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[ the fifth time ]
by kHo

The first time it happened, Will thought he had to be misinterpreting the situation.

Pitch black night surrounding them as Will stood at his post, Jack sat down on a barrel next to him. Talking, always talking. With his mouth, his eyes, his hands, his feet, his whole body. It was almost possible to get dizzy just from watching.

What he was nattering on about Will was never completely certain, but Will was tired and he welcomed the distraction. No matter if it was complete nonsense. With Jack it always was.

On Jack´s third yawn Will laughed and told him to go to bed. Jack had frowned up and him and stood. “S´not your job to give me orders, young William,’ he said, stepping close, invading Will´s personal space like he always had. “S´mine.’

Will had rolled his eyes, looking at him. “Jack. That´s the third time you´ve yawned. This is my post, not yours. Go on and go to bed.’

Jack had smiled at that, lifting a hand to twine in Will´s hair. Will could feel his hair stand up on end at the touch and wondered not for the first time when it was he´d decided this was okay. “My bed is lonely, sweet Will,’ Jack said, smiling and looking up at him through his eyelashes. “Perhaps if I had someone to share it with.’

All Will could do was swallow and then Jack was gone, the knots in Will´s stomach the only evidence he´d even been there at all.


The second time it happened, Will told himself that this was just Jack being Jack.

Will was sitting on the dock writing in a journal Jack had poached for him on their last excursion. His scrawl tight and precise, he used the shade of the Pearl to block the sun from his eyes. When the shadow moved and grew arms, he looked up to see Jack grinning down at him.

“Letter to your love, Will,’ he´d asked, swooping down into a crouch, fingers curling around Will´s knees to keep his balance.

Will frowned. “And what love would that be?’

Jack frowned back at him, looking around. “How would I know? Perhaps the sea herself. She certainly deserves sonnets of her own.’

Will had laughed, rolling his eyes. “No, Jack. As deserving as the sea may be, a poet I am not.’

Jack had leaned forward then, his eyes twinkling. “Only if you think yourself not to be,’ he´d said, his hand drifting up to touch the side of Will´s face. “I think you have the face of a poet,’ he´d said, his thumb drifting down Will´s face. “Perhaps one should write sonnets about that.’

He´d had to swallow after that, short for breath and still wondering why Jack had this effect on him. “And who would do that?’

Jack had smiled then, sitting back on his haunches and tugging on Will´s hair. “None other than Cap´n Jack hisself, o´course.’


The third time it happened, it was impossible to pretend anymore.

He could smell the rum on Jack´s breath before he even turned his head, but that was nothing new. Jack drank rum like he drank water, and it had just about the same effect.

He´d come to think of the smell as Jack´s natural odor, and it was certainly less unpleasant than the sweat-stained shirts Will himself wore.

“Will, Will, Will,’ Jack had said, stepping up to his side and throwing an arm around him, nuzzling his nose into Will´s neck. “Why not join the festivities instead of sitting back all to your onsies?’

Will had looked across the ship at the crew, singing, drinking, basking in the general glory of a day well had. “I´m much more of an observer than a dancer, Jack,’ he´d said, grinning and looking at Jack out of the corner of his eye. “You know that.’

“Aye, but Will,’ Jack had said, stepping in front of him, so close Will could feel every breath he took. His hands fluttered around Will´s waist before latching onto his shirt, pulling him tight up against him. “There are other ways to dance. More private, enjoyable ways than the ways of our joyous shipmates.’

Will had to work to catch his breath, finding Jack´s eyes much more intoxicating than the rum he´d been drinking. “Jack what--’

“Sweet, young, daft William,’ Jack had said, pressing up closer to him. “What´s a pirate got to do to seduce you?’

Will had swallowed, blinking in confusion. “Jack… seduce?’

“Aye,’ Jack had said, leaning close enough for Will to feel his breath on his neck. “I´ve been trying to get you into my bedchambers since you joined this crew.’

Will closed his eyes and tried not to sway. “Jack--’

“No worries, love,’ Jack whispered, pressing a soft kiss to Will´s neck before backing away, grinning at him widely. “When you´re ready.’


The fourth time it happened, Will panicked and Jack lost a little bit of that gleam in his eyes.

Just the two of them left in the tavern, the rest of the crew in various rooms around the island, Will watched Jack make a pass at a barmaid and felt jealousy clench down on his heart.

