," he giggled out, trying to push Hyde off of him.

"Can't do it, can ya Foreman," Hyde said, sneering at him, planting his hands on either side of Eric's head.  "Too strong for ya..."

"Get off," Eric cackled, his hands spreading over Hyde's chest, giving up on pushing him off.  "I can't breathe."

Eric wasn't expecting Hyde to get off of him that easily, but he certainly wasn't expecting to feel his hot breath on his cheek just before his mouth was on top of his.  He barely had time to react before he felt Hyde's tongue tickling at his bottom lip, and his mouth opened seemingly without permission.  He moaned without meaning to when Hyde's tongue touched his own and his hands tightened on Hyde's shirt, pulling to him what he had been pushing not two seconds before.

"Hyde," he said breathlessly between fevered kisses, finding it exceedingly hard to talk as he felt Hyde's leg push between his, rubbing gently against his crotch.  "What the hell are we doing..."

"It's called kissing, Foreman," Hyde said gutturally against his throat, turning his attention to Eric's collarbone.  He ran long fingers down Eric's plaid button up shirt, leaving butterfly tingles in their wake.  "You've done this before..."

"Yeah," Eric said, holding back a gasp as Hyde bit down almost painfully hard.  "But not with you..."

"And you've never thought about it," Hyde asked, looking into his eyes for a moment.  "Cause I seem to be under the impression that you're responding," he said, his hand traveling down to rest on Eric's hardening bulge and let out a low laugh.  "In fact, I'm sure of it."

"Hyde," Eric said, hoping his voice wasn't coming out in the high-pitched squeal it sounded like it was in his head.  His breath caught when he felt Hyde tighten his grip, wrapping spindly fingers around him in all the right places.  "Jesus..."

"Got it right the first time," Hyde said, licking a trail up Eric's neck to his ear, nibbling lightly on it.  "Jesus is so formal."

Eric squeezed his eyes shut, his fingers crushing Hyde's tight yellow shirt into balls.  "Hyde, we shouldn't... oh fuck it," he said, grabbing Hyde's head and directing it to his mouth, leaning up and kissing him, mashing his lips to him in a fevered rush.

With a surprised grunt Hyde allowed his body to fall more fully on top of Eric, feeling the tips of his toes tingle when Eric's hands fumblingly started to pull off his shirt.  Reaching down with one hand he yanked his shirt off, pausing only briefly to yank his mouth away when it came time to pull it over his head.  Kissing Eric again he began to unbutton Eric's shirt slowly and left handed, his right hand stroking Eric's side absentmindedly.

Eric had to sit up to take his shirt off and just as Hyde was about to start working on his pants he heard the kitchen door upstairs slam.  "Shit," he said, clutching at his shirt and pulling slightly back from Hyde.  "Stop... Hyde stop..."

"What," Hyde groaned, trying to pry Eric's hands off of his shirt and the shirt off Eric's back.  "You can't just change your mind..."


Hyde's eyes widened as he looked up into Eric's eyes.  "Right," he said, sitting back on his knees and hurriedly reaching for his shirt.

Eric stood up quickly and simultaneously buttoned his shirt and combed his fingers through his hair.  He sat down only to get right back up again and turn on the television just as Red's clomping feet sounded on the stairs.


"Yeah Dad," Eric said, looking at Hyde who had miraculously replaced that wild and crazed look with h is eternally bored one.

"Hello Hyde," Red said, smiling at the boy on the floor.

Hyde looked up at him.  "Hey Mr. Foreman."

Red nodded, looking back at Eric, suspicion clouding his face.  "What were you up to?"

Eric's eyes widened and he laughed nervously.  "Nothing, Dad..."

"You're up to something, Eric," Red said, pointing a finger at him.  "I can smell it."

"You can..."

"Just watching Charlie's Angels, Mr. Foreman," Hyde said calmly, giving Eric a hard glare.  "Farrah Faucett man..."

Red frowned a moment longer, and then shook his head.  "Your mother and I are going out tonight, Eric... she has some dumbass hospital function that I apparently have to go to."

"Oh," Eric said, trying to keep the smile off his face.  "How uh... how... all night, or..."

"We'll be back by 11, Eric, don't give me cause to be back unexpectedly early," Red warned, glaring at him.

"Right, no, ofcourse not," Eric said, smiling goofily up at him.  "No, yeah, have fun!"

Red started up the stairs and turned around, glaring at them again.  "Don't have any girls over, boys.  I've got eyes in the back of my head!"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Hyde said, looking up at Eric with a devious smile.

"No," Eric said, laughing.  "Not really."

They both laughed and turned their attention back to the television, counting the minutes until the Foreman's went to their 'dumbass' function and they could be alone again.

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