When Jack returned, the wench entangled in his arms, asking for ‘just a few of Will´s coins,´ Will had stood up angrily and thrown his purse of coins at Jack. “The next time you need to buy her, use your own damn coins,’ he´d said, turning before Jack´s smile fell.

Halfway back to the Pearl he felt a hand slink around his waist, pulling him back into that familiar smell of sea water, rum, and something distinctly Jack. “Jealous, love,’ Jack asked, his nose pressing into Will´s throat.

Will had closed his eyes, leaning back into Jack. “I don´t know what you´re talking about,’ he´d said stiffly, even if every part of him told him to turn around and kiss him right then and there.

“If you want me for yourself, Will, all you have to do is say the words,’ Jack whispered, his tongue dipping out and licking a wet stripe up Will´s neck. “M´all yours.’

Will had whirled then, glaring at him, warring with himself to turn and flee or grab Jack by his hips and crush him to him. “Stop this, Jack,’ he´d yelled, not even knowing what he was saying until it was already out there. “Stop touching me, stop seducing me. Stop confusing me, Jack!’

Jack had taken a step back then, his eyes wide with surprise. When he spoke there was no laughter in his voice, and for that Will would never forgive himself. “I´m sorry, William. I´ve misjudged.’

Will´s apology was lost in the wind as Jack turned and made his way back into the tavern.


The fifth time it happened, Will had to make the first move.

“You´ve been avoiding me, Jack,’ he´d said softly, leaning against the door-frame to Jack´s bedchambers.

Jack had looked up from what he was scrawling on parchment and pursed his lips. “As you wished, William.’

Will sighed, looking away. “That´s not what I wished, Jack.’

He could see Jack´s hand clenching on the quill before he finally set it down on the blotter and turned to more fully face him. “Will, when an honest person says something, I take them at their word. You are an honest person. You asked that I leave you alone, and I have.’

“I was wrong, Jack,’ Will said, stepping into the room and looking at Jack, swallowing nervously. “I was confused, and reacted wrongly. Please, Jack. Forgive me.’

Jack had smiled then, leaning back against the wooden desk behind him. “I was never angry, Will. There´s nothing to forgive.’

Will had taken one step closer, close enough for his knees to touch Jack´s, before he couldn´t any more. No matter how much he wanted to, how much he told himself to, he just couldn´t take one more step. “I don´t, Jack,’ he´d whispered, looking down at him, eyes pleading for Jack to understand. “I don´t want you to stop, Jack. I want you to touch me. I want you to…’

Jack had studied him for a moment before sitting up, his hands coming to rest on Will´s hips. “To what, William. You want me to what.’

Will had swallowed, averting his eyes. “Try again, Jack,’ he said, so softly he almost couldn´t even hear himself. “I want you to seduce me, Jack.’

“Oh, Will,’ Jack had said, standing then, his body pressing deliciously close to his as he smiled warmly at him. “I´ve wanted those words out of your mouth for months now.’

Will´s sigh of relief was cut short by Jack´s tongue, his fingers winding into Will´s hair as he pressed their bodies even closer together and took his breath away once again.


The sixth, the seventh, the tenth, the twentieth time it happened, it always ended the same.

Will arched into his touch, plush pillow behind his head forming to his head as his fingers scraped gently up Jack´s back. “Jack…’

“Yes love,’ Jack whispered against his skin, tongue hot and wet and feeling impossibly good on his overheated skin, fingers tickling down his side. “What do you want, Will?’

“Everything,’ Will whispered, his fingers winding in Jack´s hair, pulling his face up into a kiss. “Nothing. You.’

Jack smiled into the kiss, his tongue dipping out to lick at his teeth, warring with Will´s and winning. Every time, winning. “Everything and nothing, eh,’ he asked, laughing lightly as he pulled back. “I´m talented, Will, no doubt about that… But I´m not sure I can give you everything and nothing simultaneously.’

Will laughed, pulling him back down till he was flush against him. “Just you then.’

Jack grinned down at him, the candlelight dancing around him, framing him like that´s what it was meant for.

“Aye, Will,’ he whispered, bending down and mouthing his throat. “That I can give.’

must haves: (3 max): First time sex, In character, very reluctant Will getting seduced.
can't haves (3 max): drunk Jack or Will(a little rum is ok), any outsiders trying to hook Jack and Will up, bondage

All feedback much appreciated!
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